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Live Stream || Senate Votes on Debt Deal

The Senate has approved the measure.

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  1. The “deal” included a nice bonus for McConnell/Ky – $2 billion.

    Another $174,000 for the widow of Frank Lautenberg, who is/was worth more than $100,000 million.

    I am sure the list will grow like the weeds in Michelle’s garden.

  2. I just read on Drudge that the state of Kentucky (McConnell) received a huge amount of money for a dam on the Ohio River in this bill….is that true?

  3. There is also a provision for the future that a 2/3s majority of Congress would be needed to stop Obama’s requests for increases in the debt ceiling.

    • They’re going for Tea Party blood and the reason when Obama was asked, “Isn’t this going to happen again?” [as he was exiting after his ‘remarks] he turned and answered, “No”.

    • Can Congress legislate away their Constitutional responsibilities? Congress has the authority under Article I, Section 8. Clause 2. “To borrow Money on the Credit of the United States;” This is what tyranny looks like – bipartisan destruction of the separation of powers and the Rule of Law.

    • Actually what I read is a mess. Rumors, innuendos, and perhaps some facts — first put out by WAPO — the deal, requested by Obama — or maybe Hal Rogers Appropriations — language inserted by Feinstein (D) and Lamar Alexander (RINO).

      I can’t substantiate so I will wait for better info from someone else.

      No matter what — clear indications — Congress and the Admini — cesspool.

      • Things You Need to clean a Cesspool:
        •Protective clothing
        •Professional excavation crew (optional)
        •Professional pumping crew
        •Caustic soda
        •98 percent sulfuric acid

        Put me down for $10 towards supplies and a shovel ready job.

  4. What I find disturbing about all of this… Is why did Congress, NOT inform the American ppl that the threat of a National Debt default was a Hoax… After all WE all know that the Congress is required by our Consitutuion to pay this debt first without question. We have more than enough to pay our debt and then some…

    So, is it now ok to play the American ppl, (both parties are responsible for this disception)…

    So, is it the intent of all of OUR Congress, and Obama to decieve the American ppl and with intent to create a debt that WE will not eventually be able to pay?

    Would that intent be so that we CAN eventually default, and thus allow another Country to collect on that debt, and thus own America and it’s ppl.. What a clever and sneaky way to take over another country, without one bullet being fired, and take over, concur, and control this country… The land of the Free…

    American ppl really need to learn their Constitutional Laws, and their Bill of Rights and stand tall…

    What a crock, we have MORE crooks in Congress, than we have in our prisons… Totally disgusted with this 112 Congress!!