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Obama’s Big Problem: He has no Credibility

I want to let you know about a new article I have running in Politico today, Obama’s Crisis of Credibility. Obama has a more serious problem than people seem to recognize: He’s no longer viewed as a credible individual.

From the piece:

President Barack Obama is like a novice flier thrust into the cockpit of a 747. He’s pushing buttons, flipping switches and radioing air traffic control, but nothing’s happening. The plane is just slowly descending on its own, and while it may or may not crash, it at least doesn’t appear to be headed to any particularly useful destination.

Obama’s ineffectiveness, always a hallmark of his presidency, has reached a new cruising altitude this year . . .

Obama has something worse on his hands than being hated. All presidents get hated. But Obama is being ignored. And that’s because he has no credibility.

I hope you get a chance to look at the piece. And check out the comments too. Lots of them and pretty heated on both sides.


72 Responses to Obama’s Big Problem: He has no Credibility

  1. I will check it out.
    re; comments on the Politico website
    Oh boy, if any comment doesn’t seem to adore MrObama or anything leftist, the trolls start the name-calling and do their best to discourage any intelligent discussion. They seem to have focused on the word “teabagger” as the favorite insult ( I had to ask my grand-daughter what it meant), and Politico makes no attempt to discourage the use of a anti-gay slur.

    • Good grief, the Obots are out in force! How dare you besmirch the One Who Must Be Obeyed?

      It was surpising to learn that you are a “right-wing shill, left of Rush Limbaugh”. lol.

      Seriously now. It was a well-written piece and something that a lot of people, not just your readers, would agree is true. Not one pro-Obama supporter defended him from the accusation that he has lied repeatedly about the effect that the ACA would have on the public, or that he is not viewed with respect by our foreign friends or enemies.
      There is also a strange and dangerous lack of worry or concern by most Americans of the thuggish-type actions of this administration. Sure, they blame MrO for all the petty, mean shutdowns of our national treasures, but they’re not aware of the daily push-backs or stomp-downs that are a trademark of the chicago-style politics.

      • The level of discourse at a few of the right leaning sites has degraded lately. I used to enjoy the discussions at NRO but now they are full of name-calling trolls. It’s not much fun anymore. I don’t mind a heated debate, as long as it’s actually on topic and not at a 5 year olds’ level. Politico has always had a lot of lefties, but you used to be able to state an opinion without getting trolled.

  2. At some juncture, the American voter must wake up and realize that managerial experience matters. Its why many successful past Presidents had a tenure as governor prior to national office. Governors govern, manage, use resources, work in conference with others and solve issues. These skills carry with them. Clinton and Reagan surely had the skill sets; unfortunately Obama does not. Its an expensive and painful lesson we are paying these days…..

  3. Barack Obama cut corners back in 2008. He didn’t (want to / like to) play politics and thought (wrongfully) that he was above paying political dues. Nobody owns him anything after 5 years. And, thus, it is the sad life of Barack Hussein Obama: He thought (again wrongfully) he was better than that and that the unwritten DC political rules would’ve never applied to him. :)

  4. Well written article Keith. You definitely have struck a chord with both sides as the comments are coming ‘fast and furiously’. Bad pun, I know.

  5. Regarding the 747 analogy, I think he knows exactly where he’s flying that plane…he’s “pushing buttons, flipping switches and radioing air traffic control,” and a lot of bad stuff is happening.

    As promised, he’s “fundamentally changing” America.

      • Obama does love the chaos — He is a sick miserable puppy — can’t agree or work with ANYONE!!!! Constantly looking for trouble every day. He never does anything for ALL Americans, just minorities and illegals — and he only helps them for the VOTES. His goal is not to lead or help this country, its just to destroy people, like Republicans, small businesses, COALMINERS, DEFINITELY, he doesn’t care if they ever work or eat again! No Soul, no compassion, no sympathy, no empathy, only for his own kind.

  6. Standing Ovation, Keith! Hope the hopelessly incompetent Mr. O will have time to read your piece in between golfing and goofing off this week-end.

    Thanks to the shutdown, he seems to have cut back on his AF1 joy rides and campaign trips. He must feel like a fish out of water – a stranger wandering around aimlessly in a world that is completely alien to him. Maybe he and the MOOCH can hang some curtains together….or take the Beast out for a spin. If he’s lucky, he might be able to find some poor schmo willing to do a sit-down interview for their local TV station. I better stop before I get carried away.

  7. Then there are the moments when one has to conclude that Obama could not have possibly been telling the truth.

    Those moments mark the bulk of his discourse. He lies, and he lies, and he lies again. It goes far beyond promises broken. It involves promises made where there was zero intention of following through.

    Obama has never shown similar fortitude [of Reagan] to the world for the simple reason that he lacks it. Obama is not to be feared, or even trusted. And that’s a fatal flaw in a president.

    The bigger tragedy here is that many of us recognized this back in 2008. And by 2012, our concerns had been proven on the world stage. Yet a majority of voters again cast their votes for dishonesty and incompetence. And now we are stuck with the fatal flaws of Obama for another 39 months.

    • Obviously he lies deliberately without compunction. But sometimes I wonder if he even grasps, cognitively (as distinct from morally), the difference between a factual statement and an assertion that serves his purposes. For someone with his degree of egocentricity, they may appear to be the same thing.

  8. Very good article, Keith. You have summed up all of his failures, and that opening analogy is spot on if not terrifying. It’s similar to but not racist like the Russian monkey with a hand grenade image. If the situation were not so scary, one could go beyond his lack of credibility to his being an outright joke.

  9. While I am working up to heading over to the world of Politico — one of Obama’s many media home away from homes — I was half listening to the news. And it occurred to me that in a totally non partisan way the best thing for the entire country would be to delay the individual mandate. It is causing a lot of pain and anxiety and fear. This can’t possibly be working on any level for anyone. And Sebellius should be fired – she failed on every level.

    OT. 2cents

    • Delaying the individual mandate doesn’t bring back affordable health insurance for those of us who wanted to keep buying it because it’s the responsible thing to do, and because we don’t want to lose everything if the unforeseeable happens.

      All the mandates for what MUST be covered in a one-size-fits-all policy, with no one denied for any reason, will remain in place — and that’s what is crushing a lot of people who aren’t wealthy and don’t work for a large corporation that’s expected to find the means to pay the higher costs.

      Delaying the individual mandate is not much different in effect from the delays already applied by executive fiat: a way to deflect opposition while the government takeover keeps going forward.

    • I agree that Sebelius should be fired. She’s completely incompetent. As for a delay, I agree with Radegunda, it’s too late for that. What happens to all of the people that have already been dropped from coverage? Who’s going to step in for just a year to offer them policies they can afford? That just adds another layer of uncertainty to the market. We need total defunding at this point.

  10. No credibility? Keith, you simply have it all wrong. President Present has built tremendous credibility, just think of all of his fantastic accomplishments since first appearing on the political stage at the 2004 Democratic Convention:


    Seriously, who but Sir Golfsalot could have set the record in the Illinois State Senate for Most Times Voting “Present”? Or who has set and continues to build on his US Record for Golfing as A President? Finally, King Barack the First has built tremendous credibility in the category of First United States President to Actively Shut Down National Parks In Order to Hurt U.S. Citizens.

    The man’s accomplishments stand on their own. Tremendous credibility and accomplishements which shall be no doubt memorialized in his future ranking of Worst United States President in History.

    • If you want to get technical–and the Apocalypse must be upon us, because I’m defending ObeyMe on his golf numbers–Eisenhower played a lot more golf than Obama has.

      That said, Ike was president when times were much, much better, and he left us the Interstate Highway system, so he could golf and lead at the same time. ObeyMe? Not so much.

  11. The RINO leadership sees the TEA Party as more of a threat to them than Obama. The only reason they are tolerating this shutdown is because the Democrat Party is attacking the TEA Party more than them. I’m sure that was part of the discussion Obama had with Krauthammer. “Look we have a common enemy.”

    • Just told Susan on another thread that the AP has an article in which the RINOs are striking at the Tea Party. County chairmen in Iowa to John Sununu and Haley Barbour are blaming the Tea Party for the budget/debt ceiling crisis.

      • The Tea Party is a threat to the comfy way of doing business in DC and the political elitist class. Many people have finally woken up to the reality that we, the people, don’t elect people who truly represent us and vote for our best interests.

        I don’t know what happens when our elected people get to Washington, but they turn their backs on the folks back home and do whatever the heck they want. They are high on power, and we the people are suffering.

  12. Excellent article, Keith. Don’t spend a lot of time on Politico – they’re Preezy’s mouthpiece and a haven for back-stabbing RINOs – but your article made it well worth the visit today. From reading the comments, it’s apparent the establishment GOP’s latest cave to Preezy has emboldened the left and their derogatory name-calling.

  13. Obama has killed his credibility because most people realize that he is a pathalogical liar. Almost every pronouncment or “fact” that comes out of his mouth is demonstrably untrue. Obama really is nothing more than a con artist. He has been bullshitting his way through life and it has finally caught up with him.

    If he actually beleives that crap that comes out of his mouth then he is the most ignorant president in the history of the republic.

  14. Terrific piece, Keith. You got the lefties at Politico screaming bloody murder, so you must have doubled out with the inner bullseye. Well done!

  15. Keith, I read your articulate article and I am of two minds. While you get kudos for the content and it is so well-written, my other brain half says “I hope your good writing doesn’t attract all those marginal people to this site.”

    They are very good at the ad hom barbs but not clever. That one person who caled him/her/self “Rob Tell” seems to have a limited number of insults in his quiver. I stop counting the times he called someone a “nutter”. That one really stings,doesn’t it.

    I,personally, never thought BO ever had any credibility. I’m always reminded of an incident where I had remarked to a professor of mine about anothet student that”she appears to be intelligent” He corrected me. “No”, he said. She is not intelligent, She is canny”

    One learns how to survive according to one’s resources, I suppose.
    No one can accuse you as having an opinion for voting “Present”

    Bottom line. Good job,well done.

    • I also hate it when the bots come a’callin’. If people are smart enough to come to this site, they can notch up the language–and that goes for the profanity, too.

    • I knew the moment Obama was elected THE FIRST TIME, that his presidency would be a nightmare. Don’t know why, but I will never forget the feeling I had when I awoke that morning that he was elected, a feeling that it was unreal and that the 60’s hippies were now ruling us with all the imagined hate for America. I just knew it would be a scary nightmare for America. And now the Democratic party has created a massive election fraud situation that I don’t know how we will get out of. I miss the days when democrats were normal people, not robots that are told what to say by the President and repeat and repeat and repeat the moronic talking points day after day with all the insults they can muster like terrorists, extortionists, insane, etc., on and on with filthy language. They think they are winning because the Republicans’ numbers are down but they are not! Almost everyone except the democratic robots/communists hate Obama.

      • I read your article Keith and I hope it reminds everyone of the millions of promises Obama made and the daily constant lies, I also read the comments about your article and a lot of them were brilliant too about the economy and Obama.

  16. Hi Keith,

    I read your article in Politco and checked out the comments as asked. I agreed with your article but I wanted to take the time to mention the comments. When I reviewed the comments, people were discussing the 2009 collapse and QE.

    What struck me is some people were arguing that QE is a good thing and needed to happen. That there was not enough money in circulation so we needed QE.

    It made me think about where we are at now and how we can ever fix our economy if people believe QE is a good thing. I want to ask them, if it was a good thing then why are worse off today then 2009? And when I say worse off, we are majorly worse off not marginally. If it is a good thing, then why do even care if we raise the debt ceiling? It should be a no brainer that we should just raise the debt ceiling, spend what we want/need and print more – it is a good thing afterall.

    But denial is a powerful thing. I am not sure how many suffer from it but there are people that still deny that Obama is anything but great, that everyone else has the credibility issue not Obama (he is the victim) and I imagine many of these people are the same ones that believe QE was a good thing.

    Well anyhoo, just wanted to share that. I enjoy your blog and like checking to see what you have written. And I appreciate the fact that you seem to make an active effort to stay outside of the political echo chamber. I always appreciate that in people I read and especially more so these days from people that are on the same side as me politically. And you do that well so thank you.

    Have a nice day.

  17. Keith: Standing ovation and a big round of (((applause))). You fired up the comment section.
    The pilot metaphor is spot on – President ‘Costa Concordia’ never should have been at the helm.

  18. Keith, Next time you plan on stirring up a bunch of OFA bots, tell me first. I’ll invite some friends to help with the stirring.

    Only had time to leave half a dozen quick relies.

    I’ll link the politico post…

  19. Good article, but can’t slug my way thru 600 odd comments….but good for you to provoke such a response and to have so many eyeballs watching….
    Obama has scared me for quite awhile with his complete disregard for American history and for the people that spilt the blood to found the place.
    By the way, one of my forbears was a slave as well…but Acadian