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The Obama Morning News || October 18, 2013

Woes mount: Insurers getting faulty data . . . Fox News
Cost of Obamacare website tripled . . . Reuters
Obama weighs easing Iran sanctions . . . New York Times
WH and Congress begin budget talks
. . . Wall Street Journal
Obama won’t see many gains from “victory” . . . The Hill
Business groups plot against Tea Party . . . Washington Post
Behind the scenes of the shutdown . . . Politico
Obama does a complete civility 180 . . . Daily Caller
Obama set to hammer GOP on immigration . . . Politico
Obama to nominate Jeh Johnson for DHS . . . Bloomberg
Until February, there is no debt ceiling . . . Yahoo News

3 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 18, 2013

  1. While the MSM is doing a Victory Lap for the Obama administration, I can’t help to think how this event would have been reported if you reversed the opponents and it was Bushcare instead of Obamacare and if Bush refused to negotiate.

    The Federal Government has become so strong that State rights and the Bill of Rights are no longer meaningful. Our parks and monuments were protected for the Citizens of the US in perpetuity. However, they are now viewed as “Federal Property”. NPS Director Jonathan Jarvis testified to a question by Congressman from Missouri that the Park Service were denying rafters and tubers from using a river in his district. Director Jarvis stated they could use the river,however, if they stood on a sandbar in the middle of the river then they were on “Federal Property”.Director Jarvis could remember this particular incident but when asked who he spoke with at the WH he did not remember.

    If the Republicans want to be treated seriously they need to start acting responsibly in everything they do in the House of Representatives. Where they actually have their epicenter of power. Isa’s committee and investigators has worked too slowly on serious matters such as Benghazi and the IRS being used as a political weapon. We keep hearing of all the illegal actions the Administration is taking. Yet, no one is challenging these actions in the courts.

    MSM, the Democrats, Obama and the Republicans has declared the Tea Party as evil. If those 4 groups agree then the Tea Party must be doing something correctly.