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Open Thread || Columbus Day – October 14, 2013

Another thread today. Be back full time tomorrow. Have fun.

I have some family commitments today but I will try to update if there are major happenings on the budget front which, so far, there are not.

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    • Wonder if the people who took advantage of the “computer glitch” that allowed unlimited purchases on their EBT card are aware that they were stealing from their tax-paying neighbor?

      • I would call it a “looting” of Walmart. When the store decided to make sure that no one would go hungry because of some screw-up with the EBTs, the public decided to stick it to Walmart for being so stupid. or something.
        Somthin’ for nothin’, seems to be the motto of the taker class of Americans.

        • “Somthin’ for nothin’, seems to be the motto of the taker class of Americans.” – srdem65

          Good point. Here’s another way to put it;

          “Take what you can – give nothing back” – Pirate Jack Sparrow

          Also admirably suited for use by the Democrat “leadership”, who – like those they mislead – created these needy infants to satisfy their OWN selfish lusts of the moment, then expect everyone ELSE will pay for them while THEY duck their responsibilites completely…

    • For reasons or motives unknown, our government is trying their darnest to agitate the public into actions that can’t be helpful or positive. There’s no sensible reason to put the barry-cades back at open air memorials, none at all.

      The federal government is out of control, our elected officials have lost credibility, and we’re out here wondering how this all happened.
      The Commander in Chief is punishing ‘his’ military, the Dems are punishing everyone, Repubs attacking each other, government agencies doing their best to destroy everything special about the US, and no one is in charge.
      The President of all of us is pursuing an agenda that only he wants without regard to the wishes of the people he supposedly governs, and our national press wants him to be happy.
      We have slipped down that rabbit hole for sure.

    • I heard the Bidens were “vacationing” with his family at Camp David this weekend, don’t think Obamas went there.

      Hopefully Marine One’s only being used for “essential” official business and not taking him to golf courses.

    • If it was him on Marine One, then the WhiteHouse was expecting a violent clash with the middle-aged, elderly, and law-abiding ‘hundreds’ who were protesting the closing of our memorials to our veterans.
      SWAT teams, snipers, mounted police, helmeted park rangers at the ready to taze, arrest, handcuff or just shoot to kill anyone who stands at the fence located hundreds of yards from the WhiteHouse and shouts patriotic slogans.

      There’ll be no public comment from the WhiteHouse or Dems, or even the Repubs on this protest, even though they just witnessed, in just a tiny way, how flyover America is thinking and willing to do to return our government that we respect.

    • Hopefully, he was staring out the window watching American Patriots as they erected a new monument of stacked barricades outside his yard fence as a symbol of resistance to the same tyranny our forefathers gave their lives to defeat.

  1. Barrycades Barack. Nothing personifies the man at 1600 Pennsylvania more. His first priority on Columbus Day is to re install the barricades. One of his first acts of the sequester was to close the WH,

    It is a clear message to the American people that we are subordinate to the will of the state.

    The barricades were not removed out of respect. The barricades were removed because BB is a coward . They are back up because he is a small petty man who detests this country.

    This is about power pure and simple.

    • During the last election what upset me more than Obama’s comment “You didn’t build that” was his hectoring his audience to “vote for revenge”. For someone who has received so much from this country (along with his wife) he sure hates us.

      • I remember that and apparently his people were energized by that uplifting message.

        Eventually these people begin to eat their young. Unfortunately, they spend a lot of time dithering over the menu and then they chew 100 times before swallowing. Takes a long time.

      • “For someone who has received so much from this country (along with his wife) he sure hates us.” – Julie Brueckheimer

        Helping people doesn’t necessarily lead to them liking you, as we have things like Somolia to attest to. After all, Hitler probably wouldn’t have had to opportunity to grow to adulthood had he not been helped by Jews;

        “Hitler’s best friend during his time at the men’s hostel was a Jewish copper polisher named Joseph Neumann, with whom Hitler once disappeared for a week. Another Jewish resident, Siegfried Löffner, took Hitler’s side when he felt conned by another (non-Jewish) resident, and reported the incident to the police. Hitler also maintained a friendly relationship with the one-eyed Jewish locksmith Simon Robinson, which led Robinson to support Hitler using money from his disability allowance. Rudolf Redlich from Moravia was another Jewish friend of Hitler. While Hitler was still living with August Kubizek, his roommate took him along to a family music evening held by an affluent Jewish family called the Jahodas. Afterwards, Hitler had only positive comments to make about his hosts and absolutely nothing critical to say. ” –

        Folks like the Obamas and Hiltler have some real issues with gratitude. It’s likely they don’t want to deal with the fact that the world doesn’t fit their political weltschuaang, and therefore develop this hatred towards anything that proves them wrong, using foul and inaccurate justifications for their hatreds, like “Well, the Jews had all the money” or “The system hates Black people so much that only White people could have opened it to us”. This way, they get to see themselves as overcomers while simultaneously making the world fit their beliefs – in Obama’s case, taught to him in Madrassa as well as the best Liberal “education” money can buy… It’s not a wonder that the Obamas hate America, the wonder is that more people can’t see that they do…

        Anyway, hate is their coin, the ladder they climbed, the platform they stand on. Take “hate” away, and there would BE no Obama Presidency. This is why they won’t give it up.

        They can’t.

    • I pray and live for the day when he is removed from office. He hates this country and its people. “There is only so long people will take abuse and I fear we are at the tipping point.

      • Amen, Susan! Each morning I wake hoping that BO will have resigned over night but alas, I find he’s still in our WH, still destroying our country. :(

  2. OT: Another serial liar is about to win a Senate seat on Wednesday. Cory Booker. Drudge is reporting that he never lived at any of his addresses in Newark, according to neighbors – he lives in NY. His current address is a vacant house where his bodyguards stay. When he registered to run for the Senate, he used a PO Box address. Who does that sort of thing?
    His stories of heroism-rushing into burning houses, giving CPR to a dying gunshot victim, etc. are all being disputed as gross exaggerations.
    Residents of Newark are accusing him of using police scanners in order to be the first on scene in high-profile happenings.

    The culture of corruption continues:

    Cory Booker doesn’t even try to hide his big money payoffs….or the fact that CNN’s Jeff Zucker’s 15 year old son had a cushy gig as a ‘millennial advisor’ at Booker’s internet start-up company, Waywire. The kid has since resigned. Nepotism, anyone?

    • I agree. A live video of some of the confrontation was showing some tense feelings, a misstep by the authorities could have been a disaster.
      What happened is the police backed off; someone with some smarts must have seen how bad it would look to attack veterans, their families, and supporters.

  3. AS MONTY P WOULD SAY–NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Did anyone see 60 Minutes–about the kid genius who came up with a possible test for early pancreatic cancer? Apparently he and his brother were given the run of the basement for their “experiments” and the brother whipped up some nitroglycerin just for drills. They got a letter from the FBI saying, uu uh uh…Your internet purchasing is being closely watched. So…I guess the FBI is pretty much monitoring everyone’s purchasing. Creepy. I hope they enjoy thinking about the cat diarrhea med I just bought.

  4. The stock market is only down 30 pts. at this moment. I smell–or should say–see a kabuki dance in the making, and the pols on both sides will pat themselves on the back as if they’ve accomplished something great. Wonder if the Republicans will get any concessions.

    • I’ve seen a lot of high pitched talk in financial sources about default — international finance doom and gloom. But with the market it’s hard to tell what it is reacting to. After all, America has been on the decline and in chaos for the past 5 years and it is hitting home runs.

      • It went up 300plus when it looked like a deal, then down again now. And if there is no deal by Thurs, maybe a lot. I am not sure I take your point. Millions depend on the market for their security and retirement. It is hitting home runs, or was, as you put it, because of the easing policy, which is not going to last forever, but if you are saying this nonsense in Congress does not matter–it does matter. The last five yrs of idiocy matters. Decline of the two party system, internecine suicide, Obamacare repercussions, it all matters.

    • The stock mkt thrives on volatility. Wouldn’t surprise me if all of the ‘gloom and doom’ and fear-mongering is a deliberate attempt to manipulate the financial mkts. It’s not a spectator sport.

  5. “Happy Columbus Day!”

    Is it still legal to say that? After all, I believe they made this an UN-holiday, because it praises that person who led all those nasty White people to these pristine shores, to befoul them with their racism and hatred for women ,genocide, slavery and whatnot until culminating in the ultimate sin of GEORGE BUSHes!

    Here’s a taste;

    Anyone who celebrates Christopher Columbus is celebrating a genocide one million times greater then that of the Holocaust. And in school we are brainwashed into thinking he was some kind of hero.”

    Wow, he did THAT? All by HIMSELF? Pretty amazing stuff…

    Of course, there’s little actual HISTORICAL truth to statements like that, but our Leftist freinds are not noted for letting the truth get in the way of stirring up hatred…

    Prezzy did a little better last year, but he couldn’t keep from idicting Columbus for similar evils even as he proclamed Columbus day;

    “When the explorers laid anchor in the Bahamas, they met indigenous peoples who had inhabited the Western hemisphere for millennia. As we reflect on the tragic burdens tribal communities bore in the years that followed, let us commemorate the many contributions they have made to the American experience, and let us continue to strengthen the ties that bind us today.” – Barak Divider, 2012

    Hm, at least he got Columbus in the right land mass. Pretty good for a leftist, especially one who doesn’t know how many states comprise the Country he rules, stated his six year old father served in WWII, and that his uncle liberated Auschwitz as part of Patton’s army, which would have been a great surprise to the Soviet troops who actually dispersed the Germans from there…

    It should probably be pointed out that Columbus was working for the Spanish at the time, and I don’t know that everyone that followed directly in his train was White, or even “White” Hispanic (whatever THAT is), so I’m not sure that Columbus unleashed an immediate “White Power” tide on these fair shores – especially considering that he didn’t actually land on the mainland, couldn’t even hit the same island twice, and was pretty sure he was on a different continent anyway. Rumors that he founded the KKK were also incorrect, as this was done some years later – by Democrats.

    Columbus opened travel to The New World. No more, no less. If it hadn’t been him, it would have been someone else. He wasn’t the sharpest tack in the box, nor the nicest person you ever could meet, but neither was he Satan dripping brimstone and spewing hatred. We have Democrats for that…

    Anyway, however politically incorrect it may be,
    “Happy Columbus Day!”

    • Columbus or the Vikings or whomever came to our shores looking for something else and found a marvelous land mass inhabited by an indigenous people who had not yet discovered the wheel, or firearms, or iron making or a written language, in 1400 AD. Of course, the far advanced people dominated the inhabitants, for good or bad. It is the way of man/humans that the more educated/sophisticated rule those who are not.
      White people did not invent the rule of nature that still guides all men today.
      Those who would make what happened all over the world a shameful or disgraceful action, are just miserable PC-addled revisionists who never see anything good in what our ancestors did to advance civilization.

      As for the treatment of Native Americans; yes, it was brutal, harsh and racist, but that’s how all people acted then and still do.
      All we have to do is peel back the slick veneer of compassion that we all think we have for our fellow human and see the ugliness of ethnic cleansing, the murder or ostracization of those we hate for their religious beliefs or simply where they were born.
      So, let’s let the past lay quiet and celebrate that someone discovered and colonized this wonderful country we call home.
      Salute! Columbus.

    • Loved Allen West’s Facebook post that was sent to me today. He explains a fascinating link between Islam and Columbus’ journey:

      Happy Politically Incorrect Columbus Day. Did you know there’s a link between Islamic conquest and Columbus’ discovery of the New World? In 711 an Islamic force invaded the Iberian peninsula, defeated the Visigoths and pushed on to France. In France, they were turned back by Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours in 732. But the Islamic Moors ruled in present day Spain for some 700 years. Later during the Spanish “Reconquista,” they were pushed into southern Spain in what they called Al Andalusia and established the Umayyad Caliphate consisting of cities such as Toledo, Granada, Seville, and Cordoba. The last Moorish city of Granada fell in 1492 under Spanish rulers, Ferdinand I and Isabella I, of Aragon and Castille. Meanwhile, some 40 years earlier, in 1453, the Ottoman Muslim Turks, conquered the Christian city of Constantinople, renaming it Istanbul and instituting Islamic rule. The all-important trade route east for Europe had been cut. It was Columbus who went to Ferdinand and Isabella seeking sponsorship for an expedition to find a new way to the east, as he believed the world was circular and could be circumnavigated by sea. Columbus found favor with Isabella and the rest, well, is history. The founding of the New World can thus be directly attributed as a response to Islamic conquest. Lastly, never forget the Islamic concept that wherever Islam has ruled (Dar-al-Islam), but been overcome (Dar-al-Harb), it must rule again.

  6. The National World War II Memorial, the center of many protests since the partial government shutdown on Oct. 1, will be the backdrop of yet another rally on Tuesday aimed at embarrassing Congress and the White House into action.

    The Military Coalition, a group of 33 military and veterans’ organizations sharing a common agenda, plans to hold a rally and news conference calling on Congress and the White House to reach a compromise on the government shutdown and national debt limit.

    “The shutdown has been devastating for the nation’s military readiness and for the veterans, service members, families and survivors in the uniformed services community,” says a Coalition announcement.

    “Veterans who receive disability and GI Bill benefits and survivors who rely on survivor benefits don’t know if they’ll get their next check,” the statement says. “National Guard and reserve monthly training has been canceled, affecting critical troop readiness and pay. Many services that military families count on daily are suspended. Veterans make up 27 percent of the federal workforce and don’t know when they will get to go back to work. The 435,000 veterans in the VA disability claims backlog have to wait even longer.”


    • PEANUT BUTTER! Is he trying to kill those children? They don’t even allow peanut butter in school lunches anymore.

      What a photo-hog, to put himself at a feeding station for people he probably put out of work, or are keeping in poverty.
      What a guy.
      Where’s the Mrs? She too good to smear PB on white bread?

    • The mean old Republicans won’t allow these poor people to work…blah, blah, blah. He doesn’t care about the shutdown, the debt limit, Obamacare, immigration – nothing except exterminating every Republican. There is a special place in h*ll for this devil.

      • He;s playing to the mindless fools that put him in office in the first place, and most of them haven’t a clue what is going on until their EBT cards quit working.

  7. Its OK Keith, “Columbus Day” is a fake holiday anyway! -LOL Columbus DID NOT ‘discover’ America.
    In the early 80s I was in second grade and when I said Columbus Day is a fake holiday during class the teacher took me to the office and they called my parents. The school asked why I would say such a silly thing. My parents said because I read it in a history book! The school was still confused… what was I, a second grader, doing reading a real history book :-)

    The Norse (vikings) and Celts (lost Irish fishermen ) discovered NORTH America!

  8. Half-hour into that mess of the new Shep “drama queen” Smith show at 3pm and Shep has said NOTHING about the Vets protest at the White House yesterday…???

    • I’m so outraged by all these memorial closures. The feds shut down scenic viewpoints at the Grand Canyon too. They’re not maintained, just a spot along the road to pull over and take photos. But it cost extra to barricade them, just like this memorial. This is really going to backfire on BO.

  9. Daily Mail has a picture of Obama in a food bank today complete in shirtsleeves and an apron surrounded by children. He should be impeached for dereliction of duty he does nothing absolutely zero.
    Well he did make sure we got the photo op with kiddies now who could
    be mad at him? All of America should be!

  10. On the Fox News discussion. I don’t watch it during the day any longer. My blood pressure has been much more stable, and I don’t feel like I’m being talked down to by a bunch of beltway barnacles whose dislike of the Tea Party is evident. Watched this video of Louie Gohmert being interviewed by Arthel Nevil on Sunday. She sounds like a MessNBC news reader rather than a fair and balanced Fox News host.

      • Where’s all the O-bot supporters who live in DC, they can volunteer to care for the garden.
        Maybe Best Foods or Starbucks can donate funds to pay someone to tend the garden.
        Maybe MSNBC can send Mika and RevSharpton over to broadcast from the garden as a public service.
        How about the OFA employees donating some of their valuable time for some fresh air gardening.
        Maybe MrObama can order some Marines out to police the garden.
        CandyCrowley could use some exercise and fresh air.
        Where’re all those illegals who want to be Americans, they know how to tend a garden.

    • State Rep. Joe Carr: ‘I certainly would never imply that my thoughts or ideas or views are exclusively my own, and I certainly didn’t represent them in the questionnaire that way.’ / John A. Gillis / File / Gannett Tennessee
      Written by
      Michael Cass
      The Tennessean

      Filed Under
      News Government – State
      Examples of plagiarism
      According to an email sent by James Gann, a member of the Coalition for a Constitutional Senate, the following appears both in Heritage Foundation materials and in Rep. Joe Carr’s responses to a candidate questionnaire:

      “The purpose of dividing the act of nomination from that of appointment also refutes the permissibility of any statutory restriction on the individuals the President may nominate. The principal concern of the Framers regarding the Appointments Clause, as in many of the other separation of powers provisions of the Constitution, was to ensure accountability while avoiding tyranny.”

      From Heritage Foundation materials:

      “The policy the FCC is trying to enact is known as “net neutrality,” an unfortunately vague code word for government regulation of the Internet.”

      The FCC doesn’t even have the legal authority to enact these regulations. Like any federal agency, the FCC can only issue regulations if Congress delegates it the power to do so.

      Though the FCC has the power to regulate telecommunications, it hasn’t been granted the power to regulate the Internet.

      Last year, the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the FCC’s attempt to regulate the Internet was outside the scope of its authority. That didn’t stop the FCC, though. It went ahead and issued new regulations anyhow.

      From Carr’s questionnaire:

      One major example of the abuses of the FCC can be seen back in 2011 when the FCC passed and enacted a policy known as “net neutrality,” an unfortunately vague code word for government regulation of the Internet.

      The FCC didn’t even have the legal authority to enact these regulations. Like any other federal agency, the FCC can only issue regulations if Congress delegates the power to do so.

      Though the FCC has the power to regulate telecommunications, it hasn’t been granted the power to regulate the Internet.

      In 2010, the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the FCC’s attempt to regulate the Internet was outside the scope of its authority, yet the FCC went ahead and issued new regulations anyways.


      ADVERTISEMENTU.S. Senate candidate Joe Carr plagiarized other people’s writings at least four times in his answers to questions from a tea party group working to vet potential challengers to Sen. Lamar Alexander.

      Responding to a questionnaire by the Coalition for a Constitutional Senate, which includes more than 60 Tennessee tea party and far-right groups and a political action committee known as Beat Lamar, Carr copied lengthy phrases and complete sentences from four articles on The Heritage Foundation’s website. Coalition member James Gann highlighted the similarities in an email obtained by The Tennessean and other media outlets.

      Carr, a Republican state representative from Lascassas in Rutherford County, acknowledged what he had done in a phone interview Wednesday. But he said he didn’t consider it plagiarism.

      “When we were crafting our answers, I went to various sources — not just Heritage, but a number of resources — to do the research,” he said. “I certainly would never imply that my thoughts or ideas or views are exclusively my own, and I certainly didn’t represent them in the questionnaire that way.”


      Not attributing the source of his quotes is stealing other people’s work.

    • If you think he’s good, then he must be. I have been sorely disappointed by my Congresswoman and US Senator. One is invisible, and the other is hiding behing a potted plant somewhere. Useless, impotent, and cowed.

      The thing is, at this point of time in politics, how could a random selection of citizens from every state be any worse than the bunch we have serving now in DC? Just any John or Jane Smith from every district sitting to discuss and vote on our future for two years, then done and out.

      • Same here, srdem. One RINO Senator and a Boehner crony for my rep. Only Senator Cruz is keeping his campaign promise to his constituents. Remember someone suggesting picking the first 535 people out of a phone book would be better than what we have serving us in Congress.

  11. So a little bit of poking around unearthed a bit of “no wonder.”

    The contractor that designed the Obamacare website? CGI Federal. A CANADIAN company.

    Elsewhere… is saying that is getting about 277,000 page views a day. So, not even 300,000 hits, and they blame TRAFFIC for how charlie-foxed it is? Really!

    Not that you’ll find that information on some other sites. If you try running past Quantcast, it says that the data is being blocked by the site owner.

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