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McConnell and Reid Reach a Deal

Note: This article is being updated as information becomes available.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell this morning reached a deal to end the government shutdown and avoid a default.

The House is expected to vote on the measure first. Approval is by no means assured.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney endorsed the deal early this afternoon.

The agreement would lift the debt ceiling until February 7 and fund government operations through January 15. House and Senate negotiators would be instructed to begin negotiations on a budget that would include a determination of the future of the sequester cuts enacted last year.

Republican also a tiny concession that would help ensure people who get subsidies to purchase health insurance are eligible.

Senate conservatives, including Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said they would not seek to delay a vote.

34 Responses to McConnell and Reid Reach a Deal

  1. They should start taxing the hookers and call girls that these clowns use, plus all the blow, weed, and whatever other drug these morons are putting into their systems. We could probably have the country out of debt in a couple of years.

    • What is depressing is how the American public in general, Wall Street, and most of the media are celebrating this as a great victory. It is nothing of the kind. They are just enabling the ultimate demise of this country. One day, I wouldn’t doubt, our Chinese bankers will say no more. They’re just waiting for critical mass.

    • A great and true quote from FDR. He ought to know. Our entry into WWII is a good example. He knew the public would not approve of him declaring war without a provocation so he maneuvered or boxed Japan into attacking us first.

      • Lautenberg’s widow (no disrespect) who is a multi multi millionaire — $174K pension is in this bill. I kid you not.

        McCain said they only found about that 2 hours in advance. Congress speak — we didn’t know and we can’t do anything about it,

        • McCain just found out about it ? I gotta call b.s on this one. I, along with others posted that tidbit on WHD about 2 weeks ago, and McCain just heard about it? no wonder why the Rep’bs are so fouled up.

  2. Great – so we get to go through this dog and pony posturing party all over again in January. Perhaps the pols believe it will lift the post-Christmas doldrums to watch the show. Thanks; already seen it.

    • Denise, they are hypocrites also. This same world was lockstep in adoration of the One when he made his first apology tour and for some time thereafter.

  3. The ruling class wins another victory over We The People. Celebrate your victory for now, turncoats. You will pay for your treachery in the end. McConnell just gave the Democrats a victory in Kentucky if he’s not turned out in the primary. The cryptkeeper just gave a glowing speech about the post turtle, giving him all the credit for this betrayal.

    • I wish there were someone from KY on this site who could tell us how McConnell is viewed there. We must throw all we’ve got at McConnell in a primary. I know he is being challenged. A Democratic replacement is not acceptable.

  4. A little concession is another step in US citizens losing our constitutional rights. We are still having the Obama Affordable Care act shoved down our throat. Sorry. any concession is a defeat.