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Sunday Open Thread – October 13, 2013

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    • Watching at Weasel Zipper, too.
      What an amazing sight, thousands(?) of Americans tearing down barry-cades that prevented them from viewing the memorials that men and women spent blood, tears, and lives to earn, and the rest of us spent our hard-earned money to build in honor of that service.

      Imagine that; ordinary Americans thumbing their noses at a government that has chosen to harm the very people they had sworn to serve. The marchers are true insurgents who refuse to bow down to over-bearing, authoritarian despots, I salute them.

          • Not specifically–I was just pointing out that many here might not be as gung-ho if it were prochoicers, Muslims, illegal or even legal immigrants yanking down barriers. As for coverage, I think a number of Congress members got arrested in the illegal immigrant thing last weekend–and this was not widely covered either…and I wondered why–seems like prime MSM stuff to me.

          • This demonstration today was not mob rule.
            Who is the mob in this instance ?
            The ones that locked up our National Parks, and barricaded the Lincoln Memorial, Mt.Vernon, the Vietnam Memorial, the WWII Memorial ?
            Just who in your opinion is the mob ?
            The congress members that were arrested,…are they in jail now, fined, or was it just for show.
            BTW,…I am pro-life.

          • Those cretins didn’t have to tear down any barriers. They were invited in by this disgraceful regime. And those Congress members who were arrested during the illegal alien march – it was a prearranged show for the cameras. It was certainly more widely covered than this vet march, which even Fox News is currently ignoring.

          • I am pro-life, too–meaning? I am the veteran of many demos on the mall–I used to live behind police lines and had to show ID to get home when there were demos–anyhow, it’s all fun and games until the police come down on it! Maybe they are nicer now. I doubt it. They will let this go until it serves them to stop it. Yes, blocking the monuments was inane and cruel. Yes, blocking a mt or filling in the Grand Canyon or whatever is also stupid. But we play into their hands when we run amok. Or not–maybe that is the country now…do whatever you want and hope for the best. The only way I can see to get rid of this stuff is to get this bunch out of office, but now we supposedly hate almost everyone who could get enough votes.

          • Sorry Star. Neither you nor I can dictate the behavior of others. We are living under government tyranny and the people are striking back. The government doesn’t own those monuments – We The People own them and it’s about time this government paid attention to us. Thank God for all those Patriots who participated in the march. That is my America!

          • We sure haven’t dictated the behavior of this admin, tis true. Now, just busting along is good. Sure, it’s a cause we support this time–but it wasn’t when they admin took things into their own hands to close things. This is turning into a free for all. Yeah, spare me, I am just an idiot who believes propaganda, I don’t have eyes to see or a mind to think.

      • I am very heartened by this. These people have defended our country, and the government treated them with disdain by withholding death benefits from their brothers, barricading open air memorials in their honor. If anyone deserves to be out enmasse it is the veterans and their supporters.

        If I was in WDC or near I would be there in body. But I am there in spirit.

        And HB to the Navy!

    the early Winter devastating Prairie storms which killed thousands of cattle (who had not yet grown their winter coats) will send up the price of beef – keep it in mind.
    My heart goes out to the ranchers and farmers (to say nothing of the animals)- it hardly bears thinking about.

    • Saw that.
      Thanks for the info on WHY they persished. All I know about farm animals is how they’re placed in the meat section of the market. And, of course, how they’re priced there.
      This will be another blow to the cash- strapped families who are already being pummeled by higher food prices.

  2. Does anyone but me think the food stamp snafu was a dry run to get the public tiled up enough to revolt and cause martial law to be imposed on us all?

    • You could be right…Obama might then use his National Park Para-Military to control us.
      I believe our own military would not support him.

      • I agree about our military and National Guard. They would not turn on us. There are some groups of ‘civilian law enforcement’ around the country set up by the old Blackwater group which changed its name to Xe. They built a huge facility west of Chicago at one time, and I imagine it’s still there. But all the paramilitaries and private law enforcement groups put together could not withstand the people backed up by our military.

        • Well the military cannot be used as police that’s against the
          Posse Comitatis law National Guard can be used only by their
          state or by invitation from another states Gov. I doubt they would let it get that far they’ve pushed good Americans just about as far as they can if they weren’t so stupid they’d be

          • I know about the posse c. law, but I wouldn’t put it past Obama to try to thwart it. You can see that he is not honoring the separation of powers right now. The law and the Constitution mean nothing to him.

          • “I believe our own military would not support him.” – Julie Brueckheimer

            “Well the military cannot be used as police that’s against the Posse Comitatis law National Guard can be used only by their state or by invitation from another states Gov. ” – Lizzie

            Obama cares nothing for laws, and while I would like to believe that the military would not back him, history suggests otherwise. Ever hear of “The Bonus Army”?


            Yes, it was a very different situation, but the point is that an American President was able to get a current army to attack former veterans who were practicing peaceful civil disobedience.

            Push comes to shove, I suspect the military will prove to have not been immune to the division in general society, and will be divided against itself as well, which Obama will make serve his ends. At best, prior to a general action, Obama will simply decide which troops he believes are on his “side”, and order the others back to barracks that have already been made virtual gun-free zones; at worst, he may have the ability to make our military fire upon itself. Wouldn’t be the first time in history an army’s ever been made to do that – and it won’t be the last.

            The distressing thing about Obama isn’t how different his abuses are, but actually, how much they’ve been done before. The fact is, I’ve read this book – in Latin, Hebrew, German, Russian, Greek, many other languages – and history records it as it played out in countries all over the world, so I already know how it will end. If the Lord tarries and the men currently in charge continue to order the course of things, it will end in slaughter. This is not new – it’s just our turn.

            It is said that “those who do not rememeber history are doomed to repeat it”. An unfortunate corollary to this is that those who DO remember history are STILL doomed to repeat it because too many of our countrymen DON’T. Obama is just a symptom, not the disease, but he’s been VERY sucessful at setting Americans against each other to the detriment of our once great Country. He’s used the full devil’s toolbox, and it’s worked just as well now as it always has; technology has improved, but mankind has not. We can just kill each other more efficiently now, and propaganda mechanisms are WAY better.

            None of this happened overnight. They’ve been dumbing this Country down, softening it up, and weakening it for a very long time. Obama is just working the ground others prepared for him, and with their continued help.

            Civil war is avoidable. It always is. Unfortunately, the people in charge have to WANT to avoid it. I don’t see that now. Obama and his backers want us riven, for reasons known only to themselves, and believe they can ride the storm to victory. Until and unless this mindset changes in the ELECTORATE, not the “leaders”, even a Conservative “win” would be played fully for effect to engender hatred and armed assault, as we have already seen when elected officials have fanned old racial flames and poured gasoline on the fire that has already resulted in numerous innocent deaths; such a “win” would simply exacerbate the divide because of the failure of Republicans to communicate with a large portion of the population that Democrats have spent YEARS poisoning against them.

            Until THESE things are addressed – and there’s no sign of that happening – our future history looks very bleak.

      • If there’s one thing that binds all of those in the military it is the honor and respect given to those who lost their lives in service.
        After the shameful refusal to give the loved ones of those who were killed their due, I don’t think there’s anyone in any service who would be willing to step in front of a bullet for the Commander in Chief anymore.

        The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should have ordered that all of the fallen soldier’s families be escorted from their homes by senior officers and flown to DC by military transport, or whatever means they have at their disposal.
        How do they intend to lead men and women to battle if they don’t show even a modicum of care if they are killed there.

        • I am disturbed by what I hear about Hagel’s inaction on this. I am also very concerned about the politization. Anyway my thoughts and prayers are with the vets. Wish I could be there.

    • That was exactly what I said this a.m. when I saw that SNAP was down. Depriving people of food, if that is what they buy with their SNAP card, is a way to get people really riled up! Riots follow, government has to step in——-I don’t put anything past this activist staffed government. How can an established website, debit card system go down?

    • Yes, that certainly crossed my mind. Why wouldn’t Xerox run maintenance tests during off hours or late night hours when less people are likely to use the EBT cards? Definitely not on a heavy use weekend…

      • Not that I know, but bad things can happen to good software. We also don’t know what rediculous specs were placed on the vendor/programmers by the Feds. Guessing based on the results of Obamacare web site, something was bound to happen eventually. Living in upstate NY, we may get more on the local news by tomorrow.
        What disturbed me was the blatant and misleading report on brietbart…since corrected. The original article was not clear the issue was with a third party vendor other than hyperlink which folks were clearly not reading. Of course this would only feed the panic, comments, and discredit the shutdown. Pretty shabby work effort.

    • Don’t read too much into this, it is most likely due to the incompetence of the government. When I was young and my husband kept getting laid off we got food stamps for a few months. It was right when they switched from paper stamps to the debit cards. The card wouldn’t activate and I had to wait a few days. Then when they got it “figured out” I went shopping, taking a long time to make sure I got the most food with the $80 we were allotted. The card was declined as I stood there humiliated that I was on food stamps and even more humiliated that I was left standing in the checkout with $80 in groceries that they had to restock.

      Happy ending for me that day though as my sister in law was walking in just as I left in tears and marched right in a bought the groceries for me. Private charity will always mean more to me than sanitized gov’t “care”.

  3. Republicans, stand your ground. Do not cave on anything. Let Obama boil in his own oil.
    He deserves whatever he brings on and it will be his legacy.

  4. …and mean what you say.
    I am proud of our Veterans. They are brave on and off the field of battle. May God bless them today – and may God bless America.
    I pray that eyes will be opened and ears will hear the truth.
    John 8:32
    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
    – King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition

  5. OT: There have been numerous reports in the past about members of the Muslim Brotherhood working in the Obama administration. Here’s Mohamed Elibiary, a DHS advisor, who has stirred up some controversy the past few days over his tweets and twitter profile update. Friday he removed the Muslim Brotherhood symbol from his twitter profile picture but still tweets support for the MB. While I have never heard of this website, they do have screen shots of his twitter posts.

    • He is firmly ensconced in DHS and a known MB member or sympathizer. If you go to State you can uncover some there. I also hear McCain has an an MB member on staff, but don’t know who or if it is true. But it has substantial legs.

      • Elizabeth O’Bagy joined McShame’s staff after being fired by Institute for the Study of War for lying about her education. She is the frontwoman for the Syrian rebels (aka al Qaeda) that this regime wants to send military aid to.

          • The McShame moniker has nothing to do with his service to our country. It has to do with his disgraceful behavior as a United States Senator. My opinion and I’m not afraid to voice it.

          • Yup, good post. I too an a Vietnam Vet, I’m proud of McCain’s military service, but he is indeed a RINO & I’m not at all pleased with him. I’m also a conservative Republican from PA. My very good friend whom I served with in Chu Lai is from Phoenix & is doing what he can to get rid of Mr. McShame.

          • So call him disparaging names. I am sure they roll right off. I don’t agree with him all the time, but he has respect in the bank with me. Why I bother to note this each time, I do not know.

          • O’Really? I don’t consider that an insult, by the way. You don’t know where I stand? I stand for things that work, are smart, are long-term, that will restore fiscal sanity, that don’t play into the hands of the dopes, that look out for unborn children. I don’t see those ideas coming from the Dems, but we hardly have any untrashed Reps left, so now what?

  6. I heard that the members of the Senate are still in WDC but House has returned to Districts and most likely won’t return until Thursday. Works for me. Everything is being rejected out of hand by the Administration, which leads me to a question I hope someone can answer.

    The Senate brought a deal to the Administration involving debt limit and reopening of government — appropriations. This I thought was within the power of the House. It looks like the Senate hopped over the House role. I read somewhere that Ryan was upset about this as well as a few others.

    My question is — what is the proper procedure? Who should be “negotiating” with the President? It would seem to me it is the House, since they appropriate or not. Or is it simply that in the end it doesn’t matter because whatever the Senate comes up with , if accepted by the Admin, it has to go to the House. It’s just that the House seems to be more limited–firmer- in what it is willing to negotiate than the Senate.

    I obviously need to understand this better if I am ever challenged by the brainiacs of the Left. /sarc/

    • I don’t know how the Senate could legally go around the House. It seems as if they’re playing footloose and fancy free here. Obviously there is less conservative opposition in the Senate than in the House, and maybe “Republican leadership”, aka the GOP establishment, is merrily (or is it meerily?) going along with the Democrats in circumventing the Constitution. Maybe this will be a wake-up call for Paul Ryan. I’d like to hear an expert take on this too, grace.

      • The senate cannot appropriate money.
        Harry Reid is a thug, just like his boss.
        Many bills to limit spending have been submitted to the senate and Reid will not bring them to the floor for a vote.
        Isn’t that the same as veto power ?

  7. The masochist in me turned on Meet the Depressed–and of course, Dave was giving Portman about 10 opps to diss his fellow Republicans–but he didn’t. Why don’t both sides print up the talking pts and send them t every household. “Full faith and credit” “first time” (except for the other 17 times), blah blah. At least it wasn’t Secy Ew.

    • Yes, a simple talking point would be about this “full faith and credit” and “default” scare is that our interest on debt is about $18 billion and Obama’s “incoming to the government” is $226 billion monthly, but the Administration’s agenda requires chaos and pain so the it is important to instill fear in public.

      • I think it’s $24B, not $18B. So it’s OK to just go along not paying some stuff, paying others, maybe alternatiing into the foreseeable future? What is the long game?

          • In absence of a budget, and with adequate income to pay interest on debt, I would approve debt extension on a 6 week rotating basis, during which time submit CRs department by department with spending cuts. Government shut down at 85% would continue. As spending cuts and adjustments were made, appropriate staffing or elimination and operational requirements would be per decision of the Department. When some semblance of fiscal sanity is restored, government can re open at full , but hopefully leaner capacity. That would be my long term plan.

          • Fantastic plan, gracepmc. Doubt the current crop of congresscritters or the Marxist in the White House would even entertain such a plan. They love their big, bloated, overpowering government too much.

          • How many times on this list have I called for a return to the auth-approp cycle, with committee hearings on agencies and programs? Your Tea Party guy Jordan pretty much said on Wallace that this could not fly and Obamacare had to go…the only way to do that is win elections…oh, well, why repeat myself… We want the same outcome, but we sure disagree on the tactics, I guess. I want Republicans to be respected.

          • Excellent plan, gracepmc. For all intents and purposes this is a govt. ‘slowdown’ – not a shutdown. The bureaucracy has more than doubled in size since Obama arrived, and a 15% cut would do wonders in restoring fiscal sanity. Unfortunately, the government and all of its subsidiaries is the personal property of Barack Obama and no one is allowed to tamper with it.

  8. ANOTHER major disaster/cover-up and display of utter incompetence by this administration went largely unreported earlier this week. It’s understandable, considering all eyes were on the screw-up of the century – the debut of the Obamacare fiasco….

    Fiery explosions destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment at NSA’s mega-spy storage facility. the $2B Utah Data Center. And this is not the first time!.

    More coverups?

    The NSA contractor who designed the flawed system stated that he has “uncovered the issue” and is working on “implementing a permenent fix”. However, the Army Corps of Engineers disagrees:

    – Snip –

    A report by ACE in the WSJ said the government has incomplete information about the design of the electrical system that could pose new problems if settings need to change on the circuit breakers. The report also said regular quality controls in design and construction were ‘bypassed in an effort to ‘ fast track’ the project”.

  9. About one paragraph of coverage of the demonstration taking place in their city by the WaPo. They posted a photo of Cruz, Palin and Lee with their hands over heart. I’m sure it was meant to portray them as culprits, but it failed imho. It’s a very nice photo of them.

  10. Saturday I got my order of ‘Anti-Obama’ bumper stickers from CafePress.
    Time to stick them on my car and hopefully P*ss-Off Obama supporters :-)

    • Not a fan of infowars site. Joking about security has been around since 9-11. As in, don’t joke about having a bomb. Also, not a good idea if you get on the plan and “joke” about having a bomb, a FAM could legally kill you.

  11. Want to hear something particularly repugnant about this regime and its treatment of our military members?

    Another American soldier was killed by a so-called friendly Afghanistan soldier. While at the same time our Secretary of State bargains with the Taliban for America’s surrender.

    Where is this fallen patriot’s so-called commander-in-chief? Well, other than spending a rare weekend alone with his wife and kids, he’s doing nothing as an Army Lieutenant is arrested, tried, and sentenced as a murderer of our enemy under this fraud’s ridiculous Rules of Engagement.

    Allen West
    More outrageous treatment of our military. Army 1LT Clint Lorance from Celeste Texas, a 28 year old ground combat platoon leader in the 82d Airborne Division was just sentenced to 20 years in Ft. Leavenworth on two counts of murder. In July 2012, 1LT Lorance ordered the engagement of two Taliban scouts who were tracking his platoon’s movements while on a patrol in Kandahar province, a platoon that had recently experienced losses, including the previous Platoon Leader. According to our ridiculous Rules of Engagement, soldiers in a combat zone are told to hold their fire unless there is evidence of hostile action or direct hostile intent. I spent two and a half years in southern Afghanistan, and we all knew the Taliban utilized fighters on motorcycles and cell phones as scout/trackers. If there are enemy combatants reporting your patrol movements in order to facilitate an attack, how is that not hostile intent? CPT William Miller, the government prosecutor, said1LT Lorance “used his rank and position to harass, intimidate, threaten, and murder Afghans.” What an incredible dilemma for our men and women in combat: fight and kill the enemy and be sent to prison. Or be killed by the enemy and be denied your death gratuity benefits. This is utter BS and I implore true Americans, and veterans, to melt down the White House, DoD, and Department of the Army phone lines and email.

  12. Saturday I was driving through Northern Texas on Highway 54,on my way to Minnesota..
    Slowing driving through a lovely town, which had a pedestrian overpass, three of America’s military hero’s were standing and waving our Stars and Stripes, in support of America’s Veterans and America’s Constitution. I gave a thumbs up and a horn approval, as did the ‘Truckers’ on either side of my vehicle. God Bless America !!!

        • Agree. There was no indication that this crowd of middle-aged, elderly, and war vets were in any way violent or going to cause trouble.
          The MSM tried to color this civil action as ‘tea party’ activists or just ignored what it really meant to millions of Americans who are fed up with being pushed around by our own government.

          • You should have heard the NPR report this afternoon!

            Before the report on the protest, there was a report on the awfully hatey xenophobic protest in Moscow against the murder of a resident by someone from “the Caucasus”. (Those damn Dagestani Methodists!)

            The next segment was preceeded by yells and squeals and the like. It was the introduction to the report on the Mall.

      • An excellent example of why Congress does not work. It is busy with the stuff of Redskins trademark. And the more “socialist, divestment” BS that gets dragged into our government/society/politics the worse it will get.

        Congress should not be involved in this at all, so maybe it is a good thing that no debate has ensured. It should die.

        But we paid staffers to work on this and diverted Congress’ time to do the same.

      • United States Constitution
        Article 1, Section 9

        No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

        Targeting the Redskins’ trademark excluding all others is a bill of attainder.

  13. Bob Costas (PMSNBC Sports needs to shut the hell up and go away).
    The Redskins are a national treasure no matter what the politically incorrect say.

  14. “I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.” ~ Walter Sobchak (The Big Lebowski)

    You don’t have to like it, but you must pretend to. At least that’s what they tell me…