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“Oh no no no!” Cat Reacts to Passage of Debt Deal Bill

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    • The never mention cat BP. Do they get it? I know they can get diabetes. I adopted Chubs and they said put him on a diet. Low carbs. Carbs are not listed in cat food, so I went to Petsmart (before it folded in our mall, thanks Pres O) and added up all the other ingredients, subtracted–all were about 30% carbs. So I limited him–put it high up so he had to jump from floor to chair to table to counter…When I went back to the vet, he had GAINED 8 lbs! Now, he is older, I guess about 8 or 9, and can still leap the hurdles to get food and the last time he was weighed, was down a few–but he is still 22 lbs. Yellow with big China blue eyes…but mean! Probably the dieting–he sent me to the doc once with a bad bite.

          • He died of Feline Infectious Peritonitist. In his case, he looked healthy until one morning his upper abdomen and lower chest were swollen as if he’d swallowed a softball. That was just over two weeks ago, and he lost control over his bowels and kidneys the other morning. I’ve not cried like this for years. It was the first significant loss my son’s ever had, so he was trying to “take it like a man” until I told him that holding it in can lead to all kinds of life-long health and emotional problems.

          • It really hurts to lose a pet–although some days around here (dog, two cats) I threaten to ask for a group rate at the pound. They moil and toil around my feet and I can hardly walk anyhow…but hey, we do have moments, such as when I listen to an audiobook at all three are draped in a row sound asleep. They don’t to that for TV or radio. They love their stories.

          • He was the only adult, unneutered cat I’ve been owned by who would roll onto his back and let me rub and tickle his underside.

            As for life going on during a political crisis, I checked out out the brouhaha when I found myself unhooking the cable in order to throw the television out the window.

            A pox on both houses.