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House GOP Hands Obama an Offer

Here’s the latest, via Politico:

Right now, Republicans want to fund the government through Dec. 15, and lift the debt ceiling through Nov. 20. That would open two tracks for negotiations. Appropriators will develop 2014 spending levels. And then broader fiscal talks — spearheaded by Budget Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp of Michigan and GOP leadership — would proceed alongside the debt ceiling timeline. These talks could include reforms to the tax and entitlement systems.

According to the Associated Press:

In addition to ending the shutdown and increasing the debt limit, the proposal includes an easing of the across-the-board spending cuts that began taking effect a year ago, and replacing them with curbs in benefit programs that Obama himself has backed.

Among them is a plan to raise the cost of Medicare for better-off beneficiaries.

The “across-the-board spending cuts” are what’s known as last year’s sequester.

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          • I thought the MC was already done for. Maybe we can restructure some entitlements a little better. The Republicans have the initiative here–anyhow that I how I see it. If there is no movement–no change, then what–do you actually think there will be no repercussions here or internationally? Do you think the president will turn on Obamacare or even delay it? What do you want to get or think you can get?

          • You may be right–but tell me where you are getting railing against RINOs and trashing the Republican party. Where can you get by leaving the govt closed–people think Repubs did it–they are not happy. Yes, Obama is not untouched, but he is sure less touched. One poll said 60% of Ams want a whole new Congress–all new. Maybe some firebrands on this list could run–you guys would be wonderful! I am serious.

          • Star, I had a brilliant, I say Brilliant, response but alas it is in space being appreciated by NSA et al and not by the likes of you! I jest, but I did lose my response.(and it was anything but brilliant).

            I am not railing against the Republican Party. And I do believe that there was some merit in continuing the shut down.

            The Party is in transition. I am more of the thinking of the new guys. The Tea Party is being vilified as radicals and they are not. Cruz was opposing Obamacare because that is what he was elected to do.

            Most likely due more to a clash of egos, and perhaps a difference of opinion, the Republicans could not agree on a strategy or a common goal. Boom!

            My problem now is that we gave too much — increase debt limit, CR with a hit once again against medicare, and the re opening of the government. Too much. The Republican Party needs to go to learn the art of negotiating. It is indeed a surrender. Just one of those things, would have gotten the ball rolling for more. Interior had already moved to opening parks, albeit in the thuggish manner of charging the states.

            To your point that Obama did lose a little . Yes, he did. And I would ask you to consider, despite the resulting mess, that had Cruz not gotten on his soapbox to do what he was elected to do the failings of Obamacare and the incompetence and heavy handedness of this Administration toward the citizenry would not have been exposed so much.

            We have to keep the machinery of the government operating yes. The Republican Party has lost its focus on what really matters. The Republic is in peril. And the foe is formidable. So, we better get it together one way or the other. And yes, it will be messy. But you know what they say, about “worth fighting for”. :)

            Right now the Old Guard generals cannot get the young raw recruits confidence to follow them into battle. If they continue to fail, my unsolicited advice to the “Tea Party” faction is to study the history of old Palace Guard uprisings because they have some learning to do.

            A pleasure, as always.

          • Was there an answer in there as to what can be gained by keeping the govt shut and conducting national economic business in a shall we say unconventional way? Will it get rid of Obamacare? Will it strengthen the dollar? Will it improve 401s? Will it make people more confident of their govt’s operations so they can breathe easier?

          • This is for Star…I think keeping the government “shutdown” could very well lead to the demise of Obamacare (and just in case anyone does not know, the ACA forces you to purchase insurance – it in no way guarantees you will receive adequate medical care.)
            This is the knowledge I have gleaned about our current circumstances, but I am not an economist or a market analyst and anyone and everyone who is can correct the following:
            QE is leading to the demise of the dollar because our government is- in effect -buying our own debt…(even as I type that sentence I think, “how stupid is that?”) We are buying our own bond indebtedness, so bond returns are lower and conversely, stock returns are higher. Therefore the stock market is soaring.
            401s do not guarantee good returns – they are (put in my simple way of understanding) an additional means to fund retirement that is based on market returns.
            Market returns are based on economic conditions of supply and demand…and in a capitalistic society, supply and demand is driven by free enterprise.
            The problem we face now in my layman’s opinion? The government has WAY too much influence in private enterprise, and therefore due to QE, market returns are up because returns on bonds are down, and, the supply/demand model has been so screwed because of the large impact of forcing the here-to-fore free market to fund a huge segment of our economy – i.e., health care.
            Do we have other problems within our society? You betcha! Market manipulation by private enterprise, lack of adequate medical care for our citizens, the poor and the homeless, etc., etc., etc. We have morphed into an “it’s all about me, me, me society – but government cannot rectify that problem. Only we can hold ourselves and others to a generally accepted moral and ethical code of behavior that can and should address our societal problems. The government can should provide guidelines (the Constitution, the Bill of Rights) but it should never be allowed to intervene into the lives of private citizens – especially in the arena of medical care. That is a private issue and, frankly, I agree, medical care should be obtainable for everyone. I believe the ACA does not provide that assurance in any kind of rationally affordable way for anyone and I would hope the current attention to this legislation ,by way of the shutdown, will shine a spotlight on the disasterous inadequencies of this legislation.
            So, allowing seemingly unlimited government spending for things that will never, ever, ever show a positive return? It doesn’t take a degree in economics or business to see that mindset and practice is unsustainable. We are not teaching men “to fish” so that they can become self reliant and help others become more self reliant. We are giving them fish and much more …and therefore, eliminating their need to work, destroying their pride of ownership and killing their iniative to learn more and do better.
            So why continue the shutdown? Because the world will not end, no matter what both sides claim – and because through this process, we may discover a new clarity regarding the role of government and the role of private enterprise in a productive society. We could learn what is truly important and begin to direct our government towards more effective and positive impact internally and externally.
            Sorry for the length…this was a written thinking process and an effort to respond to your question.

          • So why continue the shutdown? Because the world will not end, no matter what both sides claim – and because through this process, we may discover a new clarity regarding the role of government and the role of private enterprise in a productive society.

            “May”–a new clarity? Highly speculative and almost surely won’t happen. Do you think this shutdown will make us socialist? Keep us capitalist? We are a combo, really. The only way to reverse this mess is to take on entitlements and to do that we need to win elections. Oh, well, everyone knows where I stand. I want effective, thought out measures that could work if people are willing to lose a little to gain a little–and do this over and over. This new batch of approaches, the medical device tax may be eliminated, some other things. The whole thing may self-destruct anyway if no one can sign up to pay for it.

          • Star, you are correct – my statement was not assertive. I believe we are achieving a true picture of the wastefulness and ineffectiveness of government via this “shutdown”…a clarity that reveals a true picture of the reality our government has become – yes, IMO more Socialist than Republic.
            The question we should ask is why WE, the revenue generators in our economy, allow the government to decide to avoid passing a budget and yet demand to increase our debt in order to avoid a “shutdown.” Because it seems to me that over 200 years of existence provides a more than adequate means of determining a reasonable budget for reasonable government operations.
            Why do WE allow our elected representatives to posture and preen and absolve themselves of responsibility before the media rather than seek a sensible consensus? The petty, partisan politics that are displayed day after day reveal to the world the incompetence of our employees – the employees we chose to “be” our guidance through our government.
            Star, the question WE should ask is “What if a continued government FISCAL shutdown does not make a difference?” Because, it seems to me that this “shutdown” is nothing more than the Democrats demanding additional debt for funding more entitlement programs while the Republicans stall and pick their noses and say “Huh? Well…what’s in it for us?” It is a power struggle – nothing more – and it is the epitome of irresponsibility. And we ELECTED these people?!?! My gosh – the ignorance and laziness of our populace is astounding.
            And because they need to increase our collective debt as a nation to fund the pet projects that the media lauds and yet, they still cannot pass a budget, well, yes – there are many of us who think, “Shut her down.” There are those of us who want our government to be strong – a fiscally sound world leader – not a debt ridden, poverty stricken country beholden to everyone else in the world. So, we want to hold all of their “feet to the fire” because, Star, we don’t believe our great nation will be “shut down” for ever – but maybe it needs to be shut down long enough to make our representatives reveal their true characters. It has been pretty effective so far – immigration supporters are allowed to congregate on the National Mall with the likes of Nancy Pelosi, while our VETERANS are not allowed to visit their memorials – and the families of those that gave their lives are denied benefits by our Justice Department. Our National Parks (mainly wide open spaces) are closed by the Department of the Interior (seriously – an Interior Dept.???) Our senior citizens are threatened via scare tactics involving SS – which is NOT an entitlement program. Turns out the ACA is not FREE for those who need help…either they or we will pay a fee or a fine. This is a government that must be reigned in and if a “shutdown” will help achieve that, then I for one say, “So be it.”

          • You’re still falling for the propaganda that the Republicans are responsible for the shut down of the government. They aren’t. Preezy and the cryptkeeper have been planning for months to shut down the government. The two were ready to crack until the RINOs caved in and gave Preezy everything he wanted.

            If that’s the kind of representation in Congress the GOP has to offer, I don’t want anything to do with them. You are free to continue defending these frauds and cast your vote for them if you want. I will not.

          • We have a two-party system. Anytime there were 3, the Dems benefited. Please tell me which party you will vote for. Everything you say about the decline of the country is true–but no answers lie with the liberals. So why continue to trash the alternative? It seems weird to me. And to trash me. I am trying to go beyond endlessly defining the problem to how to solve it. I think the Republicans have a broader bench–but you guys are picking them off like birds on a wire. We need to STAND UP a slate not join in trashing Republicans. Oh, well, I am so disappointed in this dialogue here at the moment. And no, I am not falling for propaganda. I now see that most here won’t watch Fox and won’t vote Republican. I would be interested in what you would do. As I said–why don’t you run?

          • Reply to Star…I plan to vote for anyone who is not an incumbent. I hope and pray those choices are conservative candidates.
            I would prefer Republican over Democrat. I would vote for Tea Party candidates as well. If the non-incumbent is a Liberal? I will vote for the incumbent if I believe the candidate is less liberal and more conservative. My issue with this entire government is not driven by party loyalty. My issue is the corruption within the ranks.

    • The GOP has disappointed me for the last 25 years. They are notorious for tucking their tails and running. At least they can no longer lie to us and pretend they won something here. From now on the commie health care system this regime is installing shall be known by me as Obama-Boehnercare. Thank you, Senator Cruz, for exposing the frauds pretending to be conservative.

      • Sorry to be the one to “make your day”, Susan, but I just read an article from the AP saying how the RINOs are striking back at the Tea Party and blaming them for the budget/debit impass as much as Obama. From county chairmen in Iowa to Haley Barbour and John Sununu. If that’s the case, I don’t expect Congressional Republicans to look deeply into charges against the IRS.

        • Republicans, now indistinguishable from Democrats, employing Alinsky tactics against Tea Party.

          I hope the true conservatives who want limited government, fiscal responsibility, adherence to the constitution and rule of law continue to “stand their ground” and hit back and persevere.

          The next big young RINO will be Paul Ryan.

          • When Ryan participated in removing conservatives from committee memberships, I knew he had gone to the dark side. I’m not disappointed by this latest betrayal. I expected it. Just makes me more determined to defeat these ruling class elitists who only seem to care about what their constituents want when election time rolls around. Thanks to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, we know who the poseurs are.

          • Just a comment. What is concerning is that especially with immigration there is a lot of big business money and thinking pouring in to the party , making it even less appealing to me. The little guy, the small business people and individual conservatives are really not being well represented at all. You are right about Ryan.

          • Paul Ryan has become a little too slick. He waited for the last moment, the last most opportune moment, to insert himself into the discussion. Maybe he thinks he is the standard bearer because he ran with Romney. He will not get primary votes because of his stance on amnesty, just to mention one issue.

  1. The Tea Party in the person of Ted Cruz and others, did what they were elected to do, attack Obamacare. The Party took it as a personal attack (and there were some clumsy attacks — the youngsters have to be a little wiser in that approach) and is now turning on them. It got personal and in going after their own for doing what they were elected to do the Republicans had to surrender. That’s done.

    What’s next? The Republicans are going to go hard after the Tea Party. The Democrats will help them. There will be a whole lot of vilifying. The Tea Party (please can’t it have another moniker) is going to have to reassess how to be more effective. Tactics.

    • I like the moniker Tea Party. They were the first activists for liberty, and I believe we’re the rebirth of that movement. Also believe Ted Cruz’s 21-hour filibuster of Obamacare was an extremely effective tactic. Ted Cruz, with the help of Mike Lee, was able to go around the ruling class elites and bring the behemoth Obama-Boehnercare and all its warts front and center in the public discussion.

      As far as the RINO attack on Cruz and Lee, they are just postponing their inevitable demise. The GOP has lost their conservative base and we ain’t coming back as long as the RINOs are in charge. Sadly, the RINOs are pretty good at surreptitious sabotage of the Tea Party. Glenn Beck’s description of their attempted takeover of Freedom Works last year is a perfect example of their duplicity:

      • I like the moniker too Susan. But it’s been hi – jacked by the left and drug through the mud. Oh well, struggle and a little dirt builds character. Anyway that ‘s where I was coming from.

  2. The thing is open enrollment for employee healthcare is just around the corner. This is the time that the working class, who pays much of the freight, sees their costs and benefits for the following year.

    Most companies do open enrollment the first 3 weeks of November. It is not that long to hold out in the grand scheme of things.

    Just as there seemed to be a scramble for the Democrats to push things through before people saw the truth on Oct 1, I suspect there may be a similar push to get a deal done before open enrollment.
    . .

    • I am greatly disappointed in the Republican party, but it is par for the course. Every single morning this past week and a half I expected to wake up and find they had caved.
      Obamacare is crashing and burning on it’s own, if we do get passed this stupid shut down, the press will have to focus on it. Ted Cruz and company did a great job pointing out the flaws of the law. Signing up for the law has proven a nightmare, and the costs are out of control. The upcoming enrollment period for business will be another wake up call. Perhaps, and just call me Pollyanna, they will have to shut it down for year because there is no way implement this car wreck. And yes, the Republicans stink too.

    • Since the others have not responded to my question, maybe you can tell me what the Repubs would have achieved by just defying Obama no matter what. How would that have helped me–over here in Arizona, staring at a cactus, can’t get work in, heartsick over the economy for myself and my kid? Sure, it’s entertaining to call names, and you seem to be a fan of that, but how would you suggest we break the logjam? Seriously–I want to know. If it’s a good, achieveable end, I will be on your side.

      • Star see my treatise. :) I do think by just having this so messy we have made progress in the party. Things are more out in the open. It is always better. Not pretty. It’s a process. It’s a marathon not a sprint. The end goal is so that you and your kid and all of us don’t have to fear for our way of life and everything we have worked for. Tough stuff. You and your kid come first — hunker down, work and protect and enjoy what is yours. The sun will rest and the evening light will be beautiful in Arizona.

        • I still missed the part about how lashing out at other Republicans, helping Obama trash them, and standing firm on something that gains nothing is helping us. I must be dense today. You are not playing the long game, the game of inches, by crippling the party that could get these people out.

      • When Obama took office the debt was a little over $10 trillion. It is now approaching $17 trillion. What do we have to show for $7 trillion in additional debt? Besides, of course, fudged unemployment numbers (hint: go to the St. Louis Fed’s FRED database and find the graph for employment participation rate).

        Mathematics dictates that somewhing which cannot go on forever, won’t. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have ignored the persistent deficit spending and ramp up in debt for far too long. Detroit is just a hint of what will happen over the next 20 years across the country (google Stockton, CA or Vallejo, CA).

        Oh, and did I mention if we count all the unfunded liabilities out there (social security, etc) the real number owed by the US is over $200 trillion? That’s also easy to document (google Mary Meeker). From the world’s wealthiest nation to the world’s largest debtor nation in about two generations. It’s a fine world we are leaving our children to deal with.

  3. Too bad the MSM dislikes Ted Cruz so much. No wonder I never
    look at MSNBC, NBC, CBS (well, sometimes in a.m.). and ABC. They
    are all so in the tank for Obama. Aarrg! I respect Cruz and Mike
    Lee too. McCain is a disgrace to the republican party, as is Lindsey