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Polls Moving in Wrong Direction for Republicans

New polling shows disapproval with Republican handling of the government shutdown growing and blame toward Obama for the standoff declining.

According to a poll by the Pew Research Center released Monday, only 30 percent said the Obama administration was to blame for the shutdown, compared to 36 percent two weeks ago. Thirty eight percent blamed Republicans, about the same as the 39 percent who blamed Republicans back in September.

Meanwhile, an ABC/Washington Post poll reveals that 51 percent “disapprove” of Obama’s handling of “negotiations” over the budget, while 45 percent approve, compared to 41 percent who approved and 50 percent who disapproved ten days ago.

But disapproval of Republicans has risen from 63 percent to 70 percent, while approval is at 24 percent, compared to 26 percent previously. But this poll also shows disapproval of Democrats’ handling of the talks rising from 56 percent to 61 percent, with about a third continuing to approve, as before.

41 thoughts on “Polls Moving in Wrong Direction for Republicans”

    1. agreed!

      Of course the polls are going the wrong way.
      The president, his people, and the media (also known as, “his other people”) portray this as something sinister by the republicans.

      SNL this weekend proved how they are just the comedy arm of the DNC by blaming the republicans for every wrong during weekend update.

      I’m surprised Boehner has stuck this through.
      It’s a winner. At least for the United States.

    2. Pretty much the Republicans — with all their warts — is all we got. It may be bad medicine but for now I’ll take it. Screw the polls.

      If Americans want decline then they should have to fight for it.

  1. Keith, I just voted in a WSJ poll about which party is to blame for the shutdown. Out of almost 12,000 responders, about 95+% (not exactly sure) blame the DemWits! Did you see that survey? Was it on your site for readers to respond?

    I would like to read the question about bho’s ‘negotiations’ over the budget? He and Reid ‘negotiating’? ABC/WP are simply ‘messin’ with our heads! jb

      1. Also, I believe PPP is owned by Daily Kos ? The network polls are even more meaningless to me. Even Fox twerks theirs to make them more “fair and balanced”. I . Hate. Polls. I don’t even trust the Real Clear Politics “averages” anymore. Ugh.

  2. I thought it was pretty even–not as lopsided as past shutdowns anyhow. I know you guys love Senator Cruz, but I am not as enchanted and think this is a mess. What if it does go to a non extension, they pay the $24B in debt service (no default) but then stop SS checks. Where do you think the Repubs will be then?

    1. If these admin people are willing to poke out people’s eyes (exagg added) so they can’t look at Mr Rushmore, who knows what they would do if they had to live on the taxes coming in. I for one don’t want to chance it. We are not dealing with 100% rationality here.

    2. Don’t buy their propaganda, Star. They’re trying to create another crisis by scaring seniors. They can’t stop Social Security because it is mandatory spending, just like Obamacare. And we’re not going to default. We’ve gotta stand and fight alongside our conservative leaders. If not now, when? If not us, who? I don’t want to sentence my progeny to government servitude, paying for the failures of my generation.

        1. I didn’t say you were a rube. Only the left calls us that. We’re hearing nothing but lies coming out of state-run media. They are the mouthpiece of this regime.

  3. If our government is moved by the results of polls, then the ACA-Obamacare would never have become law, but if it did, then the current members of Congress would have repealed it.
    Current polls show MrObama with a majority disapproval; he should resign.
    Congress should resign en mass.
    I should be dead by now.

      1. I have already passed my ‘sell-by’ date that the government puts out for life expectancy.
        I have been lucky enough to overcome dire medical issues, and survived a major accident.

        Now that I re-read what I wrote above, I shouldn’t be so cavalier about life and death. My apologies.

  4. OT: I knew it
    The illegal aliens who are amassed at our National Mall that’s closed to all Americans are waving the flag of Mexico, and signs in Spanish.
    (There are some American flags, and pre-printed signs in English.)
    I swear I saw a sign written in Farsi, but it’s hard to tell ; I know it wasn’t English.

    They’re here ILLEGALLY, they don’t belong on our National Mall, they don’t belong here, anywhere. They should go home, wherever that is.

    1. If I didn’t know any better I’d believe our federal government has morphed into some kinda third world banana republic. Preezy and his true believers claim he won re-election so that means leftism won. They are very wrong as they will soon find out. The American people are on the warpath, to use a soon to be banned as racist word.

  5. It’s a wonder the Republicans aren’t even higher in the “blame game” polls, considering that all the major TV news channels do nothing but bleat endlessly about the Republicans being intransigent, when in reality it’s Obama who’s being completely unbending.

  6. The only reason for taking polls is to gauge the effectiveness of their propaganda efforts. Unfortunately, there are politicians who forgo their leadership role in favor of letting polls decide their actions. That infamous Roman politician Pontius Pilate comes to mind.

  7. The public is “find[ing] out what’s in it,” and they don’t like it. Park Rangers are acting like Gestapo agents. People’s lives are being messed with.

    And ObeyMe is insisting that it’s his way or the highway, while the House passes bill after bill after bill to re-open the government.

    Memo to the GOP:

    Stand your ground, this is what we are fighting for!
    For our spirit and laws and ways!
    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!
    For Heaven or Hell, we shall not wait!

    –VNV Nation, “Honour 2003”

    (Yeah, I know…I’ve been quoting VNV too much lately. Excited, though, new album is out, as soon as Amazon gets it to me…)

  8. Sick and Tired of the Shiite

    Surprise, surprise!! If you look at Facebook, Twitter and TV, it’s all Congress’ fault specially republicans (and i ain’t no rep) even though they don’t control the senate. King Barack Hussein Obama Douchy I is just a spectator I guess, instead of the de facto head of the democrat party who should be able to execute some command and control over those evil dems in the congress. I AM SICK AND FRACKING TIRED OF THIS SHIT HOLE COUNTRY. THE GOVERNMENT SUCKS, MOST OF THE PEOPLE SUCK. IT NEEDS TO COLLAPSE AND START OVER BEFORE IT DESTROYS THE ENTIRE WORLD.

  9. A Thought on Polls:

    You pay me to take a poll and I come back and tell you “Your chances suck! The only way you will is if your opponent drops dead and even then my money’s on the dead guy”

    “… Would you like me to take another poll for You?”


    “You seem to be behind, But it might be the margin of error.”

    “… Would you like me to take another poll for You?”

    In ether case I would like to get paid to take a second poll.

    Which answer do you think I am going to give you? ;)

  10. Polls? Oh please…polls are about as believable as….well, lets just say I live in a place where when a certain segment of people move their lips, everyone knows they are lying.
    Who is polled – only those in the DC area code? Or people in Connecticut or Massachusetts?
    Newsflash to ALL the polling people – there are PLENTY of us in other parts of this country who GET A VOTE about what occurs in this country.
    WHY ARE WE NEVER POLLED? I think it is because we disagree with the media minions.
    I am fed up with these low life politicians who threaten our senior citizens with fear mongering threats about SS. Damn them to hell and back. (Excuse my language – I am pissed off in a big way!)

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