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Live Stream || Obama Remarks on Obamacare

The remarks have concluded.

65 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Remarks on Obamacare”

  1. oh, goody, a Rose Garden appearance!
    I haven’t had someone lie to my face all morning.

    Keith, thank you. I know you have to cover this for your job, and you’ll let us know what the telepromper says, but the rest of us informed Americans would rather watch a leper.

  2. Prediction:
    MrO will boast of the number of ‘hits’ to the website as a postive.
    He will then;
    1.blame the Repub states for not doing their job, but forcing the Feds to do it for them
    2.insist that a fantasy number of people are enrolled without explaining what that means
    3. blame the Repubs for a lack of sufficient funding to do the job
    4. boast that he has come to the rescue by bringing in some anonymous ‘best and brightest’ to fix the mess
    5. well, if he’s got any working brain cells; he’ll announce a 3-6 month delay in the mandate and suspend the penalty/tax for non-compliance.

    Repubs will hit the airwaves with all manner of attacks that the public will see as ‘picking’ on the Black President who is only trying really hard to do the right thing.
    Cries of racism will come from prominent Dems for anyone who dares say anything against MrObama.
    The MSM will choke back what’s left of their integrity and praise MrO for whatever they think he’s doing.

    This whole thing is like a bad, over-done drama that even an old fogey such as myself can write.

    1. It seems my crystal ball needs an upgrade. I was mostly wrong on my predictions.

      What a sad and pathetic spectacle to watch the POTUS act like a late-night info-mercial salesman.

      1. A bad infomercial salesperson hocking a bad informerical product.

        Perhaps Obama should have taken it to the Shark Tank first and see if Damion would have bought it.

    2. My longer term prediction is that people will admit that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were correct to propose defunding Obamacare. John Dickerson, CBS News political director, says that Obama is headed toward a ‘credibility death spiral’ on Obamacare. Well! If you’ve got the MSM talking like that, can spring be far behind? (Paraphrasing John Keats)

  3. Is it me, or does he seem off his game today? Jokes aside, he’s not as eloquent as usual. His cadence is off. He’s not looking anyone in the eye.

    That, and it sounds like the White House Communications office recycled the same speech he’s given hundreds of times.

    1. It is not just you….he is not even reading correctly…one can see him stumbling as he reads.
      Also, the poor folks standing there are being told when to applaud.

      1. I’ve never found him substantive. I’d say he is all whipped cream, but he’s not even the real stuff. He’s ‘cool’ whip.

  4. Watching FBN — they had the beginning. And moved on — Fox Obama still talking. Assume FBN got the guts – no real acknowledgement that there is a Problem, the “law” is good and “thousands” have signed up.

    And the human landscape does not look very diverse.

    1. Oh I hear there is a toll free number to call.

      LOL — for some reason my KF had a “glitch ” and would not input the toll free number! Good luck with those Obamacare ‘glitches’ Resident Barrycades.

        1. From Snopes:

          Although 800-318-2596 is the correct phone number for the Health Insurance Marketplace customer service line, and turning its digits into letters as they are found on telephone keypads does produce the phrase 800-FUCKYO (among many other possibilities), that transformation only works because of the quirk that the digit ‘1’ is not represented by a letter on standard U.S. telephone keypads.

          Technically, the 800-318-2596 phone number cannot correctly be rendered as 800-FUCKYO because that designation omits the essential ‘1’ digit between the ‘3’ and ‘8’ and therefore does not represent an accurate phone number for the Health Insurance Marketplace hotline (or a valid phone number at all). A correct rendering of the phone number would be the somewhat less salacious 1-800-F1UCKYO.

          Additionally, the 800-318-2596 phone number wasn’t selected by the current administration, as it has been used as a toll-free government number for providing information about Medicare plans since at least as far back as 1999.

          The current assignee of the 1-800-FUCKYOU number (a phone sex line) has now updated their initial recording greeting with a message asking callers to indicate whether or not they are calling about Obamacare.

  5. What a load of codswallop! I particularly like the cheap shots about the govt shut down ***cue eyeball rolling***

    Does that bearded guy smirking in the background seen his deductibles, copays and out of pockets on his plan yet? I wonder if he is part of the 50% of young college graduates living at home?

    Ya know, I never thought my President would be confused with Baghdad Bob!!

  6. Thank you to the brave souls who had the stomach to watch. I am in the group who hits mute whenever I see him. I assume you will keep is informed on what he said.

    BTW, did he blame Bush yet?

  7. Why did I get the feeling that a little talking lizard was going to show up and talk about how much money you’d save by switching to Obamacare?

    Oh, wait. I think a lizard did show up. Or was that just a snake?

    1. lol I think he left the real snakes and lizards back inside the WhiteHouse.

      He sounded like someone told him….get out there and sell it, sell it like your life depends on you selling this mess…
      For all the positives he found and the helpful hints on how to obtain health insurance, he never once mentioned that people MUST buy this product or be taxed in ever increasing amounts.

      1. You can’t even say he’s reaping what he sowed because he probably doesn’t have a fingerprint on the whole mess. He just wants to descend from the sky at the end and take credit for the whole product or solution. This applies to everything, even the latest shutdown. Step in at the last moment and be the hero or the genius. He doesn’t like it when he turns out to be the goat.

          1. I meant in designing it. You’re right: he owns it, but he will be the last man standing in the blame game because he allowed all to others to do the dirty work. Sibelius will be the first fall guy.

  8. Why was Kathleen Sillybus (thanks srdem) parading through the Rose Garden shaking hands with eeryone? Shouldn’t she be sitting in a corner somewhere wearing a dunce cap?

    1. Latest polling says 87% think she should be removed. But, imo, she is the Susan Rice of Obamacare. Out there to take the heat off of him.

      1. There’s always someone else to take the heat for him. Nancy Pelousy shares co-ownership of the O’care debacle, too. I am rather annoyed (okay, I am always very annoyed) at the press for letting her get off the hook and particularly in light of the unsurprising outcome. The progressives own this 100% and we should never let them forget it.

  9. If any of the 10 million long-term unemployed (and uninsured!) still have their shovels handy…for all of those “shovel-ready jobs” that were promised…now would be a good time to use them for an overload of BS in the Rose Garden. Just sayin’…

    1. She looked like she was about to faint, as President Obama turned around in the middle of his remarks and told her to go take a seat. She left the back podium, and Obama joked, “This happens when I talk too long. You’ll be okay. Why don’t you go sit down? Come on. Good catch.”

      What? He didn’t put his hand on her forehead and heal her?

      1. Just watched the clip of her being taken away. She has some kind of patch on the back of her left arm. Obamacare tracking device? (just kidding…. I think) Seriously, hope she is okay. And that her premiums did not just go up.

    2. Oh, look, here’s a Help Wanted ad from Friday’s Washington Post: “Wanted: The White House is looking for a person who can faux faint at President Obama’s press Conference on Monday, Oct. 21. Pay commensurate with experience. Contact White House Press Office FMI.”

  10. How very sad that your health insurance now hangs on one website working. Used to be in America if something didn’t work you just made another choice.

    1. I think he should hire “Vince” the ShamWow guy to pitch this. He’d fit in with this administrations other corrupt personel. We could get a buy one,get one free deal and maybe a free cellphone if you sign up today!

      1. “I think he should hire “Vince” the ShamWow guy to pitch this.”

        Nooooooooooo. I’m already the fastest MUTER this side of the Pecos when it comes to annoying commercials, so to become faster would require me to tape the remote to my right hand. How would I type?!

  11. Here we go. Our local TV station, a Fox affiliate btw, quotes him as saying that no one is more frustrated by the problems with than he is. As usual he becomes the centerpiece. Doesn’t that just make your heart bleed for him?

  12. Sample Obama speech on Obamacare;

    “The world is balanced on the back of a large turtle, and here’s to clitoridectomies for all the girls…”

    Makes as much sense as anything ELSE he ever says, when he’s not spewing hatred and contempt for – HALF – of “his” nation, that is…

    Sorry, I can’t take anything this poser says seriously enough to even ry to listen to it any more…it’s just “blah, blah, I, blah, uh, lie, blah, make stuff up, blah, uh, blah, Me, blah blah, I, blah, My, blah blah, taxes up on people who don’t vote for me, blah, blah, hate Tea Party, uh, blah, blah, Bush’s fault, blah, blah, Republican’s fault, blah, blah, I have these non Constitutional rights to do stuff, blah, blah, uh, blah, more power for me, it’s the right thing to do.”

    There, I’ve just written – in merciful brief- every Obama speech ever. You don’t need to listen to any more, they never change.

    You’re welcome…

  13. That whole fainting spell was staged:
    – Obama turned well before the woman even started to make any awkward motion
    – Obama knew exactly where to turn to see the problem
    – The aide was there in exactly 9 seconds and knew exactly where to go through the crowd of people, and from behind
    – What was the patch on the back of the woman’s left arm?

  14. That swarm you see and hear — ACORN reincarnated as Navigators storming the country and “helping” you with your insurance.

    No sympathy for anyone ill informed enough to give their information to these people. To date one illegal and one criminal spear heading Navigators.

  15. Lightly skimmed the transcript. If ever proof were needed that incurable true believers should never be trusted with power, there it is.

    If this were a game of blackjack, what ObeyMe just did with that speech was double down an 8-8 with the dealer showing an ace.

    If you did that in an actual casino, and you somehow won the hand by doing it, you’d get arrested.

    We’re in seriously deep doo-doo, methinks.

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