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National Parks Will Begin to Reopen

Think the White House isn’t feeling the pressure from the shutdown?

Grizzly bear, bison, and big horn sheep will all find their vacation from mankind coming to an end as the Interior Department decreed today that states can use their own money to reopen the National Parks.

Welcome back
Welcome back

Many states are willing to do so because the absence of tourists is harming local businesses selling everything from binoculars to MoonPies.

Pressure ramped up on the administration to reopen the parks amid a public outcry against the forced closings, including outrage over a few park rangers who permitted their inner Gestapo to find expression by doing things like locking a group of seniors in their hotels so they wouldn’t be allowed to see the sights at Yellowstone.

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  1. And now it’s time to look closely at the Department of the Interior and the Director of National Parks who were both responsible for the implementation this shutdown

    Big big spotlight on them. It’s pretty bad when brown shirted Park Service employees are called the Gestapo. And makes you think real hard about what belongs to we the people and what belongs to the government. And where federal government emplopyees’ loyalty lies — with the government or with the people and the Republic.

    And Obama owns that stupid illegal march on the Mall as do the legislators who supported it . And the corporations.

    • What “illegal march on the Mall”…? I did not see the “MSM” report it like that… never heard the word “illegal” mentioned once in the ‘media’.

  2. I’ve always found it amusing that the agency that deals with the, ahem, OUTDOORS, is the Department of the INTERIOR.

    And where DOES a forest ranger go to get away from it all, anyway?

    Good to see the citizenry fighting back against the tin messiah. Now, if only the House GOP had the intestinal fortitude of ordinary citizens…

  3. For many hours her tour group, which included senior citizen visitors from Japan, Australia, Canada and the United States, were locked in a Yellowstone National Park hotel under armed guard.

    The tourists were treated harshly by armed park employees, she said, so much so that some of the foreign tourists with limited English skills thought they were under arrest.

    When finally allowed to leave, the bus was not allowed to halt at all along the 2.5-hour trip out of the park, not even to stop at private bathrooms that were open along the route.


    What in the world? Isn’t this unlawful imprisonment?

  4. I think it’s time we turn our National Parks over to the states. Charge admission/season passes/and create a self sustaining system. Same with the Smithsonian museums and zoos. Most states’ botanical gardens and zoos flourish under the private/donor systems. Many offer reciprocal admission in other states if you buy memberships at your home zoo and gardens.

  5. OT. I think this is important so I am offering it.

    Recently I have been reading a lot about dissident literature. I have a pretty good background in Russian dissidents most specifically and revolutions in general.(we all come from somewhere) Sometime I am over at AOS and recently there’s been good post and discussion of Vaclav Havel’s Charter 77 and dissent and the individual. One of the major points is that you don’t choose to become a dissident. Anyway the Charter is a good re read right now.

    But my concern here is the increasingly dangerous, in my opinion, targeting Republicans as terrorists, etc. We all know that. But recently it has taken another leap. David Plouffe has accused the Republicans of “economic treason” and Jeff Schweitzer recently wrote in HuffPo about When Radicalism Turns Treasonous.

    Treason is serious at any time. It is a serious word, not to be bandied about. It is more than “jihadists” etc. So Ace at AOS talks about this in history (gives a good example) and now and what it could mean. If you consider what Havel says about dissent and then consider the charges against Republicans as “treasonous” the tone has left the realm of political rhetoric.

    Fair warning. AOS is an odd blog and like here has it’s own culture. The piece that Ace wrote is good. You may want to skip the comments which have to be included in order for me to link this.

    Anyway, this is what’s on my mind. Consider it if you like. No offense Keith. The linkage is just by way of example and explanation.

    • grace: Thanks for link. I’ve been thinking about the Berlin Wall and Barry-cades, built to keep people in or out depending upon which side of the wall you live in. The Democrats/progressives are intent on diminishing, destroying and dividing the country for past 100 years. Whether physical barriers, verbal missiles, legislation that divides – it’s uncivil war that’s been declared – there’s nothing civil about it.

    • All this because the House was performing its Constitutional duty. However, many lefties have indicated their desire to do away with the Constitution. So who is the traitor here?

    • I think you’re right, this massive shutdown is not going to be forgotten.
      The latest; NBC/WSJ poll….60% of voters want to replace everyone in Congress.
      So much for blaming just the Repubs.

      • I have to agree with those 60%. It’s getting to the point there is no difference between the two political parties. Time for this out-of-touch ruling class to let a new generation – a generation of constitutional conservatives, take the reins.

    • Disagree on War Memorials. We as a nation sent our youth to war, not always as volunteers. To charge veterans or their families to view a memorial is just as wrong as Obama allowing them to be closed now.

      • Hmm, there is that. I would imagine that most war memorials are open air but I am not sure. It brings to mind Gettysburg for instance — what is the situation there?

        WDC is problematic. They are not a state and have a fractious relationship with the feds for sure.

        But in the end, what he have now clearly can be abused by an out of control Executive. Who ever would have thought that open air memorials would have been barricaded?

    • Yes they should. I don’t know the mechanics. But I do remember quite some time ago Michelle Malkin had a whole series about Interior and the federal government take over of western lands and resources. I remember at the time how casually I took that.

      In a way, an unintended consequence of this shutdown and Obama’s childish punitive enforcement is that it has exposed more and more the abuse of government’s role and delineate even more areas that we have to “take back”.

  6. This national park abomination is just a tiny taste of what’s in store for us if Fidel Obama and his paramilitary agencies are not put in check now. If you think this is bad you have no idea how bad it can get with the full throttle tyranny that will be unleashed if Barack Obama is not put in check now, and in 2014. It’s way too late to go along to get along. This is war, and it’s either the government or the people.

  7. So will they allow the US Veterans to march on the Mall this weekend…?
    (re: Illegals = OK on the US National Mall. US Vets = H#ll No! on the US National Mall)

    • I think that the vets will not be stopped by a bunch of barrycades.
      They are ready for anything.
      And if the monument cops try to stop them, watch out.
      This weekend is going to be interesting.
      Truckers, (and maybe some bikers), are a force to be reckoned with.
      Combine that with the vets, and the Tea Party efforts to clean up the trash that has accumulated on the Mall.
      Popcorn anyone ?

  8. Kind of amazing to think that this year this administration does this with the parks, memorials, Veterans’ benfits, etc. .

    Next year it could be threats of or actual interference with healthcare thrown into the tantrum.