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Gibbs: HHS Knew Obamacare Site Wouldn’t Work

Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today said officials at the Department of Health and Human Services had to have known the Obamacare website wasn’t going to work, but then went ahead and launched it anyway.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that people at HHS and involved int his project knew this wasn’t gong to work,” Gibbs said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “It’s inconceivable that no one tested it.”

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    1. If and when she manages to squeeze out a tear…well, let me know. I cannot stand those egotistical blowhards. Poor Joe – I think he actually believed he might be a viable presidential candidate someday. That is an “all dog and no pony” talk show.

    2. Another early, early riser. I don’t feel alone anymore……
      I caught some of the MornJoe show this morning, but left when they started on Cruz&Lee as responsible for the slow economy in the US.
      “Cruz&Lee” is how they talk about the Sens. If a viewer wasn’t sure who they were, they might think it was one person…Cruzenley.

    3. I used to enjoy Morning Joe until recently. The format is so loosey-goosey now. They even threw in a much too-long segment of sports at the 30 minute mark. And Joe keeps reminiscing about his un-spectacular days in Congress. Looks like he want to throw his hat in the ring again – he keeps changing his hair color and style. I doubt if he will give up his $6M/year day job!

  1. Does Obama request that his Secretaries withhold information from him? There are so many times that he says he didnt know, that it seems like either he has incompetent underlings (but he oesn’t fire them) or they just know they aren’t supposed to pass the information on.

    1. Obama, as POTUS, doesn’t perform due diligence on anything. He relies on staff and the MSM to do the heavy lifting on every policy, every project. When things go well, he takes all the credit. When things turn sour, as in the collapse of ObamaCare, it’s everyone else’s fault. He is the boss, the CEO, the administrator we avoid at all costs.

  2. Sorry, Gibby, it’s not inconceivable at all that no one tested it.

    That’s what happens when software is rushed to release for fear of missing a promised deadline. Testing is short-cut, and the boss says “Let’s just do it and keep our fingers crossed”.

    Worse yet are the attempt to fix problems “on the fly”, when the “fixes” are not tested before being rushed out to production because “we need this fix immediately”. Very often what appears to be fixed just causes more new problems.

    I’ll bet that’s where we’re at right now. This will take a while to correct.

      1. Star — I was just thinking – seriously – we had a feeling it wouldn’t work but I don’t think anyone could have imagined this. So what to do?

        The upheaval and disruption of existing policies is enormous. It’s a huge bill – most of it hidden. It’s taken over three years to create this and it is a huge ship to turn around. On a practical nuts and bolts level – where do we go from here. I see more than a bumpy road given the tentacles of this thing.

        As you might have implied when something this big goes so wrong you can’t just implement a software fix or even a delay. Real things are out there happening —

        1. And also is there anything to be gleaned from Obama’s actions when confronted with his redline with Iran over Syria. I doubt Joe’s going to make an off hand comment and someone swoops in from outer space to save the day. Putin’s not available.

    1. The Obama DHS-NSA follows all of us here on WhiteHouseDossier, so how come they couldnt figure out how to set up a website to suck money out of us, like = Millions of hits per day.

  3. So, what, they can’t tell the boss the bad news because it might mess with his golf swing?

    That’s about the only excuse they haven’t used at this point.

    1. It’s a morning show that starts at 3am here in western fly-over country.
      It’s hosted by a woman whose father was famous, a man who left Congress under a cloud of suspicion.
      They host regular guests from lefty Libs, to left outfield into the bleachers Libs.
      A woman who talks like a Brit appears now and then to sneer at what the US is doing, some guy named Donnie shows up to give his opinion on anything, and they spend three hours talking about the deceased tea party, or how Repubs are no longer a force in politics.
      It’s like a hostile wake where everyone is glad the stiff died.

      1. I guffawed out loud!!! Perfect, perfect, you nailed it. Yet, is it strangely OK for 15 mins a morning…you DVR and zip along looking for something fun. Until Bill Schulz from RED EYE gets his own show–I will continue to watch Mika squirm a little each day. Note to Ailes–maybe Hobo Carl can be on Bill’s show–as a sidekick to the sidekick. (These are references to RED EYE, which is also smug and pretty funny.)

        1. Mentioning Hobo Carl made me think of what these morning shows remind me of–Sesame Street for grownups! The set pieces, the set characters, the set subjects, the…sets.

      2. -LOL!

        I used to watch Imus on MSNBC until they kicked him off.

        I kinda remember when MSNBC was a watchable “news” station… that was back in the late 1990s-early 2000s.

      3. “It’s like a hostile wake where everyone is glad the stiff died.”

        That is hilarious but so true of most cable news channels, srdem.

  4. Obamacare Navigators. Here is an article about Obamacare Navigators that include as a link to 465 (I think) Navigators directly. If you are interested in where your taxpayer dollars are going in the Navigator scam check it out.

    Also last night I saw some information that some people had been able to get “behind” the .gov site and obtain pricing information on plans etc. It is per state I believe. I do not think it has deductibles. I could be wrong. It’s out there — if I stumble across it I will provide some links.

  5. Meanwhile, Guy Benson is saying that the Administration literally has a no-win situation on its hands.

    I’ll give you the short version.

    Apparently, Marco Rubio is going to submit a bill in the Senate that would delay the individual mandate until such time as the website is up and running for six months.

    The Democrats then have three options:

    1) Vote FOR Rubio’s bill, and admit their own incompetence. GOP line in 2014: “Mr. and Mrs. America, these guys don’t know what the heck they’re doing. Vote for us.”

    2) Vote AGAINST Rubio’s bill, and force citizens to pay penalties for not buying something they literally don’t have access to. GOP line in 2014: “Mr. and Mrs. America, do you think that’s fair? We don’t. Vote for us.”

    3) Push the entire thing back a year, and hand a major victory to the GOP. GOP line in 2014: “Mr. and Mrs. America, they called us terrorists, and shut down the Grand Canyon, for suggesting the very idea of what they’ve now agreed to. We were right about this all along. We have the truth on our side. Vote for us.”

    King Barry’s whelps in the press will do their best, but it won’t be enough.

    Tell me I’m wrong.

    1. I hope you’re not. Rubio said he’d try to get some Dems on it–and some Dems spoke up today. So maybe…or if they really don’t care who gets credit, he could sign on their bill…we shall see. (I know, people here don’t trust Rubio etc, we’ve been over that.)

  6. So whaddaya think: is/are the _resident and Valjar this stupid and incompetent (I know, it’s tempting) or this smart, prepared and setting it up?

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