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Was it a Deception or Incompetence?

It’s hard to understand, given the information that has come out during the last couple of days, how the White House could possibly have argued just after the Obamacare exchange website launched that what was happening resulted from high traffic volume.

First of all, while the website took a sizable hit the first day, it was evident even before the site got flooded that it wasn’t going to work.

From today’s Washington Post:

Days before the launch of President Obama’s online health ­insurance marketplace, government officials and contractors tested a key part of the Web site to see whether it could handle tens of thousands of consumers at the same time. It crashed after a simulation in which just a few hundred people tried to log on simultaneously.

Despite the failed test, federal health officials plowed ahead.

When the Web site went live Oct. 1, it locked up shortly after midnight as about 2,000 users attempted to complete the first step, according to two people familiar with the project.

And yet, here is what White House Press Secretary Jay Carney claimed october 2:

There’s no question that the volume was so high and continues to be so high that that has caused some delays, but it is related to — those delays are, in our view, related to the high volume.

It is, as I mentioned, a good problem to have that interest in these first two days exceeds what we anticipated.  And we have an extremely competent team that developed a very user-friendly website and they are working on these problems every day, and the process gets improved every day.

Well, it was not a good problem to be having, because it was already clear to the administration that the website’s difficulties were structural and that it couldn’t even take a small load of traffic. It wasn’t, as Obama’s spin team tried to suggest, a decent technical effort that merely ran into heavier than expected interest.

Either the White House was deceiving the public about what was going on, or HHS, which runs the website, kept the White House in the dark about the problems plaguing the site. In which case President Obama is an incompetent chief executive, because he has not ensured a proper flow of information to his inbox.

Obamacare is the signature initiative of Obama’s presidency. No CEO could survive such a catastrophic product launch. Obama has tenure until January 2017, but HHS Director Sebelius should be ordered to click her heels and return to Kansas without delay.

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    1. She shouldn’t return to Kansas, she should return to Ohio, where she was born and raised; her dad was the Democrat governor of Ohio. I doubt she owns a home in Kansas.

        1. Oh no we accept no returns on defective merchandise and
          Sebelius is not welcome here in Kansas I’d prefer a hoard of
          locust. Obama has buyers remorse but she can’t come back
          here ever!

  1. It has to be deception. This much damage seems inconceivable just from incompetence alone. There is no denying BHO has been virtually immune from bad luck. This has to be intentional.

  2. “In politics NOTHING happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was PLANNED that way” – FDR. or The Limbaugh Theorem in full display.

  3. Re Sebelius, this is a Catch 22. If she was so deeply involved her decisions made a difference, to yank her out now might slow down the fixes, but if she was that deeply involved, she should be fired. I suspect like all “bosses,” she got “reports” and didn’t know a line of code from a sonnet. So–prime blame fodder!

      1. At least not be so greedy to get the goods on people that they make them give up personal info right at the beginning. When I see I need to do that, as I said, I bail. I can’t be the only one.

      2. Me, I am wondering what do they do with everyone who received cancellation notices from their current insurer effective the end of December.

        Never mind Kathleen Syphilis, she either stays or goes, it’s Nancy Pelousy and Harry Reid that pushed this piece of dreck along with President “Edsel” (for those old enough to remember). LOL

    1. I can’t think of anyone that Mr. Obama has fired since Shirley Sherrod. Most, like Lois Lerner or Hillary, choose to leave to “spend more time with their family”

  4. “In which case President Obama is an incompetent chief executive, because he has not ensured a proper flow of information to his inbox.”

    I wouldn’t want to tell a narcissist that his pet project was not ready to go.

  5. Good question.
    For the first time in a long time, there’s so much information on a government action that it’s hard to pinpoint what went wrong. Was it interference from politicos, or non-involvement from poltiticos that caused this website to crash.

    We need to know why SenBaucus of Montana called the Obamacare rollout a “trainwreck” as far back as April of this year. What was he told then, and what did he know then that allowed a supposed loyal Dem to announce the program wasn’t going to work.
    The WhiteHouse had to be painfully aware of what he said, and must have had the same information that he did.
    The point is that the problems/gliches/kinks were known six months ago, and were deemed un-fixable back then.
    Which raises the question again; why did they insist on a rollout on Oct 1 when they knew it would fail miserably?

    1. Why do it when they knew it would fail? Senators Cruz and Lee were trying to defund his signature health insurance scam. He couldn’t let that happen, and he couldn’t be seen as bargaining for a delay. His pride and ego wouldn’t allow it. We conservatives are his enemy. Heck, he’s more compliant with the Muslim Brotherhood and tin pot dictators than he is with conservatives. If millions of Americans lose their livelihoods and health care as a result of this disastrous behemoth, well that’s tough luck for us. After all, it’s all about Barack.

  6. And apparently the deception of hiding pricing behind a “firewall” has been a major reason for the website’s failure. The health insurance website for government “elites” has no such deception and runs smoothly. Political deception, as always with this crew in the WH, is always the most important aspect of everything they say and do, and of course the American people always end up being the victims; even liberals are victimized too, but apparently they’re still too stupid to realize it, or perhaps they just see it as an opportunity for single payer: a.k.a. greater tyranny, unbeknownst to them. Corrupt idiots, all of them.

  7. “the Obama White House was deceving the public about what was going on…”

    -DUH! This has been going on since since “Barack Hussein Obama” was ‘elected President’ of the USA back in 2008…

    (Great Job “MSM”, NEVER finding out who “Barack Hussein Obama” is…*COUGH*_Background checks_*COUGH*)

    1. I think Jay Carney gets through his days because NO ONE ever challenges him -OR- asks him a real question about the real world (re: the many questions we readers of WhiteHouseDossier post here.)
      Could you imagine Carney trying to “answer” just a dozen of questions we readers of WhiteHouseDossier post here everyday, we of WHD can think of 100+ better questions to ask everyday than the so-called proffesional “WH press corps” that Jay Carney talks down to everyday.

  8. “those delays are, in our view, related to the high volume.”

    Just like the sinking of the Titanic was, in our view, related to gravity.

  9. I don’t think it’s humanly possible to have designed a more user-hostile website.

    If it was mere incompetence, then sooner or later, somebody would have made SOMETHING on that site user-friendly, even if it was accidental.

    That the entire process seems DESIGNED to be user-hostile, suggests that user-hostile was the whole intent of the site.

    Tell me I’m wrong.

    1. Don’t know @Darkangel, you may be right. Someone who thinks deeper than I suggested that it was designed to fail so that they could delay everything until after the elections next year.
      It would explain why they rolled out a defective product. All they have to do is take some heat for a while, promise to fix it sooner than later, and poof! we’re past the primary elections.

      1. Except that they can’t push it back now. Not after ObeyMe spent two and a half weeks banging his rattle and screaming, “OBAMACARE NOW! OBAMACARE NOOOOOOOW!” while causing the greatest misery for the greatest number.

        And not after that Rose Garden speech the other day. I looked at the transcript, and I swear, I couldn’t tell if I was reading an official White House document, or the script for Glengarry Glen Ross.

        Obama went all-in with a ten-high, while the GOP has thirty miles of bad road rolled up. He’s drawing dead: no matter what he does here, he’s toast.

        Think about it. A delay right now would give the GOP the biggest “WE TOLD YOU SO!” moment in the entire history of American politics. ZeroCare was passed against the will of a screaming majority, by a one-party vote, with indecisive congresscritters having to be BRIBED, using some of the most dirty-pool parliamentary tactics America has ever witnessed. It’s been unpopular in theory, and now that people are starting to see what it’s going to cost them, it’s going to be even MORE unpopular in practice.

        There are some commentators who are even wondering in print if this entire racket may end up being the stake through the heart of the Democratic Party. Let’s hope so.

        They’ve got too much invested in this to delay it. Between the shutdown and the campaign speech yesterday, there’s absolutely no way they can push this back without looking like the amateurs the Right has said all along that they are.

        1. You can never blame Obama for anything…

          -because thats ‘racist’.

          The MSM sycophants will always be there to cover Obama(re: blame Bush/Republicans for everything since 2008-present…)

        2. I don’t disagree with any of your points, not at all.
          The only thing that would save the President and the Dems is if the Press continues to cover for them and their failings.
          We can’t discount the power of the press and how it moves the conversations in the US.

        3. If this “kink” is deliberate deception – then “politics as usual”-aggravating and annoying and of questionable ethics, etc., etc.
          If this “kink” is the result of massive incompetence – then that is the more concerning scenerio. The employees responsible -from the cut and paste assembling of this legislation through to the cutting and pasting development of the site – if ALL these employees are that totally incompetent, then why on earth would anyone even consider signing up for this? How could you possibly think that this would ever function properly? Hence, a turn in thought back to deception…as another commenter remarked – is this a grand scheme to initiate single payer? I do not believe any of these people are that smart. That devious? Yes. But, smart enough to pull a plan like that together? No. They are far too incompetent…completely, totally incompetent. However – never disregard the media – the media is the glue that holds incompetence and deceit together and makes it appear intelligent.

          1. There is, also, Hanlon’s razor, but that puts us right back at square one, doesn’t it?

            While I’m throwing around the academic allusions–that website ought to be Exhibit A in some future study of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

          2. I learned from your comment – thanks! Had no idea what either was and frankly, used a quick Wikipedia search. Hanlon’s razor is my choice of the two…Dunning-Kruger apparently requires “suitable training” that leads to recognition of previous lack of skill. I cannot imagine that these people would ever agree to training of any kind. They are too-too deep into their own self-aggrandisement.

  10. as a Republican, I that hope Sebelius stays in her job a long, long time. she is the perfect face of Obamacare: stiff-necked, defensive, incompetent, and deceitful. she couldn’t even win over famous koolaid-drinker Jon Stewart, for goshsakes!

    of course we don’t need to worry. if Obama hasn’t fired Eric Holder, who can’t say whether Islam is a factor in terrorist activity (among other failings), he ain’t gonna fire anyone.

  11. All you say would be true, in the real world. In Obamaland, I would not doubt that this cataclysmic failure is planned, as the first step in demonstrating to us all the this insurance idea is a bad one, that we need to get rid of the entire system even though they tried so hard to save the free market aspects of medical care (because we know how highly Obama values free markets) but the only solution is a single-payer system administered by HHS.

  12. The White House is a bit sensitive over this website failure and didn’t like what Bob Beckel said on the Five:
    “The other day on The Five I called for a delay for the implementation of this for five months or six months to a year. And I got a call from somebody at the White House who absolutely bludgeoned me over it…“

    1. AZG: Thanks for the link, very interesting.
      I noticed in the comments section Barry was called ” President Sham-wow ” and ” President Popiel “. Made me smile.

      1. On Monday night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart remarked that Obama is selling Obamacare like Ron Popiel. Remember the Popiel Pocket fisherman and all those other things Popiel invented and sold? LOL

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