As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || October 10, 2013

Some House Republicans weigh a deal . . . New York Times
Right warms to short term debt increase . . . Wall Street Journal
Obama’s chicken little challenge . . . Politico
Ryan emerges from the sidelines to craft deal . . . The Hill
GOP favorability shrinks to record low . . . Gallup
Lew to warn lawmakers on default . . . Washington Post
WH, IRS exchanged private taxpayer info . . . Daily Caller
Obama gets mouthful from DC Rep . . . Washington Post
Could Ditka have prevented Obama? . . . Daily Caller

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 10, 2013

  1. Here’s a smoking gun that shows this entire government shutdown was planned out in advance by this Administration:

    Document portrays itself as if written on Oct 1, yet it was uploaded onto DOD website on Sept 13 (see date in URL), nineteen days before the shutdown began. And from the rhetoric contained within, it shows that this Administration planned to use a shutdown for political gain.

    Obama and the Democrats own this 100%. They planned it out in advance with malice and forethought. And they did so with utter contempt for the American people.

    • Thanks. Are you taking this beyond here? It seems like you are right. Also-as an aside-the reference to Bush was interesting. Certainly not the standard fare Boooosh !!!

    • “This shutdown was completely preventable. It should not have happened. And the House of Representatives can end it as soon as it follows the Senate’s lead, and funds your work in the United States Government without trying to attach highly controversial and partisan measures in the process.”

      Preezy – always the Alinskyite, never the leader. Great work, Owen.

  2. “WH, IRS exchanged private taxpayer info”

    Richard Nixon only threatened to sic the IRS on his enemies and he was run out of Washington, D.C. on a rail. Preezy actually uses the IRS to attack his opponents and what do we hear? Nothing but crickets. State-run media is complicit with this corrupt, evil regime.

  3. C’ mon this shutdown was the brainchild of Obama and Reid– and also Obama must be so proud that he is destroying the Republican party, thats all he does everyday, play politics against the Republicans, badmouth them, him and Reid and that horrible carney?(spell) at the briefings everyday. Calling Republicans, terrorists, blackmailers, any filthy thing they can come up with that isn’t true. To call them terrorists is so disgusting, especially when we are fighting real terrorism at this time in our history. They all should be run out of town for their bad language. All Obama does, day in and day out is campaign against the Republicans so that they can keep thier Nazi-like government. He care nothing about the U.S. or its people, World War II veterans?, dead soldiers’ families, no money for them, just money for Obama. He should have been impeached long ago for his crimes against America.