As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || October 23, 2013

Sebelius: Obama was not aware of glitches . . . Examiner
Sebelius faces a firestorm . . . New York Times

But here’s why her job is safe . . . Politico
Obamacare behind on enrollment . . . The Hill
Obamacare co-ops imperiled
. . . Washington Post
Judge allows Obamacare penalties challenge . . . Fox News
WH seeks to flip Obamacare narriative . . . Politico
WH worked with reporter who got security leaks . . . Daily Caller
White House official fired for tweets . . . Daily Beast
Obama didn’t heed Syria warning . . . New York Times
Republicans go after Mike Lee . . . Washington Post
IRS loses billions on bogus EITC claims . . . Washington Times
Food stamps sold for cash on Craigslist . . . Fox News
A better alternative to Obamacare . . . Ben Carson
I cannot even stand to look at you . . . Politico

47 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 23, 2013

  1. For a guy who’s 8 years is going to be judged on this one event…you would think Obama would have stayed on top of everything when it came to his baby….Obamacare.

    But I guess the 17th hole at congressional or Fort Myers is just more important then this.

  2. The fact that Obama doesn’t know or care about his “signature” tax before it’s implementation is not shocking.
    He’s a poor commander in chief.
    A poor administrator
    A poor Chief Operating Officer
    A poor President
    A poor CEO
    A poor Chairman of the Board
    A poor ‘explainer of things’
    A poor ‘salesman’
    An Excellent Political campaigner (which only takes throwing barbs at someone else and smiling).
    A lousy human being (good human beings do not do things that make other people suffer and do nothing about it)

    anything else i’m missing??

  3. Obama has been critical of people who oppose Obamacare. Then he challenges them to come with something better. He needs to read Ben Carson’s article on the above list.

    • There can’t be a single Dem in Congress who wouldn’t love to have a do-over to replace Obamacare. If they could, they would start smaller, less intrusive, with a fix here, a change there, and work on making healthcare something other than a fighting word.
      It’s a bad law, poorly written, intrusive, offensive, job-killing, and they can only point to themselves for this mess.
      All they need is a word from the President to round-file the whole ACA and start over.

        • Maybe a high risk pool for people with pre-existings would have been good. Too late! Now everyone will want in vitro covered, free birth control, long form psychoanalysis, acupuncture, aromatherapy and heaven knows what else…

  4. Tea party, TEA PARTY!, bad, bad, terrible, awful, anti-American. It’s all over the place; the tea party attitude is destroying everything and both Dems and Repubs are trying to kill it, bury it or do anything to make it go away.

    Cruz&Lee, two lonely voices in the whole of DC, have energized and galvanized an orchestrated attempt to silence and marginalize them with vicous attacks on everything they stand for or endorse.
    The loudest and most strident voices are from their mates, the establishment Repubs, who fear the two mavericks will upset the profitable way everything is done in the halls of Congress.

  5. “Republicans go after Mike Lee…”

    Those aren’t Republicans going after Mike Lee; they are big government loving RINOs and crony capitalists.

      • I’m not going to apologize for calling these turncoats what they are, so you might as well learn to deal with it or quit responding to my comments.

      • RINO just doesn’t measure up to anarchist, traitor, racist, extortionist, arsonist etc. Republican In Name Only fits, but if it makes you happier, Establishment works too.

        • Name calling on either side is not getting us anywhere. Labels. Oh, I know, you are labeling me a pushover for “establishment” Republicans instead of what you think of as “real conservatives.” But where does that get us? We just go round and round.

          • So we Tea partiers are supposed to just sit down, shut up and take the abuse from the ruling class elites? Let’s just agree to disagree again, Star. I’m tired of turning the other cheek to these frauds. The RINOs are ganging up with their leftist friends in the Democrat party to destroy the few Patriots in Congress who support Tea Party principles. I, for one, won’t let that happen.

          • We know how you feel. Many of us feel the Tea Party has a lot to say–but to name call over and over does not advance this in my opinion. And I do think the shutdown sequence hurt the party. Maybe it will be ameliorated by the humongous Obamacare mess–but it hurt. Oh, well, a lot gets said over and over. I am done on this subject.

          • It is a false meme that the conservatives had anything to do with the so-called shutdown. They have no influence or power in Washington, D.C. I read an article a while back where Ed Klein said ValJar and Preezy planned the government shutdown months ago. Pre-rented barrycades and pre-printed closure signs are pretty good evidence that the government slowdown was planned well ahead of time.

  6. Those co-ops were designed to fail. In fact, one’s already failed and nine are on the edge. From WaPo:

    Federal grants for the co-ops were converted to loans with tight repayment schedules; they were barred from using federal money for crucial marketing; and they were severely limited from selling insurance to large employers, which represent the most lucrative market.

    And even as the Obama administration was setting up the program, White House officials, who had no pride of authorship and feared it would be risky, repeatedly suggested that funding for the co-ops be reduced, according to more than half a dozen people familiar with budget negotiations and the legislative debate. The funding was cut to a small fraction of what experts told Congress would be needed for the ventures to be viable.


    By the time the bill passed, Congress had cut co-op funding from $10 billion to $6 billion. When the White House got involved, it was reduced even more.


    In budget negotiations during the Fiscal Cliff last year, the White House put the remaining $2.2 billion on the table, leaving a very small amount of money and no chance to get more federal loans. If a co-op goes broke, those who’ve paid their premiums will be left owing their entire medical bills.

    • Why did all of this happen? Because the big insurance companies–the ones now dumping people left and right–didn’t want the competition.

          • Anyone else catch the “irony” in this statement from Ms. Sebelius:
            “Asked if she had used the website herself, Sebelius responded: ‘I have created an account on the site, I have not tried signing up myself because I have insurance.'”
            Oh my….this was a poor reply. Not for thee but me….

          • I don’t see how they can do it. The Democrats still had control of the House when they passed Obamacare. The only way that could happen is if they took the House back in 2014. Then they would pass it, again late into the wee hours when no one is watching, again without a single Republican vote.

          • Julie, winning the House back next year has been Obama’s sole objective for the last 2 years. Has there ever been a day – one day – when he hasn’t trashed the TP?
            I pray he doesnt delay the individual mandate until after the 2014 election in one year. He needs to be exposed for the charlatan he is. He owns Obamacare! Let it roll out for all the world to see.

          • I agree, the idiots own it, lock, stock and barrel. Can the bill be delayed legally? Implementation of the law is Jan. 1st – not that it would stop the WH and BFFs from doing something illegal or questionable.

  7. An unnamed Republican, according to Durbin, told Obama face to face that he couldn’t stand to look at him. Shame on Politico for spreading an anonymous accusation like that. “Journalism” and politics at their worst.

  8. The Daily Mail is reporting that Saudi Arabia has broken diplomatic ties with the US over Syria. Seems we didn’t do their bidding by going after Assad.

  9. On Durbin.
    I know a guy who has a friend, that while getting his haircut, over heard someone tell another guy that Durbin doesn’t pay his taxes.
    Smacks of Harry Reid, eh?