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Obama to Make Statement, Answer Questions

President Obama will make a statement on the budget standoff and answer questions at 2 pm ET today in the White House briefing room. I’ll live stream it for you.

As you might imagine, the Carney briefing is cancelled.

Meanwhile, Obama placed a call this morning demanding he pass a clean bills to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling.

20 thoughts on “Obama to Make Statement, Answer Questions”

    1. He’s getting desperate now that the tide is turning. He’s starting to realize that not all Democrats are like him – leftist ideologues who hate America and everything she stands for.

        1. Pretty soon he will start holding his breath until he turns red in the face and gets what he wants.
          Is it mean to say I hope he passes out from lack of oxygen?

          1. Nope, not mean at all. Although it’ll never happen. The spoiled brat will stop holding his breath once he realizes everybody is ignoring him. I know I sure am ignoring him. Besides, I’m not gonna miss Rush’s show to watch this blowhard read from his teleprompter.

    1. Whoever he takes a question from, you can bet that the question was given to the reporter in advance with his response already loaded on his teleprompter. Watch for the telltale sign of him looking left 5 seconds, right 5 seconds, left 5 seconds, right 5 seconds, etc. while giving his response.

  1. I miss the good old days, when a bill was a bill, and not some mish mash conglomerate of bills, when congress could vote on a single issue, without being hogtied and forced to vote for unwanted legislation just to get your part of the bill passed…..

  2. This man has NEVER made A statement in his life. The mouth just keeps going and going leaving any brain that might be there(?) far behind.

      1. Citizens, veterans, and vacationers are kicked out of the Mall, but Oh, let’s make sure the “Illegal aliens” can reserve the spot.
        How freakin upside down is this getting?

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