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Obamacare Rollout Disaster: It’s not Just Web Traffic

I knew something was fishy about the whole Obamacare website crash explanation. They said the problem was they got 8 million hits in the first week, causing the website to suffer the equivalent of a massive coronary from all the stress. A little time in the OR, and we’ll be back up to snuff.

But that doesn’t make sense. I’m pretty sure, if the Lord decided on Yom Kippur to fully forgive me for my sins and permitted it, that my little website could handle at least four or five million hits in a week.

According to CBS This Morning, the Obamacare website doesn’t just have too few servers in the background. The problem is, it was designed by a moron. And if you can prove to me that morons won’t be running the rest of Obamacare, maybe I’ll be down with the program.

77 thoughts on “Obamacare Rollout Disaster: It’s not Just Web Traffic”

  1. I wonder how much time Americans have flat out wasted trying to sign up for Obamacare.

    I, for one, have spent five days and have gotten nowehere. The system couldn’t “verify my identity”, and after Experian and the Marketplace got done pointing fingers at each other, I’m back to the beginning.

    Multiply that by the 8 million people that have allegedly tried to sign up, and you get some serious lost productivity numbers.

    And I still haven’t seen a policy choice.

    1. Michael: For what it’s worth, I’ve been looking into information for my son, who is not insured and have been in touch with an insurance agent. I just received an email this a.m. and I’ll share part of it here:

      “If you are healthy enough to get medically underwritten, you have until November 15th to lock in cheaper rates before Jan 1, when all plans must conform to the new rules.”

    2. Two items: Michael’s Experian comment was telling. The sites are setup so that if you have a low credit score you cannot buy insurance through the exchanges. I believe you have to have a 660 score to qualify for most exchange plans otherwise you just have to pay the fines. Few of the poor have that ‘high’ credit score.

      Second, they also want a valid bank account number to automatically draft the monthly payments. The wise would setup and use a pre-paid credit card account and NOT give them your regular bank account numbers to use when ever they want. Otherwise they will use your regular account whenever, and for whatever amounts they want.

      1. Finally we are getting down to the nits and grits. I agree–get one of those visa debits wher eyou can transfer a set amt on. That way, if you are short, they can’t dip into your big acct–if there is more money in there. I heard they still can, but I am not clear on that. Anyone? The credit score thing is new to me–big problem!

      2. A credit check? Oh, boy.
        So, my daughter with a recent mortgage foreclosure and bankruptcy won’t be getting health insurance for herself and the four children? just great.

      3. “The sites are setup so that if you have a low credit score you cannot buy insurance through the exchanges. I believe you have to have a 660 score to qualify for most exchange plans otherwise you just have to pay the fines. Few of the poor have that ‘high’ credit score.”

        How many of the poor can afford those fines? Aren’t they around $1,00o or so?

      4. Amazing. This is sick. This really does need to be brought into the national spotlight. I mean that seriously — not in some cheap political point scoring way. But if I understand this correctly you can be denied coverage because of your credit or financial standing? And they want you bank account? Crazy stuff.

    3. One other thing: appears to fall under the umbrella of the National Archives and Records Administration, which gives agencies leeway on record-keeping for administrative, legal, audit or other operational purposes.

      In short, once Obamacare gets your information it never gives it up and may be placed in the public domain.

  2. Obamacare was signed into law on March 23, 2010.

    The website came on-line October 1, 2013.

    They had over THREE AND A HALF YEARS to get this thing working. All the while we kept hearing about the 25 million who would now be insured so you would think they would plan for that kind of volume for their servers!

    Of course this could be by design. It will probably take 3.5 years to get a doctor’s appointment from now on.

    1. ^^Stefan – LIKE^^

      You have hit on the next big issue associated with queuing theory. When the number of customers in queue gets larger and the number of servers remains flat (or I believe the number of doctors are actually declining) – the net result is a longer wait. If you want to reduce wait time, what are your options? One is to reduce the time you are being served (which could lead to lower quality care). You could increase the number of servers, but the cost and period of time it takes to train new doctors means it will be a long time. So you could reduce their training time requirements (lower quality care), or substitute doctors with PAs or RNs who have less training (lower quality of care). So do you wait to get quality care or do you accept lower quality care to be seen earlier? Next up – triage by phone or computer to fetrmine if you can get in an express lane or not.

  3. When he speaks, it’s always a good idea to insert one of the following: “I”, “me”, “Democrat” in lieu of political opponents, arsonists, hostage takers. Heck, he even signaled the duration of the deceit [see below].

    May 10, 2013

    Obama vowed that the health care law will be implemented in full and urged Americans not to be “bamboozed” by “misinformation” from its political opponents.
    There’s been so much misinformation. … That misinformation will continue at least through the next election.”


    Written by Congressional Morons
    Read by absolute No Ones
    Signed by The ONE
    Made Legal by Jack Roberts’ son
    Driven by delusion
    Exempted Unions
    The end of the Constitution
    Website is total confusion.

  5. The way it’s been explained, when a major on-line program is being designed, the code writers have an outline of it’s objectives. Along the way to the finished product, some tweaks or treats might be added that change some of the code, but nothing substantial is forced into the end product.
    The ACA had major changes, massive additions, and in some cases, the whole direction was reversed and new tweaks or treats were added constantly.
    Computer techs seem to agree that the whole thing should be scrapped and restarted with a different platform.

    1. No tickie – No washie!

      “Most e-commerce websites — as well as — are not designed to require those merely browsing to set up accounts. But it’s one of the first steps on”

      And don’t forget….personal data can be used for law enforcement and audit activities.

      1. The Obamacare IT system was not developed to provide information to those shopping for health insurance. It is about capturing as much personal information on individual Americans as they can, and cross-referencing that information with our IRS records to accomplish their goal – power and control over every aspect of our lives. Since most of the IT work has been farmed out to government contractors in a foreign country, we shouldn’t be surprised when identity theft runs rampant in the not too distant future.

      2. Rush just stated that the intial estimated cost would be 93 million.
        To date it has cost 634 million and it still doesn’t work.
        And they want to take over our health care ????

  6. Obamacare – 8M hits in one week;
    Drudge Report – 034,648,027 hits in the last 24 hours

    It’s Boehner’s turn to say “I told you so. Obamacare is not ready for prime time; we gave you a chance to delay the indiividual mandate for a year…now go pound sand”.


  7. In yesterday’s one-hour press conference, not a single reporter stepped forward to ask a question about the failure known as ObamaCare. Not one.

      1. i don’t think there is any collusion Sadie.
        I think the Press is incapable to asking basic questions to authority or coming up with pertinent questions.

        Even human interest stories like the War memorial shutdowns are too much.

        Some questions were duplicates of others
        and one asked the president about giving back pay on furloughed employees, which is something passed unanimously by Congress the day before. But thanks for keeping up with the news, mr. reporter person.

        HEAVY SIGH

        1. Ive said it before… As usual We readers of WhiteHouseDossier can think of THOUSANDS of better questions to ask & demand answers from Obama than the so-called, professional “WH press corps”.

    1. The lead navigator is now saying she gave out incorrect information, that they are not using credit scores to determine eligibility. If this is the best they can do, to roll out a website that doesn’t function as intended, that their navigators have incorrect information/training, then why would we want them in charge of our health care?

          1. Hard to say. The ‘navigator’ might have inadvertently opened up a new can of worms. There must be an ulterior motive for requiring a credit score. Are they required nation-wide, or just in FLA? Someone has some ‘splainin to do.

  8. I heard this morning the Administration won’t release the names of the contractors who’ve been working on the rollout, so the moron(s) who designed the web site will remain nameless for the time being.

      1. Actually Infosys an Indian firm had a large role in the exchange, there’s one other I believe. I need to tap into some more research for that one.

  9. Considering the budget they threw at advertising and grants it’s actually a wonder that they got this off the ground at all.

    And to pay all those models to don happy faces and pay the photogs to capture them in all their Obamalicious moments must have taken a sizable amount of the budget as well. Another example that style is no match for substance. Hmmm that’s a familiar theme where have I’ve seen that before?

    1. Not to mention the $67 million that is missing from the IRS Obamacare slush fund. Wonder if anybody checked Lois Lerner’s pockets before she retired?

  10. “Come into my parlor”, said the spider to the fly.

    I thought about doing some snooping around on the govt. website until I read this:
    A basic account must be created in order to browse. A POLITICO reporter used’s customer support chat to request that an account be removed, but the support agent said the request would have to be referred to an “advanced” customer service system.

    Read more:

  11. You don’t have to be Bill Gates to know that this is a mess. Keith, in the tech world, we use the phrase “Stress Test” often where we simulate the real world operation of the system — then we do 2x or 5x or more just to make sure the ‘dern thing’ can handle the traffic.

    A techie would be able to easily pour data through that monster to test it. And….. 8 million hits in a week — is TINY….. for a simple little ‘mall’

  12. Wonder how much testing this went through before rollout? My guess
    zero. When I worked in payroll and we switched systems or companies
    we ran parallel payrolls for weeks and longer. Of course there’d be nothing to test this against oh wait anything the Obama geeks have screwed up already. Doomed.

    1. Well, maybe they could have had all those non-essential employees take a turn at trying to get online. They find time for Vegas hoop-de-doos, lessons on line dancing, fun seminars and award dinners, so having them test the system wouldn’t be a burden.

  13. Maryland said 170,000 unique visitors, and I think the number was 6 1/2 million hits, in a week,..was what caused their system to crash.. I don’t get those kind of numbers, but I did the math.. Without doing a thing I could handle 75% of that volume. If it the Good Lord ever decided it should get to that point.. One phone call, $40.00 and 2 minutes later the problems solved.

    I’m just a grumpy old blogger sitting at his kitchen table- using a $80,00 of the shelf theme design

    1. 170,000 visitors? There are 5.8 million people in Maryland! So that’s barely 3 percent of the population that even tried to use it.

      Wait until it’s mandatory…man, I need to defect to Virginia FAST.

  14. Put yourself in the place of a person with no health insurance. Maybe a person whose children have no health insurance. Maybe the parent of a child with a pre-existing condition. Political or policy debate aside, I can empathize with someone who would find themselves in this position. So for the last three years, all you’ve heard about is how this law was going to change your life, going to give you the opportunity to, affordably, have a peace-of-mind and/or an opportunity to offer your family something it’s maybe never had before.

    And then, last Tuesday, your government – specifically, this administration, namesake of the very program you have waited to participate in for three years – rolls out that absolutely disastrous product, a product that they absolutely knew was so inferior it could not possibly, under any circumstances, perform the task it was designed to perform.

    Isn’t this nearly the ultimate insult one could receive as a U.S. citizen? Your government thinks so little of you, and so disrepects your time, that it would expect you to sit in front of a computer screen for nearly a week, waiting for a page to load? Or to call a number that never gets answered? Or to visit a “navigation center” for which a lease has yet to be signed?

    That website was set up to be a failure. It was set up to fail so that when people saw how unaffordable the “affordable care act” would actually make their health care, or the promise of it – including some for whom affordability (or insurability) was never before a problem – it would delay them, even momentarily, from calling this massive power and information grab what it was: A disaster.

    We have sat through speech after speech for five years now, waiting for something to improve, waiting for the hiring to start, waiting for the malaise to pass. And it hasn’t. And all we’ve heard about was Obamacare, and access to the health exchanges, being the crowning glory, the signature accomplishment, of this administration. Remember, Nancy Pelosi said it would finally empower all those would-be entrepreneurs to start their own companies. It would “revitalize the American economy.”

    And then came last Tuesday. Our government handed us a life-altering website housed on an Apple IIc. What a slap in the face to the Great Unwashed. That website and the farcical legislation it represents should serve as a reminder that your government can’t even be arsed to feign a modicum of respect for you.

    1. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the sticker price on the cheapest monthly premium plan, the Bronze, comes with a $6000 deductible plus co-pays.

      1. And as SrDem said yesterday, the hosp, minute clinic, primary’s office, specialist’s office if any, PT center, birthing center, imaging place, etc all have to check in with IRS on everybody so the IRS (or someone) can add up how much the poor schliub has paid out of pocket and say to the next provider, “OK, we will pick up some of this.” Can you see this working–times millions–should they ever get millions? It might be five yrs and the patient will get a letter saying you overpaid five yrs ago, here’s a check. Wait–are you alive?

        1. PS A year ago, I had such bad treatment at an Urgent Care I demanded my copays back. My copay was $30–one copay listed was $35, which was puzzling. Anyhow they owed me $65. They danced around and months later finally coughed the money. I would never had made that happen if the IRS had been in the middle, along with however many other agencies will be horning in.

    2. Well said, Jed. Our federal government doesn’t love us; it wants to control us. As Barry Goldwater once said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.”

    3. And the fact that the federal government could care less about you the American citizen is clarified by the authoritarian way they blocked access to America during this shut down. And the favoritism they showed by picking and choosing — the vets vs. the illegals the most glaring example. And the denial of death benefits to the recently killed vets and the families, the most despicable. It could not be more clear how punitive and disrespectful the US government has become under Barack Obama. Never more than now has the call to take our country back been more obvious.

  15. We have incompetents running the government. Have not they heard of Beta Testing … $7 billions not well spent to put it mildly.

  16. Just heard that the deadline for signing up has been shifted from Mar. 31 to Feb 14 (Valentine’s Day). The Doomsday Clock is ticking. Meanwhile, the IRS gestapo agents must be doing a happy dance.

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