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House Approves Debt Deal Legislation

The House Wednesday evening approved by a vote of 285-144 legislation to reopen the government and raise the debt limit.

President Obama said Wednesday evening he would sign the measure as soon as he gets it.

A majority of Republicans opposed the legislation, with 144 voting no and 87 voting yes, while all Democrats present supported it.

The bill would lift the debt ceiling until February 7 and fund government operations through January 15. House and Senate negotiators must begin negotiations on an annual budget and come up with an agreement by December 13.

The legislation also includes a measure that would help ensure people who get subsidies to purchase health insurance are eligible for the benefit.

14 thoughts on “House Approves Debt Deal Legislation”

    1. It’s all about vote getting. He thinks there are more veterans dying off than there are illegals streaming across our borders. All about the next election for the Democrats.

      1. Well, at least the real conservatives are willing to be just as tenacious and persistent as the Dems who are willing to bring amnesty to the table time after time.

        It’d definitely be nice to see more gloves-off battles on the Hill in the foreseeable future.

      2. I always said Obama cares nothing for the country or its Americans, everything he says and does is for the stealing of votes for the Democratic party. It is very obvious and why is Boehner so helpless. He must be replaced along with some of the other turncoat Republicans. No one will vote for the Republicans if this continues, this weakness of the mind in the Republican party. Businesses and people and the entire country are being controlled by a socialist moron and he must be stopped.

    2. Amnesty is not going to happen. Some people are already arguing that Obama has pretty much run OUT of political capital. So the chances of him getting–let’s call it what it is–a “stuff the ballot box with Democrat-leaning Latino votes” measure past the House are either slim or none. And I hear Slim may be out of action for a while because the O-care website keeps screwing up his enrollment.

      Also? Allowing an amnesty protest on the putatively closed Mall, while shutting down the Lincoln Memorial, may have permanently poisoned that particular well. If the illegals get special treatment in where and when they’re allowed to scream Gimme Gimme, what other special treatment do these Corruptocrats have lined up for them?

      1. Yeah, but the “media” glossed over the ILLEGALS rally on the US National Mall so many people dont know about it.

        Now that the lame shutdown is over the “media” will forget about all the up-roar over US National Parks-Memorials being forceibly shutdown on orders from the Obama White House.

      2. I would like to think you are right. I think not. I am hard pressed to believe LIVs know or care. I am also hard pressed to believe constituent opinion matters. Congress operates on deals that keep cronies in power. And immigration is all about not enforcing laws and agitating by the likes of LaRaza et al. And let’s not forget the MSM.

    1. and don’t forget that Congress just gave teh President and future Presidents the power of the purse for the first time, and have a grave threat to whatever is left of the Constitution.


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