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The Obama Morning News || October 11, 2013

Boehner offer puts Obama on the spot . . . Politico
GOP move on debt changes tone
. . . New York Times
White House claims GOP is on the ropes . . . The Hill
Only 51K signed up for Obamacare first week . . . Daily Mail
GOP to probe Obamacare glitches . . . Politico
Obama signs military death benefits bill . . . Fox News
All troops may leave Afghanistan
. . . Washington Post
Report: WH has chilling effect on press . . . Fox News
Allen West: Obama a spoiled brat child . . . Washington Times

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 11, 2013

  1. re: the Daily Mail and Wolf Blitzer, CNN
    The Daily Mail, a foreign owned news medium, knows and reports what thousands of US media won’t or can’t. Time after time, on an issue or opinion, the Mail prints what the US public should know or would like to know.
    MrBlitzer makes a suggestion that the Dems should consider what the Repubs are asking in regards to the rollout of the ACA. In response to his benign suggestion, he’s forced to deny he said it and it becomes a headline story.

    Why can’t MrBlitzer agree with the Repubs without becoming a headline; because the US media is so biased against anything not Dem approved or not seen to favor MrObama. In itself, this is the most damning evidence of the leftist, progressive bias and intent of the Press of the US.
    The Mail, able to ferret out information that the US media dare not seek, and the reason why not: for fear of reprisal from the leftist, progressive Press or from the Obama administration.

    It’s been said here a thousand times, in a thousand different ways that the US media are speaking for a movement that more than half of the US doesn’t want or approve. They ignore or bury anything that isn’t in the best interests of the leftist ideal, and they allow our elected (and non-elected) government officials to skate on actions or decisions that should be investigated and published.

    On one single issue that every US media should have been reporting is the refusal of the DoD to pay the families of fallen soldiers their death benefit. How could it be a left/right issue, how could it not be seen as a shameful outrage to deny the loved ones of soldiers killed in action what is due them?
    The US MSM should hang their heads in shame and disgrace.

    • G-d bless the Daily Mail! Blitzer was verbalizing the thoughts of every rational-thinking human being on the planet after what has to be the most humiliating ‘roll-out’ of the most bally-hooed piece of legislation by any POTUS in the history of America. Instead, the idiot savant in the WH compared himself to Steve Jobs and doubled down on stupid. The sign-up date has been moved back from Mar. 31 to Feb. 14! Go figure!

      • The Republicans have actually done Obama a favor by proposing Obamacare be postponed for a year, but he is too bull-headed to accept their offer of an out.

    • In a variation–on Morning Joe (you’re welcome, people)–they had a poll that showed the Cruz talkfest made Obamacare more popular. They were crowing over that. It was kind of tortured logic to get there, but they had some numbers.

      • PS A friend I had not talked to in a while emailed me this morning that she was finally going to get health insurance but the Republicans had shut down govt. The meme is out there! We knew it would be. Now to try to change the subject…like opening the govt. Of course, I said the health insurance was still available–if she could get through. I didn’t feel like getting into all of it.