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Obama to Meet with Republicans

Updated 6:18 pm ET

President Obama will meet with congressional Republicans to discuss the budget standoff, according to reports. The sessions, separate ones with House and Senate Republicans, will happen during the next few days.

Democrats will also get an audience, starting with House lawmakers late this afternoon.

It’s not clear if there will be any kind of negotiations – which Obama has said he wouldn’t participate in – or if the meetings are mainly a way for Obama to demonstrate to the public that he is doing everything he can to solve the problem.

Politico reports that House Republicans plan to send around 18 members, including House Speaker Boehner and senior figures like committee chairs.

Meanwhile, House Republican and Democratic leaders met midday for their own talks, as communication seems to be picking up between the two sides.

UPDATE: Obama will meet with Senate Democrats and House Republicans Thursday.

20 Responses to Obama to Meet with Republicans

    • nailed it. it’s another teaser session with Obama browbeating the GOP then telling the cameras how intransigent the republicans are. Hate to say it but my wife voted for this bozo the first time – even she’s sick of this clown and his pathetic theatrics.

      • Another one of his “Franco is still dead” (I will not negotiate while being extorted, bomb-threatened, held at gunpoint) things–or some give and take? Esp give. As for that silly hostage language–it used to be called leverage. I have something you want, you have something I want, let’s each lose a little.

  1. Let’s see: I know not all the Turncoat Twenty-five in the Senate will be invited. Of course, John Cornyn should be on the Senate list. He not only sold his soul to the establishment big money donors, he stabbed Ted Cruz in the back as he grabbed the money from their hands. I’m sure Preezy wants to congratulate him for a job well done. Then there’s Rep. Peter King and Paul Ryan in the HoR. No doubt they’ll be on the list as well.

  2. It’s a trap. “In politics NOTHING happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was PLANNED that way” – FDR. The devil is in the details.

  3. Obama’s idea of negotiating is like his being a car salesman presenting a contract to a customer and demanding the customer sign it. The customers sees there is no price. When asked about it Obama says….don’t worry…I’ll fill in the price.

    • That reminds me of something that happened a few years ago at a car dealership. This old man wanted to leave the dealership, but was made to sit around at the dealership because his keys wouldn’t be returned to him. They probably wanted him to sign on the dotted line and pay for a car he couldn’t afford.

  4. The latest polls show MrObama dropping into the mid 30’s, and Congress down near the bottom, so there’s no where to go but up now.

    No matter what they do or don’t do now, the stench and bad feelings of the way the public was treated won’t be forgotten.
    Just in case they don’t remember; “all politics are local”, and next year’s election moves ever closer.

  5. I just got the impression on Neil Cavuto’s show that Obama’s purpose is to browbeat those Republicans that he so dislikes and that he is disappointed that some of those he want to lecture will not be included in the group.
    Obama has to be the pettiest person alive today.

    Some good news…The Daily Caller reports that Dr. Ben Carson is joining Fox News and that it will be announced tonight on The Kelly File.

  6. I’ve sat and watched this unfold and cannot believe that the basic weakness that Pres Obama exhibits are not being better aired and detailed for all to see. The President uses campaign style politics to run a narrative that has catchy summaries e.g. Republicans are beholden to Tea Party extremists, the budget issue and govt shutdown is simply down to extreme sections of the republican party, its that simple no need for more detail. Further if anyone in the democrats says the word Tea Party, extremists, ransom and terrorists often enough then enough negativity is being attached to the republicans and Pres Obama is getting his goals met. Those goals are simply, the 2014 elections are his major objective, he wants both houses and then will cram every bill he wants implemented before leaving office. The President used similar tactics during the sequestration issue, the dire warnings that gdp would reduce, unemployment would increase if certain spending programs were to be stopped, the reality was it did not live up to the negative hype projected from the WH and President. In this case the President went on the press conference trail the day after he saw Wall street was not bothered about the threat of shutdown and default. So he amped up the danger talk and sure enough off came the stock market. That act alone made me sure that Obama has only one goal in mind and is willing to risk everything to obtain his own personal goals. On the flip side we have Republican reps doign a dreadful job of explainign in basic terms what they want. i.e. a delay to AHA for individuals and explain why the democrats saying its the law and cant be changed is ironic when Obama has changed the law in many ways post the law passing. Obama has no depth and if Jon Stewart is the only person capable of making the republican’s point then there is an issue. Pres Obama and the WH are vulnerable to a well drilled and intelligent explanation of what their weakness are but no one is doing that well. Boenher sounds terrible. Keep it simple and do not let up, don’t let the WH dictate the headlines, focus on the core facts and don’t let up. Obama is easily the most facile President we have ever had and need to be called out on it. In regard to Obamacare why is it that the president and senate and big companies are not subject to it and yet most of America is. How many “folks” have signed up? Are fees going up? IF so how much? Why is it that fees are going up and Pres Obama said they would not. Obama and the WH must laugh that the opposition is so poor at pinning them down on the weaknesses they clearly have. In the background where is IRS, Benghazi?

  7. I don’t know about this. Pretty much my thinking is that no matter who is in the room the only person Obama listens to is himself.

    That said, I am concerned that no matter what comes out it not be the product of a closed door super, special, or otherwise elite, not fully representational committee.

  8. But Keith, you left out that the Republicans at the meeting were required to have their mouths sealed with duct tape. Even Obama’s teleprompters were surprised at that move.