As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Statement on Shutdown Resolution

The statement has concluded.

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  1. Turned TV off the second he came on; came here only to find YOU are live streaming it. Can’t do it. Just can’t. Obama makes my stomach churn, just the tone of his voice sends me into a tailspin.

    • It probably saved your TV. Mine just quit working right after the brick I threw crashed through the screen. I am amazed at how effortlessly he lies, until I consider that he is only reading from a teleprompter and completely disconnects himself from the substance of the words trailing off the screen.

      I don’t know who the power broker is that is bringing about the destruction of America, but it is clear that Baraq Obama is eagerly going along for the ride. (I hear a Grateful Dead song coming up)

  2. For some reason, I was watching all his signature hand positions–the “Stop” thing, palm out, the pinchy fingers, the hatchet chop, the hands in front shake–I dunno, it was humorous. I am so sick of all this.

  3. Kudos to anyone who actually watches this lying, arrogant creep spouting the same old BS. I’ll wait for the transcript, I can’t stand to hear his voice.

  4. The Limbaugh Theorem. Spiking the ball.

    Democrats and RESPONSIBLE republicans. BS
    Self Inflicted Crisis. BS
    Manufactured Crisis. BS
    Credibility around the word. BS
    Spectacle. BS
    Bedrock of the Global Economy. BS
    We keep our word. BS
    All my friends in Congress. BS
    Threat to our economy. BS
    The Extreme. BS
    Deficit getting smaller, not bigger. BS
    Quoting the Pledge of Allegiance. BS (When he DOES it)

    Minus 3 Years. It’ll come. Thank God, for the 22nd Amendment.

  5. Does anyone else think that when Obama’s supporters start resorting to the racist defense, it indicates that they haven’t got much more? The last few days of this battle have been replete with cries of racism and the opposition being against Obama because he is the first black President.

    • Robert Redford just chimed in with that. They described him as a huge movie star on Morning Joe–I guess he is a star, but he is not a political genius. Just another pot stirrer with a fame pulpit of sorts.

      • That’s who I was thinking of. He’s not a political genius just because he played Bob Woodward, but I think he’ll go out and say what they tell him to say. I just think the racism card is getting old and they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel whenever they use it.

      • He’s also got a movie coming out (which sounds like a rip off of Hanks’ Castaway). Not good to be spewing stupid political opinions he reads from DNC fundraising mail, could cut his box office potential in half.

    • Don Lemon is now CNN’s equivalent of MSNBC’s Al Sharpton:

      “So I say as the party dominated by aging white Americans and some very vocal bigots, the Republican party no longer represents the changing demographics of this country.”

      “Republicans, here’s the bottom line from those of us who are not watching from the forest, you are blinded by the Obama-hate trees, fighting amongst yourselves in a death spiral.”

      Don Lemon – Tom Joyner Morning Show

      H/T Weasel Zippers

  6. So the imperious Obama walks away from the podium without taking a single question. Let that be a lesson for the Washington Press Corps. When will they finally learn that Obama loathes them, enjoys treating them like silly children? Maybe they already know.

    • He treats all of us as silly children. Don’t you think that remark about ‘lessons being taken away’ sounded like a pompous fool of a school teacher? Shades of Ichabod Crane.

      • Ichabod Crane–LOL. Where is the modern day Washington Irving who will write the definitive “The Legend of Dysfunctional Washington”? Maybe Keith will take on the task? ;+} You can do it, Keith. You’ve got the goods on ’em.

      • It would be interesting if the TOTUS twins were placed in a locked closet during the so-called shutdown. That might explain their angry words once the government “re-opened”, and let them out.

  7. Yay! Long suffering federal workers scheduled to get 1% raise. Doesn’t sound like much until you do the multiples. And of course it is the taxpayers who will pony up.

    • I work in healthcare. Due to cut in reimbursements to hospitals, I have not had a raise in four years, they no longer match 401K, and no overtime allowed. A 1% raise would be huge these days (never thought 1% would make me happy, but at this point it would!)

      • I agree. I made a comment — just because over at a place called FedSmith . I was polite. They feel maligned. Life long jobs and pensions and benefits just doesn’t seem to be enough.

  8. Didn’t watch/listen/ or read, but on the WSJ Market Watch it said that Obama trashed the bloggers and talk radio show hosts. Loves free speech, doesn’t he, but if he got rid of us, who would the NSA spy on?