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Quote of the Day || October 14, 2013

“Harry said, ‘Heads I win, tails you lose.’ It sounded like a good deal, so I took it.”

– Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

22 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || October 14, 2013”

  1. That pretty much sums up what they have in store for US, we lose.
    SenMcConnell won’t lose anything, nor will anyone sitting in both houses of Congress lose anything at all.
    The President certainly won’t lose anything when it’s over, because the MSM will see that he gets credit for saving us from an armageddon default that would have destroyed civilization as we know it.

    We are the helpless hostages, the intended victims, and there’s not a dang thing we can do now to change that.

    1. This may well cost McConnell his Senate seat, as the Tea Party is none too pleased with him.

      It’s unbelievable how the Republicans have once again gotten snookered by a guy who has zero negotiating skills. Every move they made was the wrong one.

      The only good news in all of this is that the temporary resolution will let everyone focus fully on the Obamacare debacle. It is so bad that not even the White House will be able to spin out of it, and the media doesn’t appear to be providing its usual cover.

      I think that Obamacare will cost the Dems a lot more than they gained the past few weeks.

      Best news of all is that Obama won’t have time for the rest of his “transforming” agenda. Obamacare will blot out the sun for him.

      1. Obamacare — who can afford ACA, with its $5000.00 AND UP deductibles and very high insurance rates. Young people can’t even get jobs now and they are being forced to pay for healthcare when they can’t even afford rent or food without a job? What is this, Nazi Germany? forcing the people to pay the government with money they don’t have and for getting very little in return? Fines and imprisonment if you don’t pay? Who in their right mind is putting all their personal stuff on Obama’s website for all the crooks to see — if something happens to your personal stuff would the government help you? Not on your life, very dangerous. Obama is doing this healthcare thing for minorities and illegals, not for all Americans. Reparations and distributing the wealth from hard-working Americans to non-working people? What is the sense in that? It just goes to prove that he doesn’t care about the country or its people, its just power for the democratic party. Look what happened to California and Detroit and other states run by democrats, destroyed, We will all be destroyed if Obama is not stopped from continuing his dictatorship. This is America people, get rid of him!!!!

      2. Re your first sentence. That would indeed be the silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud. IF the Republicans regain the Senate, we don’t need Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader.

  2. From our point of view over here, a US government default would of course be a total global disaster while so many countries , banks and institutions are heavy in US bonds. With a capricious , irresponsible, egoistic president like Obama it is not entirely impossible that he really would unleash it and as he “owns” the media the Republicans would be labeled the guilty part.
    However, I guess there will be a deal of some sort and it will be the American people that will have to carry most of the burdens that the disastrous politics of this White House brings. I feel that you, under this president, are entering an era that we suffered during the 70s. Big government, big bureaucracy, raised taxes ( well, I am certain taxes will be raised ) and hostility towards private enterprises and entrepeneurs not big and rich enough to resist and play the game. As this White House do not want to solve the spending problems the US debts will go up again and again and we are already seeing that the US dollar is slowly replaced as the global currency. But. the bright side is that a weak dollar will improve exports and tourism. And politics, however bad, cannot crush American inventiveness. So, after Obama, life can be good again.

  3. Here’s a real quote, one from Barbara Boxer.

    “I have to say, when you start acting like you’re committing domestic abuse, you’ve got a problem. ‘I love you dear, but you know, I’m shutting down your entire government. I love you dear, but I’m going to default and you’re going to be weak.’ Something is dreadfully wrong.”

    1. YAWN… and the “media” will not report that stupid quote, from that stupid Sen.

      But if a Republican rolls their eyes the “media” will play it for 24 hours!

      1. I doubt organizations that fight domestic violence will protest, but this survivor of DV was nauseated by her cheapening of the problem.

        1. Yeah, and it’s the Republicans that have a war on women? We have been called everything under the sun, anarchists, racists, teabaggers, terrorists, and now abusers. Where did their civility go? Remember how they called out Sarah Palin for using the term “target” and how she was responsible for Giffords’ injuries?

          1. They are so disgusting using bad language to fight for this mean and low-class so-called President. The truth is, the democratic party is now acting like the Nazi party, control, tax, kill (babies), seniors (Obamacare will kill off a lot of them) etc., etc., etc.

    2. Comments following that quote were “abusive” as well, I suppose. Surely, with this comment by BB, Conservatives and Republicans have been called everything anyone could possibly think to name call.

  4. Mitch squats in his domain on the other side of the Ohio from me, so I get to hear his lovely campaign commercials. He did a stellar job of venomous, vicious attacks on his conservative opponent in the primaries. Against his Democrat challenger? Not so much…

    It’s pretty obvious who Mitch would caucus with if there were an “honesty” requirement in the Senate. Unfortunately, there is no such thing, rather the reverse seems to be true. He and McCain lead the charge to destroy the Rebpublican party from within.

    Far from getting a “bad” deal, I’m sure the deal is a GOOD one.

    For him.

    Obama probably promises he gets to continue to be the useless, overpaid, overblown figurehead he is if he just keeps doin’ what he’s been doing, goin’ along to get along. Much like the Devil’s deal to Jesus, “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me”. Of course, the Devil was lying, and so is Obama (as the late, unlamented turncoat Arlen Specter could attest, were he not gone to his reward). He’ll use Mitch until he’s as squeezed out as a tube of toothpaste, then under the bus wi’ him!

    While that will be a mildly amusing day, it’s not worth the destruction of our Country to see this treachorus man deal our freedom away to the Spite House for his own temporary comfort. I would rather see McConnel’s seat go to a Democrat, it would change NOTHING other than actually interject some honesty into “his” office, as he’s a pretty reliable Obama supporter at this point. He may have PLEDGED to make Obama a one-term Prezzy, but the only thing I’ve seem him actually TRY to destroy is the actual Conservatives.

    He’s got to GO. He’s worse than useless; he’s actually an obstacle to recovering what little we can of our once great Country. If he survives, we don’t.

    Simple as that.

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