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Harry Reid to DC’s Mayor: “Don’t Screw it Up”

DC Mayor Vincent Gray Wednesday implored Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to allow the District of Columbia to function properly, asking Reid to release District funds being held up by the shutdown. As you may be aware, the federal government has substantial purview over DC’s finances.

Here’s the exchange:

Gray: Sir, we are not a department of the government . . . We’re simply trying to be able to spend our own money.

Reid: I’m on your side. Don’t screw it up, okay? Don’t screw it up.

Wow, check out the disrespect from Reid. I mean, the guy is mayor of Washington DC. Of course, this is typical sort of lefty thinking – I know what’s good for you, SO SHUT UP. Stupid.

Reid is testy of course because he feels Gray is playing into the hands of House Republicans, who are passing legislation piecemeal to fund the government. They’ve already approved a bill to let the District spend the money, which comes from its own tax revenues.

Reid and Obama fear that once they start allowing bills to move, they’ll keep coming until everything’s funded but Obamacare. So what Reid is telling Gray is, You’re messing with Barry and I’s grand strategy, you ignorant little person.

I do love when politicians reveal themselves.

Here’s some video of the exchange. Gray is the fellow on the right.

22 Responses to Harry Reid to DC’s Mayor: “Don’t Screw it Up”

    • Good for her. Of course, the odds on her being re-elected have diminished now, but isn’t that kind of passion what we expect of all of our elected representatives. She wasn’t struck dumb by being in MrO’s presence, nor was she satisfied with his answer and told him so.
      Very admirable.

      • She will be reelected every 2 years if she decides to run. EHN has never had a serious challenger for her seat. She will be in “power” long after Obama has gone back to Chicago or Hawaii or wherever he thinks he can make more money peddling his brand of snake oil in 2017.

  1. Don’t screw it up

    What is the ‘it’ that Reid is referring to here? By ‘it’, does he mean the game plan that Democrats have been following for the past month?

    This DOD document shows that the Democrats had concocted this whole shutdown strategy plan well in advance. And as Reid points out above, he intends to see ‘it’ followed through to the end.

  2. At some point, if they haven’t reached it yet, the Black community will realize that the Dems consider their votes ‘in the bag’, so that they have no leverage at all on any issue.
    Even though MrObama’s agenda has done nothing for their community, but perversly has enriched all his White cronies and their pie in the sky plans, they are afraid to voice their dismay.

    It’s really a strange dynamic that the Black community will support any Black person against criticism no matter what the issue or the crime even when they are the victims.

  3. Yeah, Harry! Now everyone knows how you and your ‘boy’ Obama work in tandem to ‘punish your enemies’! We also
    learned that you met privately in Sept. with Obama to strategize the ‘shutdown’. Your only stipulation was that Biden would be shut out from all negotiations with the Republicans. You and Obama were furiious that he gave too much to them on the last go-around two years ago. Dirty rotten scoundrels – both of you!

  4. Oh, please stop with the crocodile tears. DC is a child of the Congress, regardless that Congress abrogated its responsibility to directly administer the Federal District when, so-called, home rule was implemented.

    The Nation, and the Federal District, would be better off if a Congressional Joint Committee administered the District. Home Rule has been a general failure for 40 years.

  5. Harry’s not looking so good. He’s gotten very pale, there confusion in his eyes and his skin is taunt. He has an appearance of a serious heart problem. I hope he’s seeing a doctor.