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White House Tours to Resume

From the White House this afternoon:

The White House is pleased to announce the resumption of a limited schedule of East Wing and Executive Residence tours, beginning on November 5th. Additionally, the White House will be opening its gardens and grounds to visitors on October 26th and 27th.

Members of the public interested in scheduling a tour of the East Wing and Executive Residence should contact their Member of Congress.

The government shutdown is done, but the sequester that originally halted the tours continues, so it’s not clear where the White House found the money.

According to the Washington Post:

Secret Service spokesman Robert Novy said the tours would continue through Jan. 15 and occur three days a week, on average, though the exact number of days would vary. Before the White House halted the tours in March, they had taken place five days a week.

“Last year’s sequestration came midway through the fiscal year, and we were unable to adjust or re-allocate remaining funding to continue tours while still ensuring enough funding remained to meet all operational needs and avoid furloughing our employees,” Novy said. “In light of the new fiscal year, the Secret Service is confident that through the Continuing Resolution tours can operate on a limited schedule while still meeting operational requirements.”

Either that or the White House decided an effort to create bad PR for the sequester failed and tours might as well resume. Take your pick.

38 Responses to White House Tours to Resume

  1. Dang it. I predicted they would re-open the tours around Christmastime.
    Good thing no one accepted my bet; I don’t really own a case of BillyBob beer.

    Let’s hope they can round up those thousands of illegal aliens that were being held for criminal acts, but released into the general public for lack of funds.
    They can resume serving hot meals to our soldiers in Afganistan, too.

    • I must have missed that. If I had known you were betting with BillyBob beer….I would have been in!

      Actually with the new DHS nominee focusing on terrorism (read domestic terrorism — read Tea Party and the nefarious terrorist leaders Rush Limbaugh and Ted Cruz) and not immigration — expect open borders and amnesty. Pronto.

      • They’re blaming the Republicans for the Obamacare rollout mess, claiming that they didn’t use tech experts because the Republicans would have called them before a committee. They used their own campaign ‘experts’ instead.

        • Of course. GWBush and SarahPalin conspired to throw a wrench into the Obamacare computer system. Then, SenCruz used the ‘back door’ that SenPaul wrote into the code to raise the rates that everyone will pay for their insurance policy.
          As a final blow to the project, ol’Rushbo hijacked the whole system to handicap the upcoming football games for his own benefit.
          Those doggone Repubs sure are sneaky.

          • Darn those dastardly Republicans. They’re always trying to undermine our poor little potentate. After Preezy’s warning to his troops, wouldn’t put it past one of his LIVs to read your comment and take it for gospel, srdem.

            “Now that the government has reopened and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict [blah, blah, blah].” ~ Preezy Revenge

    • Yeah,…and how come the illegal aliens can’t mow the lawn on the Lincoln Memorial ?
      Or pick up the trash on the mall ?
      After all, THEY weren’t Barrycaided.

  2. I can just see Michelle barking out orders to get her gardens back into order and get the freshest product from the grocery store tio show the folks.

    • Moochie probably won’t stay anywhere NEAR The Spite House as long as peasants are around! I think she’s due for another well-deserved vacay, don’t you? Tahiti is good this time of year, maybe rent the WHOLE ISLAND out? Why not, taxpayers got this one! And EVERY one!

      Won’t stop Moochie from “barking” though. Just puts her somewhere Prezzy isn’t. And that’s how they both like it…

  3. Sounds like this is the New, Improved, Collaborative White House, eager to do the people’s business if it weren’t for those evil Republicans who keep opposing every wonderful thing Obama stands for.

    Should last at least a week.

  4. And it will shut down again as negotiations reopen. Then the closing will be the fault of the Republicans who do not allocate proper funding.

    There is nothing these guys do without malice and forethought.

  5. They have to be careful not to allow tours on the days the petulant president is made to stand in the corner as punishment for one of his increasingly frequent temper tantrums.

  6. I bet “visitors” will be pre-screened by DHS… you know, to keep out ‘Republicans, Conservatives, Patriots, Veterans’ and anyone who does not worship Dear Leader Obama.

  7. Welcome to The Obama House! Please remember that you are only allowed in here by the grace of Our Leader, and that you would not otherwise be worthy of breathing the same air…We do have a couple of rules, though, to keep things in order. Anyone who says anything disparaging about His Wor…I mean, The President, will be removed immediately as a racist…Should any of the Obama family come into view, the Secret Service will tazer anyone who does not instantly lower their eyes…You may, however, riducule any portraits of Ronald Reagan if you like…

    You may now use the prayer rug that is provided for your convenience – no, not like that, Mecca is THAT way – and say a short prayer for the continued success and good heath of our President. One small thing, though, is that He likes to be referred to as “Khilafat Rasulillah” in people’s prayers, it’s just a term of respect that he certainly deserves…Everbody done? Ok, White people, back of the line please…White Hispanics, you too…and we’re off!

    We’re walking…and here’s the room where the President holds high-level meetings with Jay-Z…we’re walking…and here’s the room where The First Lady was victorious in an important sack race with Jimmy Kimmel…we’re walking…here’s Ms. Obama’s famous vegetable garden, which was a showplace before it was wantonly damaged by Tea Party traitors who did this out of spite, even as our President so nobly showed them patience and mercy…walking some more…and HERE’S what you’ve been waiting for! HERE’S where the President spoke to HIS nation after defeating the most foul, most vicious, most evil terroristic threat that this nation EVER faced…parent, cover your children’s ears… THE REPUBLICANS! Those nasty racist sexist ageist homophobes will NEVER triumph over our glourious leader! You may have a few moments to bask in the glow of your messia – I mean, President’s aura…

    As we conclude, please refer to the bottom of your tour guide. Chant this along with me, make sure it’s good and loud so they can hear it over at Congress!

    “Send him victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, A!!ah save us Obama!”

    You may leave after donating to Organizing for America…it is not mandatory, but we do have IRS agents standing by for the convenience of those who don’t wish to do so…

  8. Obama’s just trying to ameliorate the damage done by barrycading the Veteren’s Memorial. Pure politics. The administration isn’t transparent but Barack Obama sure is.

  9. Notice the tours are limited as to time and scope? Also notice the suggestion that they may once again be cancelled in February? Notice that this administration takes great delight in evidencing its control over everything? Notice this administration delights in punishing Americans?
    Notice the media is once again missing the mark?

  10. The dear leader or his wife must want to take a trip overseas (you know-it’s has so long since they rubbed elbows with the elites of the world and have had to be with us unwashed masses) so they will open the WH (the people’s house as it used to be called) to tours so to deflect any criticism.

  11. Scheduling a tour of the White House with your member of Congress? That’s a hoot, I am on all of my elected reps’ s**t lists for being a conservative who lets the idiots who blindly follow Obama’s agenda, too busy to read any of the Obamacare bill before they voted for it, too lazy to see how the spendthrift bills and giveaways are bankrupting the country what I think of them, and I am supposed to ask them for a pass to visit the White House if I choose to visit DC?