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Barack Obama, Angry Young Man

People reveal themselves. Anyone who speaks to others long enough eventually exposes aspects of their nature they don’t want on display.

You’ve probably, if you’ve read this blog regularly, found out something about me that you don’t really like. Perhaps something even I don’t like about myself.

Politicians reveal themselves too.

President Obama, beneath his controlled surface, has within him a profound reservoir of anger. It comes out in all kinds of ways, often in the contempt in which he holds others. I don’t know, perhaps I’d be angry too if I grew up in his circumstances. But angry he is.

Wednesday, during remarks in which he attested his eagerness to work with others, Obama inadvertently demonstrated why it never really happens. It’s because it’s really hard to work with people you detest.

And now that the government is reopened, and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists and the bloggers and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do, and that’s grow this economy . . .

First of all, DON’T LISTEN TO HIM!! Please do focus on the bloggers . . .

But, without making this personal, imagine the mindset of a person who thinks that vast groups of people would intentionally, and for venal reasons, stoke conflict that shuts down the government and risks default on federal obligations.

The lawmakers who pushed this battle with Obama, and those who agreed with them, have a strong, principled disagreement with what he is doing and decided the usual way of doing business wasn’t working. It wasn’t working, in part, because Obama is impossible to work with.

Photo by Keith Koffler
Photo by Keith Koffler

The president is a highly committed left wing ideologue who is on a mission, as he has acknowledged, to transform American society. With the passage of Obamacare, steamrolled through Congress without a single Republican vote, he’s on his way.

This is not a president who wants to “focus on the things we agree on, and get some stuff done,” as he said Wednesday. Unlike Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, he has never successfully reached across the aisle in a cooperative manner to pass significant legislation. Clinton, as a matter of fact, worked with Republicans to pass major trade legislation – normalized trade relations with China – even after they impeached him.

But for this president, things are much more personal. The world is divided between the have nots, and the haves who are unjustly hoarding the wealth. He has taken his anger and directed it toward those who oppose him, construing them as either oppressors or mercenary cynics.

All this talk about “freedom” by conservatives is nothing but a cover for unfettered rapaciousness, Obama believes. Just like the notion of “states’ rights” was indeed abused as a cover for institutionalized racism.

Whatever the roots of Obama’s anger, he has failed to grow beyond them. There is a dose of arrested development going on here, a lack of maturity that allows true understanding and appreciation of others and the transcension of the scars that mark us.

To truly cooperate with conservatives, to truly seek compromise, Obama would be forced to abandon the anger that animates his worldview – to at least, as many presidents do, “grow in office.” And as we saw just yesterday, that’s not going to happen.

84 thoughts on “Barack Obama, Angry Young Man”

  1. Obama and his wife are both angry blacks raised with the anger and hatred that permeates the far left. Both have benefited more than most from the advantages given them by the principles and values upon which America was founded and the sacrifices of millions who came before them so they could have opportunities not available anywhere else in the world yet want nothing more than to destroy them.

    1. Agree, but I feel that Michelle is the race-card waver and BO dresses up his unwanted inner child by presenting his anger as righteous outrage against all baddies.

  2. Keith, that is the best analysis of Obama as a man that I have seen. It is sad really. Obama will go down in history as an angry black politician and never will be seen as a statesman.
    I detest the man and want him out as soon as possible but it is disheartening to realize that this person is President of the United States and he is our face to the world.
    It enough to make an old lady cry.

  3. Will there be a press conference today, or is Jay still pissed from yesterday? The nerve of some reporter to ask questions about Benghazi!

  4. First of all, DON’T LISTEN TO HIM!! Please do focus on the bloggers . .

    Yes yes yes! Funny!

    He is small, peevish, and self-centered. You can’t be self-centered when the welfare of 350 milion people BESIDE YOURSELF is in the balance. What was so horrible about his background that we all have to suffer for it–yes, his Dad and Mom were mostly absent. It happens. He had a mentor (true, a Communist) and grandparents, scholarships, affirm action, cosseting, jobs (incl this one) aimed at him, a swooning press, etc. Boo-hoo! Come live in the real world!

    1. Sounds desperate don’t it?
      It’s almost as if he has a gold pocket watch swinging in front of the eyes of the American people and he is desperately chanting “you are getting sleeepppyy, verrry sleeepppyy.”

      1. Also–you call him a young man, Keith–he is what, 51? About time to stick some of this free-ranging resentment into a box and put it away. Or else seek therapy and deal with it full on! Instead he slops it all over the American people in these little snippy lectures.

        1. He can never just talk to the American people. Always with a chip on his shoulder, lecturing, like he’s the smart one and we’re all his children or slaves?? If he only knew how stupid and boring and nagging he is.

  5. Any psychologist will tell you Obama has psychological issues that have carried over from his youth. The scary thing is his psychological make-up is terrible in a crisis or tense situations. That’s why 90 minutes before the OBL raid he was playing golf then excused himself from the Situation Room to play Spades with Reggie Love. He cannot take stress where he can’t control the situation. Pray to God we get through three more years.

    1. Excellent point about his ability to deal with crisis situations and it is thoroughly frightening. This is the man who has his finger on the button.

  6. This psychopath should be shouting at passer bys from his cardboard box under an interstate overpass. But, thanks to affirmative action/white guilt, Americans have installed a president that may go completely unhinged at any moment. It’s building and building and as things get tougher, the harder it will be to control that volcanic anger. When he explodes, the police state that everyone has helped install will go into effect with dire consequences for obama’s enemies.

    It looks like democracy may indeed be a suicide pact.

  7. Read this psychiatrist’s take on the Victim mentality of Obama.
    Dr Ablow nails it.

    “President Obama’s rhetoric is finally coming closer to what appears to be his psychological truth: Because America victimized him and countless millions of others, any person or party or movement that opposes his views and does not yield to him is not just his adversary, but abusive, predatory and even threatening.

    Again and again, President Obama has described members of Congress who insist on fiscal responsibility as having taken “hostages,” “demanding a ransom,” using “extortion,” and threatening to “blow up” the government.”

    1. As a young boy, Obama was, indeed, helpless.

      He was helpless to stop his father from abandoning him.

      He was helpless to stop his mother from leaving him with his grandparents.

      He was helpless to stop his white grandmother and caretaker from communicating to him her fears of black people.

      I’m not sure the president ever got over it.

      The president’s victim mentality could contribute to dissolving the will of countless Americans who might otherwise see themselves as capable of summoning internal resolve and creativity to surge out of poverty.

      True victims can’t surge out of anything, because they are hostage to forces outside their control. They await justice and restitution.

      They don’t, ultimately, see themselves as able to stamp out poverty; they see themselves as the rightful recipients of food stamps.

      They don’t, ultimately, see themselves as able to take control of their health; they see themselves as the rightful recipients of free health insurance.

      They don’t, ultimately, see themselves as someone worth hiring and worthy of investing themselves with education and training; they see themselves as worthy of 99 weeks of unemployment checks.

      And the president’s victim mentality could have already gone global.

      1. “As a young boy, Obama was, indeed, helpless.

        He was helpless to stop his father from abandoning him.

        He was helpless to stop his mother from leaving him with his grandparents.

        He was helpless to stop his white grandmother and caretaker from communicating to him her fears of black people.

        I’m not sure the president ever got over it.”


        Leaving race out of it, this is the recipe for turning a child into an adult with a personality disorder, in this case, narcissism. Ann Dunham scewed up the most precious gift of all, a child. Shame on her.

        1. Bill Clinton had father-abandonment issues, and apparently decided early on to make himself the most powerful and important person in the world.

          With Obama, it was double abandonment, and there’s evidence that he too expressed an early ambition to be a president (of which country isn’t clear). Then there were the formative ideological influences that gave him a wider target for his resentment, encouraging him to turn the painful awareness that mom and “dad” abandoned him (though leaving him with apparently caring grandparents) into an indictment against the whole “system” — the same system that let him attend posh private schools and gave him preferential admission to the most elite universities, and let him be president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review without showing any inclination for legal scholarship, and gave him an adjunct faculty position at a top-flight law school even though he never turned out a page of legal scholarship, much less the book he was supposedly going to write as a condition of his appointment, … etc. etc.

          One has to wonder if, at some level, Obama knows his career is built on double standards and fraud — including the sleazy means by which he won his early elections and the sleazy way he “won” the primaries in 2008. Maybe his awareness of his fraudulent trajectory leads him to be even more insistent about his own unparalleled greatness — at the same time as his sense of grievance (partly legitimate, mostly perverse) makes him believe that his fraud and his constant lies are completely justified.

          In any case, it’s obvious that while he considers himself to be (or postures as being) guided by an unwavering sense of justice, he really has no moral compass at all. What is just and moral is merely what makes Barack Hussein Obama more powerful and important.

    2. I wish someone would just ONCE balance the scales on the “America (that) victimized him and countless millions of others” against the America that saved, provided freedom for, rescued “countless millions of others.”

  8. “A lying tongue hates those it hurts, and a flattering mouth works ruin.” Prov 26:28

    From the tongue we glimpse what is in the heart. Anger is a choice and is but a reflection of the condition of your heart. This man has never dealt with the chains of his past that continue to bind him. The relationships he enters will continue to be destroyed because he doesn’t appear to know how to make connections with people.

    While I continue to work against the policies that will hurt and damage the stability of this country, I still pray for him daily. May he and his wife find peace – then everyone wins!

    1. Sorry, I can’t be that forgiving to someone who lies so brazenly and malignantly and hurts people and tears apart a whole country with no remorse. It would take a dramatic turnaround on his (& her) part and a long period of making amends for me to have the slightest desire to see them find peace. (Same goes for Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. There’s no statute of limitations for some crimes, as Ms. Dorhn must be aware.)

      Forgiven is a great virtue, but it should be preceded by repentance. There’s little chance of that happening in the case of the Obamas or most of their allies.

      1. How can you forgive a person who has no regard for human life? Every day Obama and Hillary Clinton constantly talk about womens’ health? It shows you how they lie by saying womens’ health, never uttering the truthful word ABORTION, they think they are fooling everyone by saying womens’ health. Maybe they are fooling a lot of ignorant people but its so obvious that they won’t even say the word abortion and they are constantly campaigning for it. Its murder pure and simple, no one has the right to kill babies like millions of them. But then again the new Democratic party doesn’t believe in God and that he is the only one who can decide the fate of babies and old people. Its too old-fashioned for them to believe in God.

        1. Forgiveness isn’t for the other person as much as it is for you. People are the only ones who put a measuring stick on sin. We are the only ones that say this sin is greater than another sin. God looks at all sin the same (save for the grieving of the Holy Spirit).

          Paul, at one point in his life, had no regard for human life and look what happened with him. I can’t change a person, but God can. I still believe prayer is a good defense. “If one can chase a thousand, two can chase ten thousand.”

  9. I must say Keith, you’re a lot more magnanimous than I am. I think Barack Obama needs to grow up and put his big-boy pants on. I had to do it, most us had to do it.

    Who doesn’t carry anger inside; we all do, but we’ve had to learn how to channel it and use that energy to try to make positive contributions as well as getting along with others, and not throwing temper tantrums and blaming everyone else for our own shortcomings despite our anger. Barack Obama gets no sympathy from me especially since he’s had opportunities in this great country that I could only dream of, and yet he despises America and its people. And arrested development is no excuse either. It’s time that Barack Obama learned how to be a man.

    1. Let’s add Michelle “America is a downright mean country with hole in its soul” Obama, recipient of considerable privilege because of her race — because of America’s wish to bend over backward in making amends (even to people who never suffered significant racial injustice) — yet still carrying around a big block of racial grievance.

  10. First of all, what is there not to like about Keith Koffler? You are honest, open-minded, and graciously give us cranky conservatives out here in middle-America an opportunity to voice our opinions.

    You are spot on in your analysis of Preezy Revenge, Keith. Of course he will never cooperate with conservatives. He hates us because we are the only people who are standing in his way of completing his mission of fundamental transformation of America.

  11. Excellent. Risky but excellent. What you have done here is what all Americans who care about the Republic must do. Recognize who Barrack Obama truly is and the fact that he is destroying the United States largely because he is an angry man. It’s personal.

    America doesn’t have time for Obama to change with therapy. The only way to deal with someone like this is to stand up for what America is and not back down. Obama will never compromise. And when it seems like he is it is only to grab a bigger knife.

    Sadly this explains Obama — what about the former Democrat Party now thoroughly leftist and progressive and their allies and dependents.

  12. BTW, about obamacare: remember SCOTUS’ Roberts calling it a tax (what DO they have on him?):
    can you imagine any incumbent voting for obamacare if it was presented/written as a tax?

    1. we have to do a little more than simply remember that Chief Justice John “It really IS all Bush’s fault because he nominated me” Roberts called it a tax one time.

      Roberts and his craven colleagues basically said that anytime Congress feels like raising revenue, they can implement a program with a monetary fee attached to it and call it a tax, and it’s constitutional. Obamacare fans have completely missed this dangerous precedent.

      as for what they have on Roberts: wouldn’t we all like to know! hey, maybe he was at the same farewell dinner for Rashid Khalidi that Obama was. you know the one I mean, right? where O’s remarks on the Palestinians were apparently so incendiary that the LA Times STILL TODAY in 2013 has the video on lockdown in their vaults!

      1. I have little doubt that some irresistible pressure was applied to Roberts. The sudden switch of positions according to Court leaks and the schizophrenia of the ruling, combined with the public warning to the Court, and an informed awareness of the brass-knuckles politics of this administration, and the crucial importance to the leftopaths of getting control of our medical care — it all adds up to the likelihood that strong measures were employed to get the “correct” ruling.

      2. The penalty isn’t the only tax. There’s also a de fact tax hidden in the massive inflation of insurance premiums as a result of government mandates. In effect, the Dems have compelled insurers to function as tax collectors, extracting substantial sums from people who used to have affordable insurance and transferring the money to other people to whom the Dems wish to appear generous.

        It might be the most onerous tax increase ever inflicted on the majority of Americans.

  13. After he was first elected with his sappy we’re all in this together, it seemed that we actually got someone who would recognize that even though we were all different, we had a common goal for our country’s future.
    Then came the 2010 elections and out popped a vicious, attack dog who dared voters to change the majority in Congress at their own peril.
    It just got worse when he decided that illegal aliens were not being treated with respect, and his big-deal money grab didn’t do anything for the economy. The atmosphere became us vs them, a game where trash talk from the supposed leader of all of us became a mean partisan sport that the MSM loved to showcase.
    For the longest time it seemed that MrO was playing “the dozens” and imagined he won something because no one was publically refuting anything he said about his opponents.

    The result of years of abuse from our President hasn’t made anyone change their minds or their political persuasions, but rather caused his opponents to dig in deeper. He’s perceived as a bully who knows that his victims can’t or won’t retaliate for any number of reasons.
    His latest speech, after he thought he won something, wasn’t anything but an overzealous and insulting shot at those who did what they believed was the right thing to do.

    The scary thing that just happened is that MrObama learned that “his” people will follow orders to cause as much pain as possible to the fellow Americans if he orders them to do so. That is a dangerous thing for a man like BarackObama to mull over.

  14. Middle-aged misanthrope angry at the world b/c he is bi-racial? Made a pact with the devil when he married the angry Black woman in order to legitimize his desire to punish his White Mother and Grandparents for his inability to cope with his bi-racial identity? Who knows.

    One thing we know for sure: Obama is obsessed with ‘race’. He once referred to the US Senate as ‘ a bunch of old geezers’, i.e. White guys. He has a chip on his shoulder the size of Mt. Rushmore. His only goal is to ‘punish his enemies’, i.e. White guys.

    His first book was full of racial overtones. He studied at the feet of the great race-baiters – Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson, Frank Marshall Davis, Charles Oglethorpe, et al. He mastered the Rules for Radicals and conned his way all the way to the White House where he spews his vitriol and hatred for the
    White race on a daily basis. What a sick puppy!

  15. Barak Obama is a Choleric/Melancholy by temperament. His anger and contempt naturally come with his territory, he’s hard-wired that way. He’s task oriented, not people oriented. As a Choleric, he will naturally leave a bunch of dead bodies in his wake and not care about the effects of his words or his actions. It’s less problematic to me what HE does (if that’s possible) and more of a concern for all the idiots who voted him into office. Not once, but TWICE!

    1. As long as only 57.5% of eligible American voters care enough about this country to get off their butts and go vote, the radicals will always win. Since the useless establishment RINOs can’t even speak coherently, much less espouse conservative principles and values, we conservatives need to educate as many people as we can. Americans need to wake up to the reality of this tyrannical regime, before it’s too late.

      1. I’m not concerned about getting that 57.5% to the polls. If they don’t know what the stakes are, they would probably vote Dem because that’s what the teevee tells them is good, and because “Democrat” sounds nice and democratic. (How many of the lofos know what a Republic is?)

        It’s a leftist strategy to haul the uninformed and indifferent to the polls and tell them to vote Dem. And generally speaking, lower turnout is better for Republicans because it means the uninformed and indifferent stayed home.

      2. So true, the Republicans let us down big time and they do it day after day after day, I guess they are only concerned with their own careers and are terrified of the Nazi government the U.S. voted for and it looks like Americans will continue to vote for these phonies, Hillary Clinton, the communist guy running for Mayor of New York ( I can’t think of his name), etc.

      1. It’s no exaggeration.

        The man is evil, and unrepentant. What other leaders in world history have gained power by promising the world, and then turned around and crushed the people that trusted them with power?

        I can think of Lenin, Mao, Chavez, and Castro off the top of my head. Not exactly a list of the heaven-bound, I’d respectfully submit.

  16. Excellent assesment Keith! As a community activist his mission wasn’t to work with someone, nor attempt to understand their position, but to oppose loudly and make them the into the enemy. Once labeled as the enemy forces were gathered to fight that enemy however necessary to get what the “mob” wanted. His presidency seems to be just that, at least domestically. I can only hope that soon the American people will realize that the “enemy” he has ginned up is in fact, the American way, and her people.

  17. Good head candling of PotUS, Keith:
    As Billy Joel would serenade us:
    There’s a place in the world for the angry young man
    With his working class ties and his radical plans
    He refuses to bend, he refuses to crawl,
    He’s always at home with his back to the wall.
    And he’s proud of his scars and the battles he’s lost,
    He struggles and bleeds as he hangs on the cross-
    And he likes to be known as the angry young man.

    Thank you! Oh, oh, yo yo yo oh oh

    Give a moment or two to the angry young man,
    With his foot in his mouth and his heart in his hand.
    He’s been stabbed in the back, he’s been misunderstood,
    It’s a comfort to know his intentions are good.
    He sits in a room with a lock on the door,
    With his maps and his medals laid out on the floor
    And he likes to be known as the angry young man.

    I believe I’ve passed the age of consciousness & righteous rage
    I found that just surviving was a noble fight.
    I once believed in causes too, I had my pointless point of view,
    Life went on no matter who was wrong or right, ohhhhh

    And there’s always a place for the angry young man,
    With his fist in the air and his head in the sand.
    And he’s never been able to learn from mistakes,
    He can’t understand why his heart always breaks.
    His honor is pure and his courage as well,
    He’s fair and he’s true and he’s boring as hell!
    And he’ll go to the grave as an ANGRY OLD MAN.

    Whoa, and there’s always a place for the angry young man
    With his working class ties and his radical plans
    He refuses to bend, he refuses to crawl,
    He’s always at home with his back to the wall.
    And he’s proud of his scars and the battles he’s lost,
    He struggles and bleeds ‘til he hangs on the cross
    And he likes to be known as the angry young man.

    Oh oh oh, yo yo yo oh oh

  18. While he may be angry due to his warped mind’s resentment of his privilege and ‘horrible’ suffering in Hawaii, IMO he’s an evil man who made a pact with the king of devils George Soros in collusion with another devil known as Valerie Jarrett to destroy the Republic of these United States of America.

    1. I swear it goes back to how he got that speech in 2004, which gave him credibility. All I could find out was Reid and Ted Kennedy were somehow involved. Remember, he told Reid he had a “gift.” By this, I think he meant he could svengali people with his golden words–well, that has grown thin or was overused or something. I think this was all set up, orchestrated and here we are.

    2. Oh Joy, you are great, he looks llke the devil also, with his blank staring eyes, and the widows peak short hair cut. He is scary to look at and worse to listen to. I turn him off, he shows such disrespect when he speaks, I can’t stand it.

    1. It does sometimes appear in the seething glint in the eyes, which is actually frightening, and in the taunting, bullying tone.

      I think his ability to mask his anger much of the time is related to a general deficit of normal emotions. I don’t think he feels real empathy or compassion. The coolness that people saw as self-control is really just an emotional blankness. His emotional range seems to go from the enjoyment of being worshiped, to prideful gloating, to anger— but even that can be cloaked for the sake of gaining victory over his enemies.

  19. Sumpathy is all very nice, BUT, don’t you understand that we have a total stranger, NO ONE knows who he really IS, although we do know he is radically left to the point of being a Marxist/Leninist. He is a renowned liar, some say unstable, with all kinds of psychosis’ AND he has full control of our Country, finger on the trigger and purse strings in hand.
    Doesn’t SOMEONE think perhaps we should DO something about it?
    Is there not ANYBODY that will take some responsibility here and deal with this problem.?

  20. Keith,

    Thanks very much for your blog and your work. Much appreciated.
    Your observations of our pitifully over-his-head president are excellent. He is angry. He is aggrieved. He is out to destroy those who oppose him.
    However, your diagnosis of the roots of his anger are off.
    Obama is the first anti-American president. His administration is the first purely Politically Correct Progressive administration in our history.
    Politcially Correct Progressivism is the political movement that has devoured what used to be the Democrat Party.
    The PC-Prog belief system is based on a deep hatred for traditional-normal-America. They believe that America is fundamentally wrong, in all respects, and that it must be changed. But they also know that overt voicing of their beliefs would be death to their movement. So they lie. Everything they do and say is a lie.
    Those beliefs and tactics are the root of what you see as the Obama anger.
    Once we understand the PC-Prog belief system, strategy and tactics, it is easier to understand them. And it is then easier to counter-act them.
    Full historical details, research and analysis:

    1. you’re so right, Kent. Obama just doesn’t seem to like us very much.

      remember his response to the Marxist Daniel Ortega, after Ortega’s rant about the US? “thank you for not blaming me for things that happened before I was born”? and please: the smartest guy ever to be president is not familiar with the word “corpsman”? he pronounced it “corpse-man” not one, not two, but THREE times. before he became president, had Obama ever met anyone in the military? remember the apology tour, where America begged the world to forgive us for being bullies?

      I am probably hopelessly naive, but I want a president who gets tears in his (or her) eyes when the Star Spangled Banner plays.

    2. True that he was schooled in that ideology, but his unhealthy psychology made him very receptive to it, and also gave him the colossal ego to see himself as the redeemer of a rotten country. His disordered personality adds a particular nastiness to the means he’ll use to impose his agenda.

      Dennis Kucinich is a prog, but not angry or nasty. He was on the radio with a conservative (name escapes me now) and said they get along because each knows the other will be straightforward about his beliefs and objectives.

      It’s quite obvious that Obama cannot get along with people who have different views. And it seems that a lot of people in Washington who agree with whom don’t find him very likeable.

  21. The US Constitution does not ask a president to do a darn thing with the economy. In fact, I’d prefer that he do nothing with the economy — DON’T DO SOMETHING OBAMA – JUST STAND THERE….. would be a better situation.

    As a parent of children I can say that in my view, Keith got it about right. BO would get a talking to from me…..

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  24. His anger stems from being abandoned by both his father and mother. That is where his deep seated rage is rooted and we pay the price.

  25. [Saw this little item on the net. Enjoy.]

    There’s a slave, enslaved by his own arrogance and incompetence, who wasn’t emancipated by Lincoln – but he does live in a big house that Lincoln lived in !

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