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Contractors: Months of Testing Needed; HHS Did Two Weeks

Testifying before Congress today, contractors who worked on the failed Obamacare website noted that for a project of such scale and complexity, months of testing would have been ideal.

But though the Department of Health and Human Services had three and a half years to stand the website up, it left testing to the last two weeks before the October 1 launch date. And instead of letting the contractors do the work, CMS – the Medicare agency within HHS – did the job itself.

You’ve seen the result.

Here’s some video from today’s hearing.

37 Responses to Contractors: Months of Testing Needed; HHS Did Two Weeks

    • The witness rep from CGI wouldn’t give an estimated date, butt claimed her people were working “around the clock” to fix whatever went wrong.
      She, and the other witnesses claimed they didn’t know who or from what company the “tech surge” was referring to when MrObama made his speech.

  1. The Dems sitting at this committee hearing were doing their best to be supportive to the extent that one of them brought up GWBush for some reason. They blame everyone from the four hapless witnesses sitting in front of them to, well everyone.

    They expressed disgust that the different states forced the Feds to put up this fiasco in the first place; they were supposed to make their own exchanges in-state so that the blame for glitches or high prices would be deflected from Washington back to the states.

    Less than two weeks ago, the Dems were doing the snoopy dance, singing ‘we won, neener neener’ and now it’s time to face the fact that SenCruz was right that it was time for a delay of the individual mandate.
    It’s killing them to admit it, but there it is.
    The hearings resume tomorrow. The witnesses are charged with bringing in documents and answers. Oh, boy.

    • Will the documents be redacted to the point of uselessness ?
      I guess we shall see.
      So far the Cloward and Piven and the Saul Alinsky principles are working.
      How long they will be allowed to continue is anybody’s guess.

    • The ruling class will never admit that Senators Cruz and Lee were right. Just like the petulant potentate, they will take credit for what these two Patriots accomplished, and blame them for their failures at the same time.

    • technically he shouldn’t be able to do any of this.
      The Law was written by Congress. He can’t just enforce parts, or change things, even with executive order.
      Otherwise what is the point of writing laws??
      of course, this stuff is meaningless to this white house and they do what ever they please, and the republicans just sit and play nice.

  2. As I posted earlier, Fox and CNN seemed to be running the hearing with no commercials. MSNBC went back and forth between Chuck Todd and two brief spots of testimony, and played lotsa’ commercials.

    Also, AOL’s homepage has ignored this almost completely. The only article I’ve seen about is was one about it yesterday explaining how FCMABBHO is bringing in the big guns to fix the glitches.

  3. OT, Keith, but if you put up a post on the new girly hats for the Marine Corpse, I’d bet you’d stir things up here. My husband, former Marine, has been registering on sites all morning to tell Obama what he thinks of that idea.

    • IMO, and just guessing at the motive
      This administration is secretive, doesn’t tell everyone everything.
      They had different contractors doing different things, this code or that code, because they never wanted to have the real cost of the insurance made public.
      When they made last minute changes, they were scared that if the public could easily log on they would know what it was going to cost them , then Sen Cruz would be a ‘hero’ and the faux shutdown wouldn’t go as planned.

      IMO, they did NOT want the public to see the truth, butt the plan has backfired on them. No one is blaming Cruz, the Repubs, the zombies in the tea party, and now, the blame is off of the computer contractors. It’s all on the Dems, they own it.

      The mess is about to get messier by leaps and bounds. If they delay the mandate by only weeks, millions of people will not have health insurance because it has been cancelled due to Obamacare. Insurers are already gearing up with new policies and will be caught if there’s a delay.
      If they don’t delay the mandate, the public will find out that MrO lied to them, that the Dems lied, too.
      If they delay the mandate for a year, the whole thing will fall apart. Death spiral time.

      • srdem: I agree. I had a relative, who ‘Rolodexed’ his life in the same way. We were all assigned a 3×5 card for his personal use. It sure made for an interesting funeral eventually.

      • I was wondering if they’re just stupid. How many private, non-tech companies allow their own folks to test the system installed by a computer company that they hired?

        Your explanation makes a lot of sense.

        • Deniability. Pure and simple. Obama started way back in May of this year when the official finger-pointing began. The LEFT really needs to start wearing mitts, they’ve run out of fingers.

          Obama vowed that the health care law will be implemented in full and urged Americans not to be “bamboozed” by “misinformation” from its political opponents.
          There’s been so much misinformation. … That misinformation will continue at least through the next election.”


  4. If this weren’t a national disgrace, it would be the funniest thing since The Hangover.

    I still don’t get how they can sell us a Porsche, deliver an Edsel, and there’s not even a hint of accountability.

    • Accountablitity. Not a common word used in the Obama WhiteHouse.
      I saw a video of MrsSillbus as she answered to calls that she should resign. Her reply; “….I don’t work for those people…..”.
      Who in the heck does she think she works for, the Obama Corporation?
      Anyone paid with taxpayer’s money works for us, Mrs Smartypants