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Job Creation Falls Short at 148,000

The U.S. economy continued its standard, mediocre performance last month, generating only 148,000 jobs in September, below forecasters’ expectations of 180,000. The economy needs to produce about 150,000 jobs a month just to keep pace with population growth.

The unemployment rate, which is measured by a separate, less reliable survey, declined a tenth of a point to 7.2 percent.

The report was supposed to be released earlier in the month but was delayed by the shutdown.

The jobs number is a decline from an upwardly revised 193,000 jobs created in August. July’s increase, though, was revised downward to a crushing 89,000.

The White House will no doubt emphasize the decline in unemployment and spin the jobs numbers as a move forward, however sluggish. Then it will seize on the October jobs report as an example of the terrible problems caused by the government shutdown.

14 thoughts on “Job Creation Falls Short at 148,000”

  1. There are still one million less people working today than there were the day Obama first took office. Yet our population has increased by 12 million over that span. I’m sure it’s just a ‘glitch’ though.

  2. It’s remarkable to me, now that the government shutdown fight is over and the GOP is not the only topic of conversation by the media, the major networks all of a sudden have nothing to report. CBS talked about hair transplants and dogs with emotions. Nothing about the jobs numbers. They make a lame attempt to talk about Obamacare but not with any enthusiasm. Norah O’Donnell introduced a segment with Charles Krauthammer through clenched teeth, then gleefully pounced, all smiles, to ask him questions about how awful the GOP is.

    Obama walks yet again.

      1. DeniseVB absolutely NAILS it! An honest media is the only thing that will keep a corrupt government (all three branches) slightly on track. Thank you!

        1. Then things don’t look very good for us. I read of someone, I think Nanny Bloomberg, trashing the internet. Without the internet we have nothing.

  3. When I went to check my email the Yahoo/AP news headline was:

    “U.S added only 148,000 jobs in September. The latest report, delayed because of the shutdown, suggests employers held back on hiring because of the gridlock.”

  4. Nothing but smoke and mirrors. I believe zip, zero, nada coming out of this corrupt regime. In my opinion, the only problem the two week ‘slowdown’ caused was to the leviathan’s march to totalitarianism. So hundreds of oppressive rules and regulations had to be postponed for a few days. It was a nice but too brief reprieve for the American people.

    Just read a Washington Times article about Congress shutting down on Thursday to attend Rep. Young’s funeral in Florida. Also read they’ll be attending the funeral on the taxpayers dime. Looks like the spendthrifts in Washington, D.C. have their groove back.

  5. “The economy needs to produce about 150,000 jobs a month just to keep pace with population growth.” – Keith Koffler

    Well, between forcing contraception distribution, putting a federally funded abortion provider on every block, and death panels for all ages, I’d say Obama IS addressing this issue – from the “population growth” side of the equation…

  6. Assuming that 100 million of Americans are retired, unable to work, or children, of the remaining 200 million, 14 million people who want to work can’t find a job. 14, 000,000 sounds a lot worse and is more accurate than 7.3%.
    Our betters in Washington look out their windows and see millions of cars taking millions of people to work, they see constant construction of new edifices, and notice that housing prices there are really high.
    It all looks good and rosy there, and wow! look at the stock market going up again. Life is good, America is strong.

    They need to go out to fly-over country, an area that gets larger every month, and see how the real America is faring in this faux economy.
    Congress needs to travel to inland California to observe what happens when illegal aliens become the majority population, they need to visit small towns in the heartland to see that all the mom & pop stores are closed, and Walmart or Target is all that’s left operating.
    Mazie’sDiner is closed, but Denny’s is doing well. Fred’sAutoRepair is gone, but the Chevy dealer will fix any car.

    Congress may not attend a house of worship every week, but people out in fly-over country do, and they are confused by the actions of their elected officials who know that fact.

    The unemployment figures don’t tell anyone what’s really going on in America.

      1. “Our betters”–love it. Back when I had a real job, I used to be wont to say, “I have many bosses but no superiors.” This might have bombed a couple of times, come to think of it.

  7. Smoke and mirrors? Zero Hedge (Tyler Durden) has an interesting take on ‘how the BLS’ magic calculations, in one month, the month during which the so-called uncertainly surrounding the government shutdown hit its peak (if one listens to CEO apologists), the US work force saw the rotation of some 594K part-time workers into a whopping 691K full-time jobs, in addition to adding over 100K net new jobs in the month’.

    Obama mght consider hiring the BLS programmers to re-do the Obamacare website.

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