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Krauthammer: Obama to Cast GOP as Anti-Hispanic

Columnist Charles Krauthammer suggested Thursday evening that Obama’s upcoming drive for immigration reform is a cynical political ploy, one he’ll use to portray Republicans as bigoted.

Krauthammer, who spoke on Fox New Channel’s Special Report with Bret Baier, said Obama’s goal is to help Democrats in the 2014 elections, not to actually pass an immigration bill he knows has little chance of approval.

I think he knows he’s not going to have a good chance to get immigration through. But he thinks – and he’s probably right – that he can exploit this for the midterm elections to gin up support for the Democrats, to portray Republicans as anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic, etcetera.

Obama Thursday listed immigration reform as one of his top three priorities, and widespread reports suggest it will be his main focus now that the government shutdown is over.

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    • The GOP has got to start pushing back the outrageous name calling and stop worrying about “appearing” to be racist or anti-this or that. Slap the Dems hard with facts, especially their lousy policies.

      • Not one of Keith’s headlines, but there is an op-ed in the NYT which says, “Common Interests, Not Confrontation . . . with the budget crisis over for the time being, President Obama calls for an end to destructive governing. . . ” I was going to editorialize on that, but I’m sure I don’t have to with you.

  1. This man is beyond disgusting. Nothing is for the good of the country – it’s all about winning. I know politics is part of the game, but this country has gone way beyond sandlot politics. I told an acquaintance yesterday – I never thought I would live to say I didn’t trust my government. Everything is a scare and that includes at the local level. Our small city has a ballot measure in November for a utility tax of 5%. Of course, if we don’t pass it, our parks will close, our senior center will close and we will have fewer law enforcement and GASP, we will become part of an adjoining city (which is pure hogwash). Not sure what that leaves other than some city employees and as the opponents allege – unfunded pension benefits. We are a city of 13,000. Unfortunately, the masses fall for all of this. I mentioned to one of the partners where I work if they live without a budget – his comment, we aren’t like the government, we really don’t need a budget because we don’t spend $3.00 for every $1.00 taken in – we only spend what we have. I wish the masses really got what is going on.

    • There is a great photoshop on NRO today. A crane is lifting the dome of the Capitol and putting it atop the WH while Obama is saying, “They won’t be needing it anymore.”

      • So true, Julie. On Wednesday, October 16th, 2013, Congress surrendered their most powerful weapon against tyranny…

        “This power over the purse may, in fact, be regarded as the most complete and effectual weapon with which any constitution can arm the immediate representatives of the people, for obtaining a redress of every grievance, and for carrying into effect every just and salutary measure.” ~ James Madison

  2. I’m getting tired of people like Krauthammer and Byron Yorke who are nothing but doom and gloom about the Republican Party. Of course, they’re doom and gloom because they fear the rise of a new GOP. THE big issue of 2014 is going to be Obamacare and secondarily the failure of big government which goes along with the first. This is a sign, though, of where the media will go: brush Obamacare under the rug by focusing on “something he cannot get through.”

      • Agree, but I wanted to point out that Krauthammer and Yorke are on the wrong side. Remember, K. recently was one of a few ‘conservative’ pundits invited to the WH. I wouldn’t doubt that Obama gave him his talking points.

        • Obama is not a Krauthammer fan even if he were invited.
          First off Krauthammer is too cerebal for Obama and Obama likes to pretend he’s the smartest person in any room.

          Yes, Krauthammer is too Washington centric and is a conservative that was on the wrong side of the argument this time.
          But he’s still a conservative on most things, and I don’t think he’s tied to cronyism like Karl Rove is or GOP Politicians are.

          I’m basically fed up with the American People for allowing their own basic liberties to be taken away and not caring.

          • “I’m basically fed up with the American People for allowing their own basic liberties to be taken away and not caring.” – scottso

            They don’t care because it’s not THEM.


            The folks that vote rights away are pretty convinced that they are voting OTHER people’s rights away. You will note that in Obamaland, the law falls most heavily on the law-abiding. You know, tax the cr@p out of people that actually PAY taxes, take the guns away from people who actually OBEY the law, devalue the property of people who actually HAVE property, hamstring people who actually make or do something with regulatory agencies that don’t make anything… you see how it is. And our “rulers” ALWAYS exempt THEMSELVES from these ever-more onerous laws, don’t they? Going the other way, look at Obama’s demo among the young, the lazy, the differently coital. Do you see the laws falling more heavily on THESE demos, or taking from OTHERS to boost their idleness with pelf taken from the industrous?

            Case in point; there were TWO rallies around the “closed” memorials in Washington during the shut down. What group was welcomed, and what group was NOT?

            No, the folks who are voting away “rights” are pretty sure it’s YOURS, not THEIRS. That’s what makes it so easy for them. Works pretty good for them too, as long as they don’t see that the system they’re pulling down won’t be able to support them any longer when they complete their destruction of it…

    • Excellent points, Julie, but I honestly don’t think that Obama will be able to get away from the Obamacare disaster.

      Even the MSM aren’t giving him any cover, and things just seem to get worse every day. The attempted spin by the Carnival Barker and Sibelius is laughable…we know that 8 million unique visitors went to the web site…bfd.

      Just wait until it’s December 15 and people haven’t been able to sign up for insurance. What happens then? That may make the financial crisis look like a walk in the park.

  3. I’m not anti-Hispanic, but then again, I’m not pro-Hispanic.
    I’m definitely not in favor of illegal alien amnesty.

    If a resident of a foreign country knew that if he illegally breached our borders that he would not be able to get a job, receive free medical care, be given free food to survive, his childen could not attend school, but would be hunted down and deported back to his country of origin, no one would want to come here.

      • Some Americans are prosecuted for identity theft. Every illegal alien working in America commits identity theft but most away with it. How can laws of the land be circumvented for special interest groups?

    • Absolutely.

      What they are talking about isn’t immigration reform. These aren’t immigrants. These are individuals who knowingly and willingly broke our laws. They didn’t go through the legal process that thousands of others go through every year. If that process is broken, by all means fix it.

      Unfortunately, it appears that many in our country care little about crimes being committed unless it is by their own citizens.Even then they are selective.

  4. Call me cynical, but it’s time for the GOP to whip out every Hispanic representative in its deck. We have Rubio, Cruz and Ros-Lehtinen and a whole lot more. Heck, Florida alone has at least four Hispanic Republicans in Congress. The establishment GOP and the Tea Party GOP need to put aside their differences on other issues and unite against this nonsense.

    • The GOP can’t create a cohesive message to save their lives.
      They want to play the game but they stink at it.
      And right now, there is no difference between most of the GOP and the Democrats.

      Obama, the Democrats and most of the GOP will force this country into economic disaster and they will take their winnings and head off to the Caribbean or Fiji.

  5. I respect and admire Dr. Krauthammer. He’s wrong about the effectiveness of using amnesty as a battering ram against the Republicans. The people who live in Realville – outside the beltway bubble – are not sympathetic to the arrogant illegal alien activists who are making threats of violence and siphoning from our already broken and bankrupt system of government.

    The vision of Preezy Revenge traveling around on the taxpayers dime, demagoging about illegals and denigrating hard working Americans who are tired of his condescending blame games, will not play well in flyover country.

    • Agreed, Out here in AZ where SrDem and I live (and I think, AZ Granny), it is sort of one land mass with Mexico–people come and go, drugs, guns, all sorts of mischief. and I think entering illegally is considered a misdemeanor at best. Straightening this out will not be easy. Personally, I am not comfortable with punishing everyone in sight for not having the luck I had being born on Am soil.

      • I don’t want them punished, but I don’t want them to overstay their welcome either. If these illegal alien activists cared enough about their own homeland, they would return and work to reform their societies rather than suck the lifeblood out of America.

        • I’ve written this a thousand times (sarc); the illegal aliens who came here are not the educated, political savvy Mexicans you would find in the big cities. The illegals come from impoverished areas without a chance of bettering themselves, much less their political system.
          The activists who are leading this push for amnesty ARE educated, and most likely American citizens. Their purpose isn’t to improve the sorry lot of people with whom they share a historic ancestry, their purpose is to make the Hispanics a voting bloc similar to one now granted to the Black community. There’s money to be made from these political issues, just look at the Revs Jackson and Sharpton purses that have been filled with guilt tainted coins. There’s political power to be harnessed if you command the attention and loyalty of 20 million Hispanics.

          The people who risk their lives to enter the US illegally come from impoverished villages and towns in Mexico. If they are hungry or ill, the Mexican government gives them a handbook that outlines how to enter the US illegally.

          Mexican authorities don’t want those millions of people and are glad to be shed of the responsiblity for their welfare.

          • Even with fluid borders, I agree with SrDem that many Mexicans have no interest in blending in–many never learn English at all. They live in pockets–it’s clannish. They have their own sort of underground financial system. I believe they may even be the majority in AZ. So we have to find some way to regularize this so everyone knows where they stand. The other day, someone sent me a story from Infowars saying Chase Bank was putting a cap on cash withdrawals and prohibiting wire transfers after Nov 17–I had my banker guy look into it–and they were charging $45 for wire transfers to Mexico after Nov 17th. They claimed not to know what the other was. So, yes, many Mexican send the money offshore, as it were–it does not benefit us unless we get taxes and SS payments from them.

      • Yes, I’m in AZ too, Star. Born and raised in rural AZ but live in the East Valley now. We’ve had problems with illegal aliens for decades. I remember as a child watching the Border Patrol come to town and round up illegal aliens working in the fields.

        Illegal aliens cost us millions, if not billions of dollars every year. The women come across to give birth and then their child qualifies for WIC, food stamps, etc. Several years ago the newspaper reported the Douglas hospital was nearly bankrupt from all the illegals coming over for medical treatment and not paying their bills. We already have a national security problem with terrorists getting into the US through Mexico. Also, a large percentage of the illegals coming into the US are criminals already, some are felons or sex offenders. They need to secure our borders first and talk about amnesty later.

        • I know all this–I doubt the percent of criminals is a large percentage or a majority, but certainly many are. But before all this gets nastier, we need some sort of clarification of who needs to do what. The feds, state of AZ, the border crossers, the born-heres… By accident of my birth in the US, I guess I am in a superior position–or we are–to demand this or decide it–so what is it going to be?

          • Sheriff Paul Babeu said last June that 17-30% of the illegal aliens caught already have a criminal history in the US. I think the % was higher several years ago when he spoke at a tea party meeting we attended. I suppose whether it’s considered a large percentage depends upon one’s perspective. I honestly believe we have to secure the border first or nothing is going to work. If you haven’t driven through the Yuma sector, it’s quite secure and that’s what we need for the rest of the border.

            Here’s Babeu’s statement from June 2013, before the US House Judiciary Committee:

          • While my comment awaits moderation I wanted to clarify that I’m not against people immigrating here legally nor does their ethnicity matter.

          • Caught why, though–doing something else illegal or just trying to get in? Babeu is a little suspect sometimes. I am not saying the figures are wrong–and some people not being sent back and instead being released here are dangerous–there are cases every day…but I am not sure this is the whole argument. The border will never be 100% secured, in my opinion–we need to deal with the paperwork thing simultaneously…just my view.

  6. Wasn’t it just yesterday our professor president lectured us that:
    And when we disagree, we don’t have to suggest that the other side doesn’t love this country or believe in free enterprise, or all the other rhetoric that seems to get worse every single year.

    Seems the only reason the rhetoric gets worse year after year is he’s still in the White House.

  7. I wish the Republican party would get mean. Really really really mean.

    EPA regulations = throwing middle class families into poverty. The Democrats will be STARVING children.

    School vouchers = when the deomcrats refuse to allow children to leave failing schools, they are keeping black and hispanic children in poverty. They DON’T CARE ABOUT BLACK AND HISPANIC CHILDREN!

    Welfare: Democrats don’t want BLACK AND HISPANIC FAMILIES TO SUCCEED. They want these families to STARVE TO DEATH.

    They need to be over the top. When you deal with evil people, you have to be evil back.

    Stop being pansies, Republicans. Get your fight on and fight. Geesh. For once, I’d like these guys to be the jackasses their ex-partnes think they are.

    Be mean, people. Be mean.

  8. The blame on the countries woes are the AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    They are in a coma, have no idea what is going on.
    Either they are stupid, ignorant, or willfully mindless.
    I’m not counting liberals who want all this to happen. I’m speaking about the 80% of people who aren’t Liberals.

    They don’t have to watch the network news but they do.
    They don’t know what is going on. They don’t want to know.
    They don’t realize what the resident dictators and statists do or are all about.

    They can tell you all about the NFL or about Celebrity news.
    But things that affect their lives, they have no idea.

    • The ACA will take care of that, just give it time.
      When you are being forced to pay through the nose for something you have no control over, it has a tendency to increase your attention.

  9. All the Republicans really have to do to counter this is keep repeating “that Obama’s ‘Reform’ is to keep down the pay, jobs and progress of existing immigrants.”

    Just keep repeating it at every opprotunity, the Hispanics will get the idea soon enough.

  10. Well the Dem’s have been successful in painting the GOP as anti-black, ” the new Confederacy “, I suspect they’ll succeeded doing the same with anti-hispanic.

    • Yes, that worked so well, with the o urging victimization to the AfAms – remember Holder refusing to prosecute the Black Panters? – it looked somedays like war on whites.
      Anyway, if it worked so well for the Blacks, why not try it on for the Hispanics?

  11. Obama has already passed a ‘de facto’ amnesty for at least half of all illegal aliens. Parents of minor children cannot be deported; millions of Dreamers received two-year work permits; prison/jail detainees have been released with Obama’s blessing. ICE has been ordered to stop all arrests and deportations. It’s next to impossible to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

    Meanwhile, RINOS are falling all over themselves to come up with a path to citizenship in hopes of garnering the Hispanic vote in 2014 and 2016. It’s an exercise in futility – Obama has already poisoned the well.

    The planets will collide if Obamacare and Amnesty meet up with each other. Nov. 2014 is the most important election – ever. The GOP has one year to get their act together.

  12. Actually if his new Pentagon nominee becomes the head of DHS immigration will be the least of our problems. The borders will be open and the laws will not be enforced. Amnesty will follow. In the meantime DHS will focus on terrorism. And that will include domestic terrorism, — all those treasonous, unpatriotic, etc. tea partiers and their ilk. In short anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama or the leftist progressive party, aka the Democrats.

    Even I at one time thought this ridiculous — I no longer do.