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Live Stream || Obama Awards Medal of Honor

The ceremony has concluded.

38 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Awards Medal of Honor”

    1. Amen.
      I “served” under CINC Clinton (94-97) and I that always made me alittle sick.

      I do not understand how the US Military is willing to “serve” and take orders from Obama…

  1. It was too good to last – Mooch is making an appearance at the ceremony. Can’t tell too much from the shot from the rear, but it looks like she is wearing a shiny, sleeveless cocktail dress as usual. The good news – the wighat minder has returned to work.

    1. Doesn’t this classless woman have any “Advisors of Propriety”? This position would not have to be cabinet level, just a $100K a year spot. It should be under the “essential” personnel category since she meets with other first ladies that do know protocol.
      Always sleeveless to show off those buff arms. I did not see any other sleeveless dresses. She gives ghetto a really bad name.

        1. Strict dress code for the ladies on Fox. Single-color dress, no pants. They have a wardrobe manager or whatever you’d call him/her to oversee it all.

      1. She wouldn’t listen to anyone she’s got no class at all. So that’s
        why she and her husband make so many protocol mistakes not
        that they care you see rules of class and propriety don’t mean a thing to them. And America pays the price of hanging our heads in collective shame.

  2. Obama? Giving a HERO a medal? Surely you jest!

    He’s not worthy to be in the same room with ANY soldier, let alone a Medal of Honor winner.

    This is why this man is receiving this honor.

    “William Swenson, a former captain in the U.S. Army, managed to help fend off an onslaught of insurgents, saved lives, coordinated a rescue, and braved gunfire to retrieve fallen soldiers.”

    Honor. Duty. Bravery. Things Obama wouldn’t know if they bit him.

    Captain Swenson made no political calculus, no consideration for his own safety and comfort, made no retreat even after a SEVEN HOUR battle. He just put his head down and did what had to be done, out of his loyalty to his comerades and personal valor and bravery, even to the point of retrieving bodies from the battlefield.

    We can’t even get Obama to sit in the Situation Room (without Jay-Z, anyway) when the danger is thousands of miles away and make a flipping decision to have OTHER people rescue brave Americans in dire straits, even though they be the embodiment of our Country in foreign lands, such as Ambassador Stevens. Instead, he hides, has people calculate whether HE is better served by their lives or by their deaths, lies about it, and has not given a credible accouting of his actions to this day.

    Pretty stark contrast.

    It’s been wisely said that a drop of wine in a gallon of garbage produces garbage; but a drop of garbage in a gallon of wine STILL produces – garbage.

    Obama devaues this award by his very presence, especially in light of recent Spite House decisions to maximize pain ON THE MILITARY – even on the families like those of the DEAD SOLDIERS Captain Swenson recovered – to meet his selfish, self-aggrandizing political ends. Obama should go cower somewhere with his Hollywood freinds, and quit acting like he gives two sh!ts about the military. It’s far too late to tell that lie now.

    Our military deserves better.

    We salute you, Captain Swenson. I am ashamed though that you have to get your justly won decoration from this despicable person you are forced to honor with your presence. YOU deserve better.

    It’s just a photo op for Obama, trying to make appear worthy of standing in such company when he clearly is NOT.

    Its just sickening.

    If Obama were subject to the law, he’d be convicted justly under the “Stolen Valor” law, not just for falsley potraying himself as worthy of the title “Commander-In-Chief”, but also for trying to share the justly earned limelight by standing in the same room as a most honorable member of the same military Obama hates so much, in the hope that the glow of this man’s deeds somehow covers his own deep flaws. Sorry, Chief, even the light of Heaven wouldn’t give you a halo, it would only expose you in terrifying detail for the massive fraud that you are. You’d be best to avoid it, and this. Seeing you standing next to a praiseworthy man just gives us a point of comparison that isn’t at all flattering – TO YOU. For the same reason you can’t be in the same room as Prime Minister Netanyahu, you should avoid this event as well.

    These things just highlight your empty suit…

          1. I’ve never said, and I won’t now. It’s not about ME, and the less known about ME, the less the Alinskyites can “personalize” it TO me instead of actually dealing with the FACTS being discussed, as they tend to do…

            I thank everyone for their kind words, but I’m just grateful that
            Mr. Koffler provides this forum for us. I do take this subject VERY personally, and discussing this here is a LOT cheaper than the price of the amount of duct tape it would take to hold my head together otherwise. I can tell others here are in the same boat. So thanks from ME for letting me vent – whatever I may be…

  3. If I was Capt. Swenson I would take my MOH from Obama, and then walk over to the WWII Memorial to show my respect for the warriors that came before me…

    1. That’s an excellent idea. He wouldn’t need to make any political statement, just show up. BTW, aren’t there representatives from 33 veteran groups demonstrating there today, including the biggies American Legion and VFW?

    2. He was there Sunday.
      Soldier Receives Medal Of Honor Today
      Soldier Receives Medal Of Honor Today

      William Swenson stands with a group of World War II veterans during a 10th Mountain Division ceremony at the WWII Memorial Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013 in Washington. On Tuesday, October 15. (Alex Brandon/AP)

    3. Oh…YES! And that after the Captain gave Obama a piece of his mind. Respectfully of course. Wouldn’t want to be dissin’ the Prez, would we?

  4. I said a prayer before this started for the brave soldier and all those who
    served. He truly is a hero I admire anyone can take a medal from a man who would deny benefits to this hero’s dead friends. There must be a
    special place in the seventh circle of hell for someone like Obama who
    can use dead soldiers as props and deny them basic rights food, prayer
    and help after giving their life for their country. They ask for nothing in
    return and Obama demands everything.

      1. “I pray “Barack Hussein Obama” goes to H#ll ever day.” – Langley Spook

        Now now, praying amiss doesn’t help anyone, least of all you. I am confident that Obama will receive his just reward in due time (and unlike Republicans, G_d won’t be deflected by being called “racist” when it comes), but it will be G_d’s time, NOT ours. I pray for this nation to survive him, but also that Obama may see the error of his ways and mend them before it’s too late for US. Yes it’s a tall order, but G_d’s done miracles before…

        Don’t let THIS guy darken YOUR heart. That’s what he wants…

        Let me offer you another prayer to use instead. This one comes to us from “Fiddler on the Roof” and was about the Czar, but seems applicable today, seeing as how we have an Imperial type ruler ourselves. The Rabbi in that film was asked if there was a proper prayer for the Czar, who at that time was engaging in pogroms and such. The Rabbi thought for a minute, nodded to himself, and then intoned; “May G_d bless and keep the Czar – far away from US!”


        Bless you too, LS! “Illegitimi non carborundum”!

  5. Did anyone else register that Obama stated “My military”? I believe the statement went . “I will now have MY military read —— “. This soldier performed above and beyond the call of duty — but he did not do this for Obama.
    Obama’s treatment of the military and veterans, especially during this shutdown have displayed his true, inner feelings for them. Does anyone feel any respect coming from the wh?

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