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Fainting Woman Receives Direct Obama-Care

One of the human props at Obama’s speech today in the Rose Garden began to faint, bringing President Obama himself to her rescue.

The woman, Karmel Allison, is both pregnant and diabetic. She later tweeted, “I’m ok world- just got a little lightheaded.Thanks, @BarackObama for catching me! And good thing this pregnant diabetic is pregnant :)” – which suggests to me that she may not be entirely over her unfortunate bout of lightheadedness.

She has health insurance, according to the White House, but is “researching” other lower-cost options in California that she can now buy even though she has a pre-existing condition, so she now is “finally feeling equal to others.”

Anyway, I hope she’s feeling better and she’s not too chagrined about nearly conking out in front of the president.

It’s not the worst of such moments that’s occurred.

There was a story when I covered Bill Clinton, which I remember hearing the White House confirm, that an individual from South Korea was shaking Clinton’s hand at an evening White House event when his pants suddenly plummeted to the floor. And – I don’t know if the South Koreans take the sartorial cues from the French, but – he was sans underwear.

Not that this was too shocking in the Clinton White House.

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  1. So let me understand – she already has insurance but is exploring options that may be more affordable. Okay – that’s not a problem, but who paid for all these people to be standing behind him to stroke his ego. All for show – sick, sick, sick.

    1. Notice how he says, “I got ya” when he barely puts his one hand out. the person behind is holding her but the President gets the honors and the gratitude.

      The woman could at least say “Thanks @SuitedManBehindMe”

      1. Yes it wasn’t Barry it was the man behind her looked like she was telling the woman next to she was going poor thing. Just use
        mannequin’s easier on the folks and same affect. I almost expected him to say after she left now before I was interrupted.
        He’s exceptional creepy.

      1. Do I, me personally, Star? Of course, it was bogus. I have a friend who went through a diabetic pregnancy, if that was even true, and they did not tell her to get in big hot crowds and stand for long periods.

        1. My daughter went thru a diabetic pregnancy. This thing wazs staged as all of his venues are.But then most of middle America quit watching him years ago

  2. She flew 2,500 miles to DC to stand behind the President even though she’s experiencing an at-risk pregnancy?
    Who is she, and who brought her to the WhiteHouse?

    All these human props for the speeches and we never know who they are, where they come from, who invited them, and if they aren’t locals, then who paid for their travel and who pays for their lodging in DC.

    1. Answered my own questions somewhat:

      “Karmel Allison’s Overview
      Current Computational Biologist at University of California at San Diego
      Science Editor at A Sweet Life
      Co-Owner at Arcaio Inc.
      Past Software and Web Engineer at BrightScope
      Web Developer at Hat Trick Media ”
      Education University of California, San Diego
      University of California, Berkeley
      312 connections
      Websites Company Website

      First guess; she’s one of the super techs brought in to fix the ACA website.

        1. So wait; these two are likely worth more than a shekel or two so why on earth would she be surfing the ACA website for less expensive care? Makes no sense on any level.

          Smells like just another Obama rat in the house.

          1. I amsure the taxpayers probably had to pay to fly them in and tehn on top of that some are probably hired to fix the problems in Obamacare. It is getting harder and harder for this potus to get decent people for props. If asked how many of you would say yes.

        2. Nice sleuthing, srdem. Heard a brief radio interview on CNN just after the incident. She said she felt honored b/c she was thorughly examined by Obama’s personal physician and she is fine. No mention of why she was one of the ‘chosen one’. She did mention she was a website designer. She refused to comment on the gov’t site – saying only that she was there to support Obamacare and the glitches would work themselves out..

          Could it be that she and her husband worked on the Gov’t website and are there trying to fix the damn thing?
          Her husband has an impressive CV with top-notch clients listed. I did hear last week that one of the techs on the Gov’t site de-listed the Gov’t as his client…stating that it was a ,monumental bureaucratic screw-up.

          Obviously, price is no object with this power couple.

      1. Good guess, srdem. No doubt the Allisons are two of the “best and brightest” we’re paying to fix this money pit. Betcha we not only paid for their flight to the D.C. swamp but we’re also paying for their stay there. Wonder how much Preezy’s rich donors are getting paid to fix his fiasco?

    2. The Daily Caller said only three were actually enrollees; the other ten must have been of “the best and brightest” ilk.

  3. This demagogue lies so fluently, I wouldn’t doubt it was planned, just like the rally faintings of 2008. The incident is only a distraction from the disastrous roll-out of his health insurance scam. Koolaid to soothe the sycophants who see this fraud as their messiah.

  4. The woman, Karmel Allison, is both pregnant and diabetic. She later tweeted, “I’m ok world- just got a little lightheaded.Thanks, @BarackObama for catching me!

    I’m ok world?????? Thanks @Barack Obama.

    I am pretty sure her unborn child is already registered Democrat and signed up for the Obama Kinder Kare.

      1. Too funny Star. That’s exactly what I posted elsewhere. Great minds… :) :)

        Like the whole world is watching and waiting and ever so concerned…It’s all just so painfully overwrought.

    1. I just read that they know the unborn is going to be a girl and name her “Julia”.
      They’ve decided it’ll be ok if she’s a ward of the State.

      1. Oh, I hope we don’t declare it to be an unborn “child” until it’s born. It’s only a fetus.
        The mother may decide it’s not the right time, given her diabetes, and the expense of healthcare to have this “baby”.

        She has until the “kid” is born to make that decision.

        Sorry for the snarkiness but she’s the one that wanted to be a prop.

    2. But if Karma shows up about 18-19 years from now, perhaps this child will become a conservative republican, and bring shame to her family! One can only hope!

  5. That whole fainting spell was staged:
    – Obama turned well before the woman even started to make any awkward motion
    – Obama knew exactly where to turn to see the problem
    – Obama was mid-sentence about speaking of people with a “specific illness”
    – The aide was there in exactly 9 seconds and knew exactly where to go through the crowd of people, and from behind
    – What was the patch on the back of the woman’s left arm?

    Additionally, after reading here she already has health insurance, she would not have any pre-existing condition limitations because of HIPAA laws, and if she has subsidized coverage through her current employer she would not be eligible for any subsidies on the exchange.

    She is just a browser in the marketplace, not a consumer.

    1. So, so many have sold their souls to be participants in Obamas house of smoke and mirrors. One would think that more people had character and integrity in this nation. Not so-

    2. I don’t know, she was definitely getting woozy before she went down, and somebody was probably saying “are you ok”, or “she’s fainting” at some point. I won’t argue for staging a fainting spell, but I’ll definitely argue the admin takes an hour to set up the human backdrop, so no wonder people faint!

    3. As much as I’d love to agree I have to disagree. He was genuinely caught off guard and his reaction was genuine: Genuinely unprepared and genuine narcism given his immediate remark was about him -not concern for the human flotsam he flew across the country at her and her unborn babies risk to help him put on the world most expensive infomercial.

      If you listen closely you can hear him ask, “who punished you with a baby?”

  6. C’mon you guys: he was running the One-Faint-Per-Speech Program when he was campaigning in ’08. Don’t you remember, during a speech, usually outdoors, a woman in camera range, usually in the first couple of rows, would suddenly act woozy, and the Lightbringer would call on the ushers (thugs) to get a bottle of water…”Can we get her some help here?”

  7. Staged, as is ovomits entire life. And frankly, if she had fallen and cracked her empty head open I wouldn’t care. It’s idiots like her that have gotten us into this mess. Too bad she is able to spawn.

  8. I believe this is the sixth or seventh Obama speech where someone seated very near the podium suffered a fainting spell and needed to be “rescued” by the president. One of the Chicago radio stations played the others earlier.

  9. Karmel is my daughter. We are Republicans but it didn’t rub off on her. She supports Obamacare. She was representing the American Diabetes Association at the speech. She wants to help cure diabetes. She is very happy to advocate for coverage for diabetics, many of whom can’t get coverage. We are thrilled that she cares enough to try and make a difference even if we disagree on the method. If you watch her during the speech you can see her alert and happy in the beginning and you can see her get disoriented as it goes on and on. It was scary to watch that happen, but she brought more publicity about diabetes than if she had not nearly fainted.

    1. This has happened at so many of his speeches it’s hard not to get suspicious. But thank you for the explanation, and I certainly hope your daughter is feeling much better.

  10. Barack Obama and his merry band of leftist progressives aka have taken the best healthcare system in the world just so a small percentage of people could have “insurance”.

    This inadequate coverage for the uninsured and those with pre existing conditions could have been handled in so many other ways. But this is what this Administration and his Demokrat pals want — not the transformation of America but the destruction of America .

    It is so much larger than a bad website.

  11. Oh, it gets even better.

    Apparently, only three of the thirteen props were actually enrolled, if The Daily Caller is to be believed.

  12. Well at least she had the timing or instructions to faint into HRH arms
    so to speak. Last time I fainted totally about minute and a half and I was sitting in my Dr’s office examination room. So if she was lucky enough to
    get in Obamacare it will take how long to find out where to take her what
    Dr will take her and if he will accept the plan she has and if he’s got time.
    It’s a failure and those props should ashamed to act like it works it doesn’t and mark my words there will very serious and life threatening
    errors made and it’s a persons life not a golf ball Barry.

  13. Check out YouTube for the video that shows how he has used this phony ploy over and over, it is hilarious. Sorry I don’t have the link to it, it’s worth looking for. It ends with Hilary pulling the same ploy walking around talking about someone who fainted. best comedy in a long time!

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