As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || October 22, 2013

WH won’t rule out individual mandate delay . . . Fox News
Website builders saw red flags . . . Associated press
Verizon brought in to fix website . . . USA Today
Sebelius to testify on Obamacare woes . . . Fox News
Obama “not focused on making heads roll . . . The Hill
Five questions Sebelius won’t answer . . . Politico
Rubio: White House hiding “ugly things” . . . Politico
Drones kill more civilians than admitted . . . Washington Post
Christie’s shrewd gay marriage move . . . Washington Times

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 22, 2013

    • : – )). It’s amazing how Governor Christie has changed in office. He started out as a Scott Walker type governor going after the teachers’ unions, and now he’s playing to the ultra liberal crowd. Won’t win him any primary votes outside of the DC/Boston corridor.

  1. Obama “not focused on making heads roll”…..

    Course if it were Ted Cruz, Rush L., Joe Wilson, Joe the Plumber, The Tea Party, WW2 vets, gun owners, etc. you would think you were standing in a bowling alley.