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Video || Obama Vs. Democrats on Spending

Sorry, I’m really not trying to be an organ for RNC propaganda. But they definitely have someone clever over there putting video together.

Okay, equal time. Here’s a video in a similar vein from the Democratic National Committee. Compare them for yourself.

12 thoughts on “Video || Obama Vs. Democrats on Spending”

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    1. Can you explain what you want the GOP to do–go all the way to a no increase on the ceiling, a big drop in the market, more damage to 401s, which is all many people have left in the way of future planning…worldwide shakes…? If it comes to a vote–enough Repubs will vote to extend the ceiling, at least for a token period, in my op. Do you really think this will result in a victory in the Senate in 2014. The people are sick of this!

      1. A two to one majority of Americans want spending cuts to go with a rise in the debt ceiling. Boehner can do a VERY SHORT extension so the Republicans are not blamed for a default but if Obama doesn’t come back right away with some things he’s willing to give up, Boehner will look like he was had. And indeed, he would have been had.

        1. Not that simple, ay least in my opinion. The Dems will give cuts, but also want “investments” (increases)–We need some broad stroke like a change in SS or something that will result in moderation down the road.

      2. I want the GOP to live up to their promise to the electorate: Defeat Obamacare, by any means necessary. They don’t do that, they lose the trust of their constituents and they will pay the price in 2014.

        1. and the way you’ll “make them pay” is by not supportiung them, thereby allowing the Democrats to keep the Senate and win back the House.

          a RINO will vote the right way some of the time. a Democrat will vote the right way none of the time. RINOs are better.

  2. They’re slick, alright, but the message would probably go right past the voter who doesn’t watch FOX or MSNBC, doesn’t read the NYT or the WashPost. They recognize the President, but who are those other guys and what are they talking about.
    A one-minute ad isn’t going to sway anyone or explain what the issue means to our economic future.

    1. It’s almost like these political parties are making videos for each other. They need to get outside the bureaucratic bubble of Washington, D.C. and see how the rest of America lives.

  3. as far as which one was the better ad for the party: the GOP one. even tho I’m predisposed to prefer them anyway, it was just a better, more entertaining ad. it’s also just more compelling to hear the president be caught in a lie than the Speaker of the House–how many people even really know who John Boehner is?

    the Repubs definitely need more of this sort of messaging, to help counteract the crazed image the MSM has been able to present of the party. this same group of creatives needs to do another video, one about what the GOP believes in. that would be interesting to see!

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