In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


The Tea Party is Both Sensible and Victorious

I realize that sounds quite delusional to many people, particularly here in Washington. But it makes total, absolute sense.

The muttering class Inside the Beltway is very pleased with itself: The doomed Tea Party strategy is foundering on the shoals of idiocy, just like they said it would. The Republican “brand” has been downgraded yet again. America looks foolish abroad: “The world has reacted mostly with disbelief that a superpower could fall into such dysfunction,” wrote the New York Times today. Reasonable people will soon be back in charge so they can do reasonable things in a reasonable way without all these Tea Party lunatics stirring up trouble.

Let me tell all of you something:


A state of dysfunction, mind you, brought to you by the “reasonable” people who have been striking deals for years that have created $17 trillion in debt and a possibly irreversible degree of Socialism that is lobotomizing our tradition of independent thinking and creativity, crippling free enterprise, and carving the soul out of the moral, God-fearing ethic that has made this nation the greatest on earth.

You’ll see them all on the Sunday talk shows, concurring solemnly with each other about the need to avoid such shenanigans again so our system can resume functioning in a normal manner.

But as you and I know, “normal” has become a state of somnolence in which our leaders steadily sleepwalk us into the abyss.

We are adding new entitlements, even as the old ones are tens of trillions of dollars in debt. That’s right, tens of trillions. That’s what it will cost to make sure our children get the same Medicare and Social Security benefits their grandparents are enjoying.

We have begun a vast new economic arrangement, Obamacare, imposed by one ruling Party on the entire nation, that will ensure our children will one day die needlessly from a ruined health care delivery system and that will invite the federal government into countless aspects of our lives.

The “crisis” that would ensue if we breach the debt ceiling is not something caused by the Tea Party. It is a manifestation of the crisis that already exists. WE ARE ALREADY UNABLE TO PAY OUR BILLS WITHOUT THE HELP OF COMMUNIST CHINESE BUREAUCRATS. WAKE UP AMERICA!

That’s all the Tea Party is saying to people. That’s all that’s happening here. The economic chaos and harm that might ensue if there is breach of the debt ceiling is no more than a preview of the meltdown that is on the way once all the bills catch up with us and once the U.S. has declined to the point that the savages replace us as the world’s preeminent economic and military power.

Man’s ability to ignore uncomfortable truths and live in a preferred reality is remarkable. People spend years avoiding problems they know will cause them great harm down the road. But when it’s the government, this tendency is multiplied. No one really is responsible, and everyone will simply point the finger at someone else when things collapse and then go out and campaign for reelection as the only ones who can “fix” things.

The Tea Party, with its willingness to demand a stop to this freak show by shuttering the government and halting debt payments, is revolutionary, but not radical. Because sometimes revolutionary action is the reasonable course. The Tea Party is no more radical than were our Founding Fathers, who also staged a revolution when there was no other choice.

Summarizing some polling data, the Wall Street Journal today presents a picture of who the Tea Party regulars are:

Many frustrated liberals, and not a few pundits, think that people who share these beliefs must be downscale and poorly educated. The New York Times survey found the opposite. Only 26% of tea-party supporters regard themselves as working class, versus 34% of the general population; 50% identify as middle class (versus 40% nationally); and 15% consider themselves upper-middle class (versus 10% nationally). Twenty-three percent are college graduates, and an additional 14% have postgraduate training, versus 15% and 10%, respectively, for the overall population. Conversely, only 29% of tea-party supporters have just a high-school education or less, versus 47% for all adults.

Many tea-party supporters are small businessmen who see taxes and regulations as direct threats to their livelihood. Unlike establishment Republicans who see potential gains from government programs such as infrastructure funding, these tea partiers regard most government spending as a deadweight loss. Because many of them run low-wage businesses on narrow margins, they believe that they have no choice but to fight measures, such as ObamaCare, that reduce their flexibility and raise their costs—measures to which large corporations with deeper pockets can adjust.

In other words, the Tea Party is comprised of SENSIBLE PEOPLE hoping to restore some sense to the nonsense prevailing in Washington. They have come to the conclusion that, faced with a president who wants nothing but to expand government and a Congress unable to impose the thorough restructuring necessary to save the union, extraordinary measures are needed.

And, with tears in my eyes as I write this, I tell you, I don’t know if they will ever succeed. I don’t know if good people with the values that would save this country can withstand the monumental, grinding combined force of a government that sucks the life from the nation so it can itself live and a population that has grown habituated to the guarantee that other people’s money will be – and must be – provided to them.

But the people comprising this movement are right to give it a try. Surprising things do happen. And what other alternative is there?

The Tea Party is making a stand. The pundits will say, if legislation reopening the government and raising the debt limit passes, that the Tea Party has been defeated today. But to the extent conservatives have revived a movement, drawn attention to the problem, and even forced a president with his eye on the next deadline into negotiations, there will be victory in defeat.

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  1. I’ve just heard about “irregularities” being reported all over the place in the New Jersey election. “Irregularities” = fraud, which is standard practice for leftists (aka Democrats).

    That’s one thing we’re up against.

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  3. Dry your eyes and put your “big boy pants on”, we need you!!!!!!
    This is not a defeat but a strong effort against considerable odds.
    Boehner, Cruzand Lee may have different tactics but all exhibited resolve to the last,practical moment.

    The debt limit is exposed for all to see its BS whilst el presidente continues to claim raising it does not increase debt!!!!!!!!

    $17 trillion is some serious debt, our country cannot go on this way much longer. It will become understood in the next years.

    Chins up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Excellent article.

    To reiterate what some have said in comments, it’s Primary time.

    That’s where the real action will be in the run-up to 2014.

  6. The most important issue is that the PResident decided to use the threat and ramification of default as a way to obtain political ground. It’s the equivalent of threatening a preemptive nuclear strike over a fishing boat spat with Russia. President Obama has sat removed and isolated in the crimson belief that his moral crusade is more moral than those seeking the only means they have to seek amendments to a law that is poorly constructed and leaves certain sections of the community more equal than others. The president is and has behaved like Ceasar rather then a President. The irony is that he decries “Tea Party followers” as being extremists and unwelcome americans, whilst pursuing some may say an extreme brand of social order via questionable tactics. Nothing he says or does is presidential, at the core of his actions is his preparing his legacy and annuity for the next 30 years. He preaches that those who disagree with what he says about spending, or healthcare provision for example are less worthy then he and goes further by preaching that they are part of the 1% and therby not keen to see poor “folks” helped. That approach is pandering to a mob who do not ask questions or seek reason or explore hsi depth of understanding. He uses modern sales techiniques to practice politics. People on both sides on mass, would and do help those who need it. President Obama harps on endlessly about there now being medical cover for those who could not obtain it before. What he makes zero effort to confront is that coverage is only a problem because cost of care is such a problem. The AHA provides the ideal setting for an acceleration of medical coverage costs for the next 20+ years. What it fails to address in any way is setting limits on the costs of certain services or care. It is COST and not COVERAGE that is the problem and obamacare fails to address it. The President and those who support him in the WH are getting away with what coudl be one of the largest scam acts in history. They run the media message of their choosing and alienate those who object, they one the election thereby giving them the right to impose their rule over all. If the approach of the WH and President was being se din CHina we would be pointing out the weakness of their version of democracy. Meanwhile in Washington the president has brought Chicago politics to the nation and made it the benchmark. I think the President talking down the US and talking up the risk of default is as reckless and act and misrepresentation of the workings of govt as Ive seen. He risked the USD, the stock market and credit standing of the nation to obtain political advantage for the 2014 elections and a path to more Obama policy implementation. Whats more at one stage over the last few days when it looked like the GOP were onto a plan that may pass, what did he do, he backtracked and asked for more “revenues” tax hikes beyond what he got in January. I despair for our democracy as the mechanics of the system designed by the founders of the nation have been hijacked by a selfish and intellectually deficient executive.

    1. I don’t think he’s intellectually deficient. He couldn’t lead a horse to water, never mind making it drink, but he’s not stupid.

      He knows quite well what he’s doing. He’s just a singularly evil man, one that worked his way up the ranks by throwing his opponents off the ballot, and then sweet-talking the gullible once he hit the national stage.

      Hmm…I wonder what other historical leaders acted this way…

    2. The President shouldn’t have sat down and negotiated the ACA. It was passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court. It’s the law and to shut down the Federal Government was wrong and stupid.. Your rant shows your stupidity.

  7. I agree with Keith’s assessments. Today, everyone is talking about how the Republicans folded and received “nothing” from the shut down.

    I disagree! For 16 days, the country has talked about nothing except Obamacare and the shutdown. The Republicans (Conservatives!) offered proposal after proposal, knowing full well that they’d be shot down.

    Yet, the administration’s approval ratings have fallen. Obamacare is described as a “disaster.” Republicans have come across as willing to risk EVERYTHING to protect people from the pitfalls of big government (Obamacare).

    They may have lost the battle, but the war isn’t over yet. They have their sites on 2014 and 2016. The past 16 days have given them plenty of campaign attack ads against the Democrats.

    1. I’m with you. There is a point when you have to stand up and be counted. Finally, there were some GOP willing to stand long enough to count!

  8. This day is almost as gratifying as November 7, 2012. I thank you all for the implosion of the GOP and ask that you continue as usual.

    1. oh, I dunno. by November 2014–after the clusterf**k known as Obamacare has had time to start ruining people’s healthcare–I predict that not only will the Repubs keep the House, they’ll also take back the Senate.

      1. It won’t just ruin their health care, it will ruin their lives and their precious liberty. Obamacare is not about health care, it is about control, total, absolute control.

  9. Thank you for saying this! In my family, it is so hard to get this concept across. Obamacare is a horror about to be forced on people who will soon be asking “How could this be happening? They said this was gonna be great, but wait! It sucks!” The Tea Party is trying desperately to wake America up, and is being attacked and slandered for it’s efforts. I am surprised, frankly, that they are still willing to lay it all out there, against such odds. God bless you, Sens. Cruz, Lee and Paul!

  10. Amen Keith. You said it all brother. This country is doomed if revolutionary actions start taking place. Thank you for your words spoken here.

  11. Amen Keith. You said it all that needs to be said, and you are right; we are in need of some stand up folks to perform moee revolutionary acts, to wake up the masses. Thank you for your words spoken here.

  12. My thought is Obama was going to shut down USDA in November which in turn shuts down Welfare benefits (EBT). That glitch was not accident and Obama told these guys, “Look every congressional district will be affected if I shut it down.” Then they folded. That is it, that is all. When has EBT EVER had a glitch! It was a test.

  13. Outstanding, Keith! Do not despair! The RINOs in Congress need to get out into their districts a little more. There is a new movement afoot – The Twenty-Niners. I had never heard this term before today when I took my car in for a tune-up at my local Firestone dealer. As I waiting in the customer lounge, there were several young guys, employees, who were bitterly complaining about losing their full-time employment after many years of employment. “How are we going to pay our bills next month?” “I can’t buy Christmas gfts for my kids this year”. ‘My wife just became a Twenty-Niner, too”.
    They haven’t even been hit with Obamacare sticker price shock yet! Wait til they discover that the cheapest plan in L.A. comes with a $4K and $8K deductible plus co-pays.

    There will be a revolution and Conservatives will be leading the charge. Not defunding Obamacare is the best thing that ever happened – Obama will finally be held accountable for his crimes.

  14. What an excellent piece! Thank you Keith. If the responses here are any indication of which way the wind is blowing then we need to keep up the drum beat and toss out the incumbents who want more and more and more of the same tax-us-to-death (and beyond) and spend-us-to-death, gigantic- government-garbage.
    God Bless the USA.

  15. WELL SAID! You have my vote! IF only the rest of America would indeed wake up to the not so distant impending disaster. China holds the purse strings, and there is no doubt in my mind that they will ultimately demand payback, or else. The balance of power no longer exists; the fate of America is in one person’s hands.

  16. This commentary deserves to be widely read.
    The people who understand what Keith Koffler describes, need to get involved more now than they have ever been. There is no excuse not to get involved. The demands of life make it hard to spare the time, but just complaining will not do it.

  17. How often do the so-called “pundits” of D.C. speak of “this town” or even” our town”??? They give a token nod to the American People,, but basicaly that’s like saying “The Kids”; as though they don’t have names or are so diverse they are not in the same family. D.C.itis has become a real and ,so-far, incureable disease. The “sameold, sameold” people just go around inthe revolving door..I’m going to quit now…Obama is supposed to speak…he will no doubt accept the award for the Also Starring Award. It really is a also ran performance.
    The path has been cleared for a New Wave in Washington…..and it won’t be an empty promise of Hope and Change that has turned into an age old Bait and Switch. The clothes are off the Emperor…and even he doesn’t know it.

  18. I couldn’t disagree more with this article. The sad thing about this whole episode is that debt reduction is a real issue, clouded by this terrible act of the tea partiers. Instead of professionally discussing this issue and educating people on the dangers of our debt, they got angry and went to extreme measures. In the process, unifying the opposition AND losing independents. The fact is, if EVERYONE practiced this sort of government to get their way, where would we be??? Tea partiers think they’re right, well what do you think the other side believes? That is why we need a democratic process and 3 branches of government. Right motives don’t excuse wrong acts – especially when others are hurt by them. If the tea party were the majority in this country, there is NO WAY they would let a minority of the country get their way. So to think the other way is BIZARRE!

  19. So…what exactly would increasing the debt by defaulting and raising interest rates do? Probably nothing.

    But as long as Ted Cruz’s ego is happy, who cares what anyone else thinks, right?

  20. Thank you Keith. Another Great Article, from the Heart! And of course you are 100% correct. I have been to dozens of Tea Party rallies and only met Americans who wanted to save America for their Children and to restore the American Dream which by definition means a Balanced Budget and No Debt!

    1. Well yes, in 2001 when Clinton handed over a $300B Budget SURPLUS and the CBO was projecting elimination of the debt by 2010, we were ALL happy! Taxes were raised to appropriate levels, without being onerous (more Billionaires created under the Decade of Clinton than any other Decade before him) and spending was in line.

      THEN instead of continuing down the SAME path that had us eliminating the debt by 2010, Mr. W and team went on a spending spree of unfunded tax cuts (3), unfunded wars (2) and a trillion dollar unfunded Medicare prescription drug bill!

      So instead of having the advantage of being handed a Budget surplus, Mr. Obama took office 4 months into W’s last budget that resulted in a $1.4T deficit!

      If Mr. Obama received the same golden ticket as W and BLEW it, then we should all be shouting for him to be out of office! However, he took a $1.4T deficit, during the largest global financial collapse in history and turned it into a $650B deficit for this fiscal year!! An $800B reduction! He walked into office with the U.S. losing 750K jobs a month…Today we are adding over 150K a month, that’s a 900K a month increase!

      All this done even with the hate and loathing from the hysterical right.

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    A state of dysfunction, mind you, brought to you by the “reasonable” people who have been striking deals for years that have created $17 trillion in debt and a possibly irreversible degree of Socialism that is lobotomizing our tradition of independent thinking and creativity, crippling free enterprise, and carving the soul out of the moral, God-fearing ethic that has made this nation the greatest on earth.

    This is so well-written, Keith. Brings tears to my eyes.

  23. I guess the alternative is to go Galt. The liberals will declare “victory”, but the tea partiers simply won’t have to care anymore.

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  25. Wow, that was one of the most delusional pieces of prose I have read in a LONG time! It’s as hollow as the $1.5M a year lawyer with his Goldman Sachs Executive partner wife CLAIMING to be one of the common folk (do you hear me Rafael “Ted” Cruz.)

    I do respect that you allude to the power of unencumbered Capitalism to push millions of jobs, trillions of dollars and a huge chunk of our debt into the hands of the Chinese! Nothing like GOP policies to ensure we create a non Union, $8 an hour work force, all while continuing to offer tax incentives and even credits for moving jobs overseas! To quote the CEO of Tupperware “We had to rework our product line when we moved into the European markets. Europeans demand quality, while Americans demand cheap.”

    No better description of where trickle down, pro off-shoring policies have taken the U.S. since 1980!

  26. Keith
    Be honest with the American people and tell them the truth. Our government only runs when people come together to accomplish goals and there is compromise. If wealthy businessmen who bankroll our candidates decide to embrace more moderate leaning politicians the Tea Party will disappear.

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  28. Sorry, this is a loss squared. We teaparty-types are battling establishment Republicans in addition to an extreme-Left Dem.
    party and president who have the absolute backing of the media, and Hollywood, and we even pay $500B/yr. to support a passively hostile CPB (which got its funding during the so-called shutdown.)

    These entities routinely refer to us as “racist teabaggers” even as the pussyfoot around ethnic slang; “our” own president uses this term. With the heavyhanded use of the IRS, most citizens will simply lie low cease to donate and keep their names off of petitions and supporting correspondence or articles critical of our beloved POTUS.

  29. Keith, thank you.

    What Cruz and Lee have done with their stand against the majority of baboons in the senate. Was gave heart to others who want to do the right thing. They paved the way for the Congress to toughen up.Till they caved.

    It was the acts of Cruz and Lee that will ring though this next election. Hopefully others will see the bullies and baboons for what they are. Worthless, spineless go-alongs, lining their pockets.

    Being ostracized by your own party makes you able to withstand the garbage thrown at you by the communists. ( If you are a dem and REMAIN in that party, you are a communist)

    There is hope for America by at least two who are trying to do the job America needs.

  30. This is an excellent piece, Keith, and it summarizes well what has happened to America through greed, sloth and a decline in ethics and morality. John Adams said that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.” How appropriate those words are today.

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