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Boehner Seeks Six-Week Debt Ceiling Increase

Updated 3:41 pm ET

House Speaker John Boehner told the Republican caucus this morning that he wants an increase in the debt limit, without language defunding Obamacare, that will last six weeks. Republicans would not reopen the federal government, however, maintaining the pressure of a shutdown to force negotiations.

It’s not clear if House conservatives will go along with this, but they should.

It’s exactly the solution I suggested Tuesday, when Obama offered to agree to a short term increase. It amounts to a cave by Obama, because now he will be doing what he said he wouldn’t – negotiating with a gun to his head. Yet it allows him a face saving way out and avoids a possible breach of the debt ceiling for now and all the adverse consequences that would eventually occur.

The pressure will remain on the president just as it was before, except now he will be negotiating. Conservatives and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who have been repeatedly ridiculed and attacked for their tactics, will get results and have the last laugh.

It’s a vindication of the strategy. President Obama has repeatedly shown he doesn’t agree to anything serious unless under threat. Now, by around Thanksgiving Day, he will make concessions.

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  1. Reagan used to say it’s amazing what you can get done if you don’t care who gets the credit. Now, a corollary: It’s amazing what you can do if you make sure both sides lose.

  2. Personally, I would like to see Boehner take Obama to the brink with his phony ‘default’ fear-,mongering.. Especially after the insufferable Jack Lew spent the last couple of weeks lying his rear end off about what a default really is. It only pertains to servicing the debt. And then he had the gall to say he doesn’t ‘prioritize’ which bills get paid or not. If he can’t prioritize – then get someone who can!
    Boehner is throwing Obama a lifeline – just as Putin did.

        1. Seriously–you are saying I am easily frightened? I worked on the Hill 16 yrs, I know how this works. This is not theory. This is the brink because the markets, the Chinese, plenty of external forces are already weighing in. Don’t insult me, by the way. And, yes, I respect John McCain’s service.

          1. No, I am not. Never made that claim. But you are obviously our RINO in Residence. Just because we’ve always done it one way, we must always do it that way. Even if it means the country going down the tubes. This country is something more than just the stock market.

          2. I also respect his service, but as a republican politician, he sucks a big fat egg. He’s one of the too many lilly livered, half a–ed politicians that infect the republican party.

            Semper Fi

          3. We are not on the brink of default. We can make changes and withstand it. There is certainly external pressure. Statements like Obama’s and Lew’s recently, fanning the flames rather than reassuringly calming the nation, are not helpful.

            Increasing the Dem’s credit card delays but does not begin to solve the fiscal problems we had. We got the sequester and survived. Even though Obama applied the same punitive eliminations there that he did with the shut down.

            It doesn’t look like a brink to me.

          4. Star, I believe experience is the best teacher. I think your experience has indeed shown you how these negotiations “work.”
            My issue? The negotiating tactics no longer seem to be based upon the best interests of the American citizenry. Rather, to me, the negotiations have been reduced to a matter of which party/person wins in the media.
            We watch as our own government refuses death benefits to the families of veterans. We listen to the verbal sparring that includes words like racist and liar and accusations of treason. We are sick and tired of these accusations just because our beliefs differ from those in power.
            And then, we watch as our representatives capitulate because they do not want to shoulder the responsibility for the current state of the USA in the Televised Opinions of those in the media.
            So, for me, your experience has value and I respect what you know. But, I believe it is far past time for a reality check in this country – and for our representatives to recognize that the world according to “the Hill” does not exist for the majority.
            And Obamacare – the ACA is nothing more than a legislated payment to insurance companies. It does not guarantee anyone will receive adequate or proper healthcare. Therein lies my issue with that topic.

          5. I agree with everything you say–the spin and straw men have been childish and stupid and aggravating as heck to anyone who can think straight, the name calling is off the hook and also childish, the health care bill is a farce and a crushing one, but the Republicans need to win more seats to turn this…and they won’t all be so-called Tea Party people. Maybe some people on this list should run–they would be great! I do not think you can characterize everything as a “capitulation” and get anywhere. I know we probably won’t return to the days when I was on the Hill some of you disdain–each agency had a budget–it was authorized by committees familiar with the agency’s work and then appropriated by those juggling the funds. I know those days are gone, probably. And I also see that people up there don’t horsetrade like they used to. So now we have this trial by media system with all the stupid soundbites and names. But still, Congress has the power of the purse and if we can get more Republicans in, we can cut some fat out of this mess and certainly not heave more in!

    1. Agree, Girly1. They also said we’re all gonna die if the government shut down, yet here we are. Should have known Boehner wouldn’t change – once a coward, always a coward.

  3. Suppose the impasse had to break. And the word will go throughout the Kingdom that the boy prince has won. And Obamacare will remain
    the boot on the throat — or the law of the land, as implemented by choice of the boy prince.

    Once raised, the debt ceiling will continue to increase — ad infinitum. There is no need to raise the debt ceiling. There is no default on the horizon.

    Not hopeful there will be any significant tax reform or spending cuts. Despite Paul Ryan –w ho always talks a good game.

    Obamacare is crumbling all around. Exemptions, including those for Congress and staff, abound and no real hope that they will be repealed or that more might not be awarded to political pals and interest groups. The Individual mandate, like the shutdowns, hurts no one but the American citizens. And the Republicans are prepared to offer a offer a deal as if none of this existed. Obama looks a little shaky but apparently Republicans don’t notice.

    Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you , fool –Sure looks like the beginning of peace at any costs.

      1. The Republicans might not have voted for the ACA but they own Obamacare now if they have taken it off the table. Although admittedly Obama-Boehner Care is a little awkward.

        Boehner is in a difficult spot and has done well so far. But with Obamacare off the table and no assurance of spending cuts we are where we started.

      2. I think the opposite–the long game. This is their only chance to win in 2014. To bend. And the “boy prince” has not won–he isn’t getting a year long extension and he has to fool with these irritating members ad infinitum.

        1. The GOP will lose if they cave to Preezy. There are a lot of people like me who are done with their betrayals. Besides, this is not about elections – it is about saving our Republic.

          1. The Tea Party must take over the Republican Party in 2014. I’ve read that 4 out of 10 Republicans identify themselves as Tea Party right now. The country supposedly is eager to make a conservative shift too.

  4. Obama’s had 5 years to solve this. There is no new gun to his head. Just because everyone waited until the last minute doesn’t mean it was an emergency.

    1. The countdown to Nov, 2014 begins! Having kicked the can down the road for the last 5 years, the ‘Transformer’ will finally be able to accomplish what he set out do to without any interference from the ‘extremists’.

        1. I’m thinking LIV’s plus millions of newly amnetized Dreamers. Not to mention his accomplices in the LSM. Bill Clinton has already started the push to get all of them out for the mid-terms.

          1. The Republicans had control of both the House and Senate from 2000-2006 under a Republican president and they did zip, zero, zilch to curb spending and the size of government. More Republicans in Congress is not the answer, especially if they are statists like the majority of them appear to be. More men and women who live by their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution – that’s what is needed in Washington, D.C.

  5. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah……….I don’t know how to write the hand gesture I am thinking ! Why extend for four or five weeks? The Demcrats will just come to conference for 15 minutes then claim the. Republicans are (insert your favorite word for terrorism here) and the President will come put and say “I am not going to negotiate”. It is nothing but a joke………..

    A few observations……

    1. Interesting on how they will reopen Government in time for them to take the day off for Columbus Day. I guess the Federal Unions are in fear of not getting paid.

    2. Do the Speechwriters really think that Conservatives and Republicans are so stupid that by mentioning a quote from President Reagan or Bush 41 and 43 will make us agree with the rest of the speech?

  6. Wish this was Obama getting hoisted on his own petard but no although
    the DC are is cluttered with used petards. Heard this morning the House
    passed the bill to fund the military death benefits 435-0 now it’s sitting
    on Harry Reid’s desk he’s done nothing no conscience or soul.

    1. My husband heard on TV that 50% of homeowners in AZ are still underwater, 65% in NV. You don’t hear anything about these people anymore. It’s as if they’re dead already. And many of them, on top of these woes, are facing mandated insurance coming out of what little disposable income they still have.

      1. We don’t hear or know half of what is buried and real. We can start with the unemployment numbers. To say nothing of the cost of benefits fraud. Obamacare is the rock that will carry us to the bottom.

      2. I do agree many won’t be able to afford the insurance even with subsidies–that is the dirty little secret. Somehow these pols think surely everyone has a spare grand a month lying around.

  7. Keith, according to the Huffington Post, Obama will not go along unless the Republicans basically claim credit for the shutdown. If they do, it’s the end of them and the possibility of them having any effectiveness in governing.

        1. Recently it was said that Reid would be the one to do the negotiating. I think that is true. Obama may be the “face” with all these meetings, etc. but Reid is the doer. And Reid, the puglist, is the one who counseled Obama not to negotiate from the get go. So — Obama, the pretty boy. Reid, the guy who is going to make you beg for mercy and throw you a scrap. If you are lucky you might get a sip of water.

          Reid knows every skeleton and every dark alley. And when he wins this round, he will win the Obama Prize. These two were made for each other.

          1. Reid also met with Obama privately In Sept. to strategize debt ceiling ‘negotiations’. His only stipulation was that Biden not be allowed in any negotiations with Republicans after giving them too many concessions in the last go-around in 2011.

          2. And look what else happened in September prior to the shutdown.
            Owen_Kellogg October 10, 2013 at 8:28 am

            Here’s a smoking gun that shows this entire government shutdown was planned out in advance by this Administration:


            Document portrays itself as if written on Oct 1, yet it was uploaded onto DOD website on Sept 13 (see date in URL), nineteen days before the shutdown began. And from the rhetoric contained within, it shows that this Administration planned to use a shutdown for political gain.

            Obama and the Democrats own this 100%. They planned it out in advance with malice and forethought. And they did so with utter contempt for the American people.

            And Harry Reid did warn the DC Mayor “not to screw this up”.

            It may not be linear but there was clearly a path to a plan.

        2. First I believe Mad Mag over Fluffpo–and there is a difference between ending the shutdown, which they both want to do, and saying the Republicans must claim credit for it.

    1. What a perfect ‘out’ for Boehner! Assuming, of course, that the Weeper has the intestinal fortitude to tell Obama to shove it where the sun don’t shine!

  8. And the new meme from President PP (Petulant Pissant) will be that since the deficit has been “cut in half” over “previous years” the Republicans are demanding “extreme” cuts to the budget that will destroy the “investments” that need to be made to keep America “competitive” and yank the “safety net” out from under seniors, women and of course the children.
    The MSM and WH press corps will of course dutifully repeat the talking points as presented without ever once bothering to mention that if not for President PP and his DOUBLING of debt we wouldn’t be on the “brink” of this “crisis” in the first place.

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      1. It’s already here. The federal government is not obeying its own laws and forbidding the border states to do so. Releasing people intended for deportation even hundreds charged with sexual crimes.

  12. Print barrybucks with abandon, raise the debt limit — credit card for teens — obamacare 1/6 of the American economy and all the personal information you can use and abuse– There is nothing good on the horizon for America.

    Somebody give me one good sign that there is a brake anywhere in this scenario.

    1. Comrade Spookovich — The Great Leader does not need allowances. We, you and I comrade, we need permission.

      I fear for you. You are adapting slowly.


        1. Stoli rocks for Himself. Fermented and strained potatoes for you.

          PS They sell it on the street sometimes at outdoor markets when it’s cold — to warm you up. Put it in those little dental mouthwash type cups — drink it fast or it eats right through the paper. Just sayin’

  13. Great, the extension puts the deadline right about Thanksgiving. That is better than the Friday afternoon ‘bad news dump’. No one will be watching what deal gets done at that point since everyone will be consumed with the holiday. I hope this isn’t the case….

    At that point, they will agree to raise the debt ceiling by a trillion dollars or so, continue on with the ACA and re-open the govt. And on Monday following the holiday, the media will lead with how much of a success the ACA is, how much the Dow is climbing, how employment is up (totally seasonal changes BTW) who won on DWTS, what color underwear Miley is wearing, etc.

    I don’t believe either side will do what is right by the American people Heck I’m not even sure what the people want other than free stuff. The posters who DON”T fall into this category – you know who you are!

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