As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || October 17, 2013

Obama signs bill, ending shutdown . . . Washington Post
New shutdown countdown begins . . . Fox News
Deal blows through sequester caps . . . Daily Caller
Conservatives praise Boehner . . . New York Times
GOP presidential hopefuls oppose bill . . . The Hill
Vitriolic Obama preaches harmony . . . Daily Caller
Bill gives Lautenberg widow 174K . . . Washington Times
Republicans to seek major cuts . . . The Hill
Congress to probe Obamacare rollout . . . Politico
Cory Booker wins Senate bid . . . Star-Ledger

12 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 17, 2013

    • The good news is that if only 25% voted now, with courage and conviction conservatives will turn out in force next year and ‘the rest’ will stay home.

    • Reading that last sentence (of Palin’s) reminded me that my husband and I are really puzzled by what’s going on in Mississippi. What’s with those two guys? If Alabama has two Senators on the right side, I would expect their neighbors to be there too.

    • If McConnell can be successfully primaries and defeated this might just be the big target hit it will take to make the point that they too are not safe.

      I didn’t put that much emphasis on defeating McConnell before but increasingly I think it would be a message beyond Ky.

      Gotta start somewhere. Send a message.

    • I am usually one of the first to Boehner bash. This time I think he stepped as far out of his comfort zone as he could. Or at least more than he has in the past. McConnell was the big fail.

      Of course this is all about degrees of failure.

      But a thank you is due all those who stood and fought.

      • A lot of it probably comes down to constituencies. My Congressman is a friend of Boehner and rather high up in the leadership, but he voted with the nays. He will be having a Tea Party challenger next year, and he has been taking seriously the e-mails many of his constituents have been sending him.

        • Good to know about email and constituent feedback having an influence.

          Happy with my Congresscritter. Conservative. Low key. On the side of vets always. On Appropriations. Voted no. Constituent friendly. Should have more like him.