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AP White House Reporter: WH Stonewalling on Enrollment Figures

Associated Press White House Reporter Julie Pace today said Monday morning that the White House has the enrollment numbers for Obamacare but won’t release them.

Pace, who appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” said that White House was “selectively” releasing figures related to the Obamacare website to “make the system look good,” while guarding the enrollment numbers.

Here’s an excerpt from her remarks:

Every day they tell us, “We don’t have that number yet. We’re going to provide the first enrollee number in mid-November.

And, really what they’re trying to do at this point is, they’re being selectively transparent. They’re telling us numbers that make the system look good. They say that 19 million people have looked at since the site opened up to the public. They say that about a half million people have actually gotten through the application process. That’s about as detailed as we’ve gotten at this point.

But, you know, the enrollments figures, they say, “Oh, reporters, you’re just obsessed with this enrollment figure.” Well that’s because, the enrollment figure is the only thing that tells us whether this is actually going to work . . .

Part of what’s been so frustrating about this as a reporter is that, we know that they have these numbers. It’s not as though they have to wait for some tech person in some far off place to send them the data. They’re getting these numbers in . . .

You can assume, though that the number is fairly low. If you have half a million people who have gotten the application finished, that means that the enrollment number is likely far less than that.

Pace said that White House refuses on a daily basis, both during the briefing and privately, to provide the requested information.

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  1. Things are getting very messy for Obamacare, are they not? According to the New York Times, Keith has posted the link, five million lines of code must be redone. Ted Cruz many just get what he wants after all.

    1. Listening to several software designers and systems analysts being interviewed on the radio in the past few days, most agree that it will require 3-5 years to design a system that ObamaCare requires to be successful.

          1. And you might want to note it could only have been part of his brain–the rest was on the trunk of the car. This is all horrible and I don’t see the pt. Someone stole Einstein’s brain too–there was a movie.

          2. The Kennedys also opted to have daughter Rose lobotomized because she was kinda embarassing to the family and might have caused some issues with her brother’s political ambitions. So, sorry, snip snip daughter dear, now go drool somewhere out of the way, daddy’s got sons to groom…

            Seems like destroying the politically inconvenient is kinda a Dem tradition, as is removing brains…in fact, lobotomies are probably mandatory for new LIV’s – keeps them from questioning their betters, and it’s the only way to make Obamacare make sense. To anyone.

  2. Julie Pace said on Fox News Sunday that she thought Obama would have to do some kind of mea culpa today.
    I do not think he is capable of that.

  3. Speaking of enrollment numbers, we can anticipate yet another misleading statement from Obama at his presser today. He’ll stand up there and, reading his TOTUS, will tell us that XYZ number of people have already been enrolled. The problem is that “enrollment” means only that you have reached the point in the obstacle course where you have a “number”, where you’ve submitted every piece of personal information they demand of you. It does NOT mean you now are medically covered by ObamaCare. It does not mean that you have completed the entire process.

  4. I hate to repeat myself but when I worked in Payroll and we either changed programs or changed the server company we’d run parallel
    payrolls till they were perfectly matched. It affected so many things other than a paycheck taxes and the IRS etc. We were a small cog Obamacare is the biggest boondoggle in history!

    1. My ex was a computer operator for a small S&L–they went NUTS when one system had to be transferred to another–stayed up nites, had dry runs, beta tested their brains out, then came the day of the conversion–I thought they would all stroke out.

  5. From the WH Twitter acct: “Great news: The number of Oregonians without health ins. cut 10% in 2 weeks”.

    There’s only one problem: The Oregon exchange is not up and running yet. Medicaid has fast-tracked 56,000 low-inome, food stamp recipients onto the Medicaid health plan approved by the Fed govt. last August. 600,000 are already enrolled; 260,000 letters have been sent out to the remaining food stamp recipients. No application is necessary – just a phone call.

    It gets worse!

    ***under new rules mandated by the federal health law, savings or property is no longer a bar to membership; application is now based strictly on income for the month in which someone applies.***

    This is clearly a case of fraud. Half of the country is on food stamps which means they can all pass “GO” and get on Medicaid regardless of their assets. It’s not for the indigent anymore!

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  7. My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.

    Government should be transparent. Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing. Information maintained by the Federal Government is a national asset. My Administration will take appropriate action, consistent with law and policy, to disclose information rapidly in forms that the public can readily find and use. Executive departments and agencies should harness new technologies to put information about their operations and decisions online and readily available to the public. Executive departments and agencies should also solicit public feedback to identify information of greatest use to the public.

    Baraq Obama, Federal Register

    He lies, he lies, he lies.

    1. She was quietly flipping out this AM–as I said above. Even their usual pro-Obama cast was mildy critical–and she was pained as heck. How COULD they? The HUMANITY. Can you tell–I am warming to morning TV.

  8. Well, just add this to the list of things The Spite House is stonewalling on.

    Let’s see;

    What Obama meant by “More Flexibility after the election” to Russian PM Mendvedev;
    The No Abortion funding Executive Order he promised Bart Stupak;
    His college transcripts;
    Everything else in his childhood history;
    His stance on requiring that living abortion surviving infants to die during one of his very few actual postion speeches when in Illinois;
    Fast and Furious;
    Eric Holder’s contempt conviction;
    AP phone records and Jack Rosen;
    Sebelius violating the Hatch act;
    Unconstitutional modification of laws; i.e. Obamacare carve outs and exemptions;
    Still hasn’t been to Congress over going to war in Libya to overthrow Shiite Mummar Khadafy;
    “Richard Winsor”
    New Black Panther voter intimidation;
    How he got more than 100% of the 2012 vote in some wards;

    Feh. This could go on for days, and this is ALREADY enough “Stones” to build a great wall indeed. I’m not surprised he’s stonewalling about something that has less grounding in reality than Bigfoot; I’m just surprised that anyone EXPECTS him to answer for his perfidy any more, ’cause it ain’t gonna happen…

    He is answerable to NO ONE but himself. In THIS Country, anyway…

  9. If the numbers for obuma care (now they are referring to it as “the affordable care act” in order to give some distance to the word obuma care) were good, they would be blasted over loud speakers across the nation…same as obuma’s test scores from university. And yes, I think he is a jive talking turkey. After all, if his name is on this fabulous bill, why isn’t HE?

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