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Quote of the Day || October 23, 2013

“See, this is not so bad. And so now I just click enter and . . . There! I did it! It says 404. That must be my registration number.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

24 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || October 23, 2013”

  1. C’mon, there are so many government sites on the iNTERNET that you just have to click 2 times!!!! And you get all info you need, pricing, etc., etc., $300 million of OUR AMERCAN TAXPAYER MONEY??? AND NOW HE SAYS HE WILL GET THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST TO FIX??? Something is screwy about this as usual, we are lettting this guy steal our money AGAIN for what???? And while weare not on the subject, where goes all this money from Chase Bank?? in the Administrations pockets?? And what happened to $90 million thats missing??? The nightmare goes on and on until one day OBAMA WILL RUN OUT OF LUCK, YOU’LL SEE. I hope the Human Rights Groups arrest him and the others and get him outta here!!!

      1. Well until then you will have to live life, You guys voted for him!!!!!!!!! The sad thing about it, is that he’s trying to correct problems that are going to benefit our future and people like you guys are discouraging the community.

  2. I guess Barry cries every night, wishing he had listened to Boehner and delayed the mess until after election day 2014.
    I hope the Republicans take the old Rahm advice, ” never let a crisis go to waste “. Poor Barry can not use it right now.

    1. As usual, the Republican leadership is MIA, swedishlady. The establishment GOP aren’t the Alinsky types anyway. They’re more comfortable hiding behind the office drapes while their leftist friends do all the dirty work of destroying our Republic.

  3. You might be SOL if you’ve joined one of the co-ops. Many here have speculated that FCMABBHO wants Obamacare to fail in order to shove single-payer insurance down our throats. This very well could be another example of a tool set up to fail. And, unlike the glitches, this one has FCMABBHO’s fingerprints all over it.

    When the new health-care law was being cobbled together, Congress decided to establish a network of nonprofit insurance companies aimed at bringing competition to the marketplace, long dominated by major insurers.

    But these co-ops, started as a great hope for lowering insurance costs, are already in danger.


    So Congress saddled its new creations with onerous restrictions that, experts say, doomed many co-ops to failure. Federal grants for the co-ops were converted to loans with tight repayment schedules; they were barred from using federal money for crucial marketing; and they were severely limited from selling insurance to large employers, which represent the most lucrative market.

    And even as the Obama administration was setting up the program, White House officials, who had no pride of authorship and feared it would be risky, repeatedly suggested that funding for the co-ops be reduced, according to more than half a dozen people familiar with budget negotiations and the legislative debate. The funding was cut to a small fraction of what experts told Congress would be needed for the ventures to be viable.


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