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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – October 21, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

32 thoughts on “Live Stream || Carney Briefing – October 21, 2013”

  1. Isn’t a “Carney” someone who lives and travels with a Carnival, trying to get people to believe in a visual (and often deceptive) act, that often involves high wires, con-artists and rejected circus freaks.

    1. The Big Lie right now is when Obama and Carney (who just said it again) say that “The reason for the problem is that there is a high demand for health insurance and to get on the website”.

      Well, duh! They HAVE to ‘demand’ health insurance or they are taxed and punished!
      It’s not like a concert ticket for a show to see some unknown singer.
      Imagine how many people would want to see an unknown singer if they were threatened by the IRS to do it.

      1. So basically, the problem arose because someone tried to use their product. Imagine this happening to Microsoft:

        The reason we had problems trying to sell XBoxes is because a lot of people wanted to buy them.

        Do these people realize how idiotic they sound?

      2. Does FCMABBHO have any singing relatives here or in Africa? If so, he or she should just bypass American Idol and book a venue.

  2. Should be renamed Carney Barfing instead of briefing. All his so-called press briefings amount to is Jay Bird Barfing out a torrent of lies, smears, and propaganda swill. What an absolutely hollow and useless human being. Ugh!

  3. I didn’t realize the original application for Obamacare was 21 pages long. Carney said it’s now reduced to 3 pages which has helped speed up the application process.

    The press “corpse” asked some pretty good questions today. Finally!

    1. The last time I visited my doctor, I was handed a clipboard with a weird survey the assistant told me to fill out.
      It asked my “race” ,but there were 10 different races(?) to choose from.
      The second question was my “ethnicity” and it was limited to two choices; “Hispanic and non-Hispanic”.
      When I questioned the multiple “races”, I got a shrug in return.
      Then, when I suggested that I had an ethnic group background that was just as prominent as Hispanics(German), the form was taken from me.

      I imagine that after I left the counter, the asssitant filled it out for me with a notation “ethnic=pain in the you-know-what”.

      It wasn’t until a few days ago that someone explained why this form is necessary; the ACA aims to pair race or ethnic group patients with a doctor who shares the same identifiers.
      A weird form of segregation or some such nightmarish plan from the same people who cry ‘racism’ at every moment.

      1. “It wasn’t until a few days ago that someone explained why this form is necessary; the ACA aims to pair race or ethnic group patients with a doctor who shares the same identifiers.”

        For real? What are they gonna’ do if there aren’t enough X doctors to fill the needs of X patients in an area? Will new medical schools catering to X patients be established? What about patients who are half-X and half-Y? Will they go to the doctor that looks like them?

        1. Mandy last night I was just looking around and over at The Daily Caller website there was an article about this. I was too disgusted to do more than scan.

          So, begs the question — do illegals get treated by illegal doctors?

        2. Doctors are not supposed to have ‘identifiers’.
          I think the human body is the same on the inside regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

          1. Some races have their own health concerns, such as sickle-cell anemia and Tay-Sachs, but beyond that, we’re all the same. (Well, except for those with boy-parts and those with girl-parts.)

          2. There are other differences–black women tend to get a more horrible form of breast cancer and so on. But this is not told to black doctors, exclusively. This whole concept is nutty!

          3. To some degree you choose your own doc–how would this even work? Are they going to say no, you can’t have Dr Jones because he is black and you’re white? I am not buying this. I need more info.

        3. That is SO racist! For real! Directing people to care by race — when did that become unracist? Strange that we are returning to race restricted healthcare. What was the Civil Rights Movement all about?

      2. This is weird–can it be true? I once was assigned a story on a women’s health subject and was told by Prevention mag to use only female researchers as sources. I said that makes no sense and turned down the booking.

      3. I saw that report yesterday about health care segregation. I would not be happy to receive that survey. It was unnerving enough to be asked if we have guns in our home. :(

        1. “It was unnerving enough to be asked if we have guns in our home. :(”

          I’ve always ignored that question. If I’m ever pressed to answer it, I’ll ask if I should list them alphabetically by country of origin, or by the caliber.

      4. I’ve told you this before, but my questionnaire asks if there are any guns in the house. The reason I repeat is that I wonder if that question appears on the Obamacare forms. Good way to do under the rug gun control.

    2. Yes but they never get any concrete answers because there aren’t any. And they never demand an answer.
      They just give up and move on to a different subject.
      Frustrating !

  4. So, she’s feeling equal to everyone else. Wow. That is so pathetic. And is she suggesting that if she weren’t pregnant she’d have had sex with Obama on the White House steps? Ew. I wonder how much she was paid to “faint” behind him and dramatize the need for Obamacare. No more white hospital coats handed out for photo ops, now we’ll have people fainting and hemmorhaging and going blind and staggering into frame after a car wreck to dramatize the need ….

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