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Michelle AWOL as Obamacare Struggles

The Obamacare rollout is a mess, the White House is desperate for signups to inject cash needed to prop up the system, but one of President Obama’s best PR weapons – First Lady Michelle Obama – is nowhere to be found.

Calling Michelle Obama . . .
Calling Michelle Obama . . .

Mrs. Obama is more popular than her husband and has been deployed by the White House frequently as one of his most most attractive and effective surrogates. She campaigned tirelessly last year for his reelection and has represented him on countless other matters too. And yet she is not being used to help salvage Obamacare.

In fact, Michelle has hardly been seen in public at all for a month, making no on-camera appearances since a round of events during September’s UN General Assembly session in New York City.

Today she will host a tea for the wife of the Pakistani prime minister, but the event is closed to the press. Reporters will also be barred when she greets the USO “Volunteer of the Year” Friday. And the White House will allow only a single print reporter to cover remarks she will make Friday afternoon to a Democratic National Committee event focused on women’s issues.

Other outings in recent days have been similarly below the radar, including a parent-teacher conference at her daughters’ school and three hours spent dining out with friends at a swank DC Italian restaurant, Bibiana.

Michelle has been on the Obamacare beat before, speaking just last July to the Hispanic group La Raza to urge members to help get people signed up.

But now that the process is underway, she’s exited the stage, leaving it to her husband and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to make the pitch.

Here’s some video of President Obama going it on his own, imploring members of his political group, Organizing for Action, to “tell your friends, families, coworkers, classmates, neighbors and anyone else about what the Affordable Care Act can mean for them.”

36 thoughts on “Michelle AWOL as Obamacare Struggles”

  1. Drudge has a link up telling us that 300,000 people in Florida have received cancellation notices from their insurance companies due to the increased regulations they are required to abide by under the ACA.
    They are forcing the people to use the exchanges.

    1. Saw that last night. Millions of Americans have been adversely affected by Obamacare already and it hasn’t gone into full effect yet. I wish someone would do a tally of Americans who have lost their insurance and/or their jobs or who have been reduced in hours. Let’s not forget the people who have lost their doctors, nor the doctors and other medical workers who will quit or be canned. Millions are yet to come of people who will not have the disposable income to pay for Obamacare in addition to their necessary expenditures. Millions will be affected by graft and corruption and the release of their private information.

  2. IMO, she’s where she should be; in the background doing nothing.
    Everything she’s put her efforts into have resulted in unintended consequences of public anger or ridicule.

  3. Tell the truth – she is recovering from another round of plastic surgery and doesn’t want to be seen until all the swelling has dissipated.

  4. Keith, Keith, Keith…. being a man, you would not understand this, but Obviously, she is letting her bangs grow out and can’t be seen in public. She is at that in-between stage with the bangs to long to be bangs, but too short to be brushed to the side. Honestly, do I have to explain EveryThing?
    (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

  5. During Letterman’s opening monologue last night, there was a pre-recorded cameo appearance by the Mooch – holding a glass of water. “Drink up, Dave’! Alex Baldwin walked on stage drinking a glass of water – everyone was drinking H2O. Theatre of the absurd.

    Hasn’t she been MIA ever since the last election? Her true colors finally came out – she really does hate her ‘job’ and the people she serves.. She abandoned the kids, the military families, the WH tours, and almost everything else connected to the usual duties of a FLOTUS. She’s living a secret life now – and it’s none of our business. So says she!

  6. The Mooch don’t do nothin’ for free. She might deign to sell her hubby’s health insurance scam if it’s held in some exotic location, and the leviathan foots the bill to put her and her entourage up in 5-star digs. No doubt her contract requires plenty of Grey Goose stocked in the cabinets as well.

    1. Me either…why or why didn’t they hire a “fashion director” for her? Her clothing is simply all wrong for her body type…and as we age, the clothing selection is less and less “selectable. ” I can honestly say that I felt sorry for her at times…her clothing choices did nothing to enhance whatever natural beauty ahe possesses.

  7. She’s not a First Lady so who cares where she is or what she’s doing?
    The less of her the better most likely living large on our dime like she
    always has I think she told Barry she was sitting the last four years out
    as far as the pretense of being a real FLOTUS.

  8. ” And the White House will allow only a single print reporter to cover remarks she will make Friday afternoon to a Democratic National Committee event focused on women’s issues.”

    Most transparent regime evar!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is what despots do.

  9. So… the president says a woman he met from Delaware, who has “been turned down by insurers” is now enrolled and “saving $150 per month.” $150 less than what? I thought you implied she didn’t have coverage?

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