As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Carney Briefing – October 10, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Contentious press corps today. They actually want answers and not these stupid metaphors that the administration keeps putting out there. Nice to see someone in the press getting a bit testy.

  2. Did anyone see today’s AP story about this administration’s chilling effect on journalism? Maybe some of these characters in the press “corpse” are waking up to the Frankenstein they helped create. When Keith posts the Daily Schedule, I have always been struck as to how skeletal it was. Now we learn in this article that they have been running essentially a “shadow presidency” inside the one on display.

  3. Here are two things possibly indicating Obama’s intentions. The Democratic Senate passed a bill to pay for military death benefits, but the WH rejected it because a private foundation has come to the fore. The other is that the Feds will allow states to open national parks but the states will have to pay for them. He’s passed the buck to other entities. Does that leave him less to cut from his spending now, or, put another way, leave him more for his pet entitlements?

    • Good question. Arizona would love nothing more than to scoot the Feds out of most of the national sites and be willing to spend state funds to keep them operating. Most of the national monuments here are site-specific to Arizona’s history, so it would make sense for us to operate them.

  4. James Woods is not too happy with FCMABBHO.

    James Woods is not hiding his distaste for President Barack Obama. The 66-year-old actor — who starred as the head of the president’s Secret Service detail, a man plotting to take down the president in this summer’s “White House Down” — expressed his opinions on Twitter this week in the wake of the ongoing government shutdown.

    Woods spoke out on the government shutdown, placing the onus on Obama, while also criticizing the president for various other problems in the country, including gun violence and race relations. He continued to respond to both those who agreed with him and those who did not, calling Obama “a true abomination” and linking to articles about the shutdown. Woods said the remarks might keep him from being able to find a job in Hollywood, but that he put “[his] country first.”


    He even links to a photographs of FCMABBHO’s signature on the Congressional Record in which he refused to raise the limit in 2006.