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Obama Just Caved. Why Aren’t Republicans Noticing?

President Obama effectively caved into Republican demands Tuesday when he said he’d be open to short term increase in the debt ceiling and a brief extension of funding for the federal government.

Obama, who spoke today during a hastily called White House news conference, even tied the length of the extensions to negotiations demanded by Republicans.

“If they can’t do it for a long time, do it for the period of time in which these negotiations are taking place,” he said.

How long?

Well, Obama Tuesday was elaborating on a cave-in trial balloon floated Monday by National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling, who suggested during an event hosted by Politico that an extension could be as short as two or three weeks.

What am I missing here? If the deadlines are extended by another three weeks, that puts Republicans exactly where they were three weeks before the shutdown began October 1, except this time the White House is talking, which is what Obama has said he would never do under threat of a either a shutdown or eclipse of the debt limit.

But with a three week deadline, the threats will still be there. To use White House parlance, Obama will then be negotiating with “terrorists” holding “a gun to the head” with “a bomb strapped to their chests.”

Democrats were in a private uproar Monday because they knew this was exactly what Sperling’s comments meant: They were having the rug torn out from under them as the White House collapsed under pressure.

If Republicans agree to short term extensions, they will shed the charge that they are “inflexible” jerks who just want to hurt people by starving the government. They’ll look magnanimous and serious. And they will be serious, because Obama has already shown that the only way to get him to agree to real reforms is to threaten him with Fiscal Armageddon.

Republicans could then, under threat of a shutdown, work with Obama on some kind of spending and tax deal, while also pushing to roll back parts of Obamacare – like the medical device tax and the Obamacare exemption out for lawmakers – while possibly even getting Obama to delay the whole floundering thing. He knows it’s not ready for prime time.

Republicans stood firm. Even Boehner. They can now reap their reward.

48 thoughts on “Obama Just Caved. Why Aren’t Republicans Noticing?”

  1. Sounds like a cave to me. But Obama often says what he doesn’t mean. I would go to the first meeting, but would have to be prepared to have Obama storm out and announce that Reps are intransigent jerks and he still wants a “clean” spending bill.

  2. Telling Boehner he wants an “unconditional surrender”, from the Republicans doesn’t sound like a compromise to me. Grant he is not.

  3. It’s a trap. The devil’s is in the details. Read the fine print. He DIDN’T cave. “In politics NOTHING happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was PLANNED that way” – FDR. True then, even more true now.

  4. I wouldn’t believe one word that Obama says. If I were Boehner, I would wait until the Prez BEGGED me to stop the “madness!”

    Then I’d have some negotiating room.

  5. A short term increase in the debt limit is not a concession from the President, but a trap set to raise it with no chance of lowering it back to present levels.
    Cutting back anything for these big spenders takes something like a catastrophic earthquake and generates insults that get hurled for months by those who can’t imagine doing less.
    The last time they cut back anything, the WhiteHouse and it’s minions did everything possible to describe armageddon and made rash or hurtful decisions that amounted to big nothings that only showed how petty and mean they could be to their fellow Americans.

    Reading tea leaves left in the President’s cup can be a dangerous activity. He rarely means what he says, lies to cover his failures, and has no intention of reaching into Congress for a nice handshake deal.

    To assume the best from MrObama is to ignore what he has done to his fellow Americans in the last week. He allowed our military veterans to be pushed around, closed roads and sidewalks so that no one could ‘view’ our national monuments, and showed us, the “folks” as he calls us, that he doesn’t give a hoo-haw how miserable we are if it furthers his agenda.
    He is a petty, mean, thin-skinned failure as a President and not many of us believe he means well or does anything to benefit the US, but only to benefit himself.
    The Repubs should hold their ground until he agrees to negotiate.

    1. “He is a petty, mean, thin-skinned failure as a President and not many of us believe he means well or does anything to benefit the US, but only to benefit himself.”

      And ironically, if he did do things to benefit the U.S., like for example the Keystone Pipeline, he would ACTUALLY benefit himself instead of his delusion that he is benefitting himself. This is the tragedy of Barack Obama.

    2. There’s no need to trust the president. Republicans would be writing the bill and setting the limit. And it doesn’t need to be set back to current levels – three weeks is only slightly higher.

      1. Dem SenReid is proposing a bill that would raise the debt limit by $1.1 Trillion without any cuts in discretionary spending.
        We borrow $2 Billion a day now.

  6. OT and apologies. Say what we will about Greta — but in the entire Fox News line up — she alone fairly and prominently featured the distinction between what was disallowed to vets and allowed for immigrants. It was first, it was firm, and it was good. And the vets deserved it.

    In my book, she beat Cavuto, the Five, Baier and all in putting what is important first. Good on Greta.

    1. I didn’t see the rest, but I’m now watching her show. I have admired her since she first appeared on the scene during O.J.’s farce of a trial on the old “court tv”.

      You’re right about what she brought out about the sad, shameful treatment of the veterans, and by extension, of all Americans. The illegals allowed to rally on the National Mall was beyond understanding; they are criminals encouraged to demand, absolutely demand, that they be given rights due to Americans and legal immigrants.

      An OT to your OT: Where were MichelleObama and Jill Biden when our military veterans and their families were being shoved around at their memorials? Those two women spent untold millions flying all over the country with their special program to support military families before the election.

      1. Worthless camp followers those two.

        Veteran families can’t even get to Dover. Pretty soon we should just line up the coffins on the WH lawn.

  7. It’s a trap…Obama will try to get increase then again refuse to negotiate. Or China scared the begezus out of Obama telling him to work this out.

  8. I have to disagree on this one. Isn’t this what happened LAST time? Obama gets a budget extension and debt limit increase with a promise to negotiate later, having given up nothing. I think he will just spend the next three weeks calling the Republicans names, therefore prolonging his tirades, not ending them. Gee, I seem to be getting my cynical by the day.

  9. The reason that the Republicans are not responding is that they stopped listening after the first insult during his 1 hour temper tantrum. President Obama can’t understand that he is President of the United States. His actions continue to show he is President of the Democratic Party.

    The wisest thing is Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Reid and the President should stop all the negative comments until this has been settled. The fact is there should be some type of mediators or former statesman to hammer a deal out behind the scene. The three of them are not capable of the maturity to hammer a deal out. The President knows his Presidency is over…….he is so desperate to matter he is willing to drive the country off a cliff to show he is control…………Pathetic!

  10. OT Wierd. Remember Ed Snowden. Remember he worked for Booz Allen. Well, seems Booz Allen has a role in Obamacare implementation.
    Apparently not a big importante role….but a pretty significant role Feel better now. I picked this up on AOS and the whole article is on if you are so inclined.

    The contractors responsible for the exchange—CGI Federal for the website itself, Quality Software Systems Inc. (QSSI) for the information “hub” that determines eligibility for programs and provides the data on qualified insurance plans, and Booz Allen for enrollment and eligibility technical support—are scrambling to deploy more fixes.

    1. The gov. has a miserable track record of implementing big IT systems. I know. What sets this one apart is that it is external, and the public will have their info swiped or leaked- count on it. The chaos that will follow will be very ugly. My 2 cents is to pay the fine (or “tax” ) and don’t provide any sensitive info.

      1. Well, certainly Kathleen Sebellius agrees. That was her answer to what happens if you can’t get in and the system doesn’t work. Pay the fine, she says.

        Really pay a fine for something you don’t get because the the thing that you’re supposed to get doesn’t work. Genius.

        People who put their information in this system will have so many problems. On the other hand, maybe NSA will just register for us.

  11. “If they can’t do it for a long time, do it for the period of time in which these negotiations are taking place,” he said.

    What negotiations? Obama reiterated that he will not negotiate. When he says ‘negotiations’, he is referring to some potential discussion that may or may not occur, but only AFTER he gets his way. And Obama’s way is to continue spending at the 2009 levels set by a Democrat-controlled Congress with a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, with the obligatory spending increases included.

    The bottom line here is that we cannot continue down this path. Spending must be brought under control, and by that I mean that it has to be brought below 19% of GDP. Do that, and the debt ceiling becomes a non-issue.

    Unfortunately, we are faced with a President who would rather see this country go up in flames than to exhibit any modicum of leadership that helps ameliorate the actual problem. And today’s temper tantrum illustrated that perfectly.

  12. Republicans need to understand and accept they LOST! If the American people wanted to repeal the ACA there would NOT have been a majority voting for Obama OR voting to keep the Democrats in control of the senate..the ACA went through the Supreme court and was deemed constitutional so its the LAW! Accept it! If you guys want to change it, how about doing it the old fashion way…WIN some elections! I thought you guys were all about keeping the “old way” of doing things in tact and the “American way” I guess that only applies if its a right wing policy bill or law smh

    1. You really should read something other than state-run media, dear. Those are the same leftist talking points being tossed around by every news reader on the boob tube. Your talking points have been addressed numerous times as you are probably aware, so I won’t waste my time trying to explain them to you again. No doubt you’d ignore the facts and move on to another blog where conservatives gather to spread your tripe. Enjoy your government servitude, dear.

      1. “Addressed” the only thing that has been addressed is that we are in a stalemate due to a small precentage of Republicans in the house. Poll after poll shows the majority of Americans feel the same way. This a majority rule country. People are elected based on them winning a majority of the vote. If this were to all go to a vote in the house the tea party reps would lose. Everyone knows that. But this is how a democracy works. I understand we all don’t have the same beliefs or politics but FACT is America voted to keep the Senate Democrat, the country had a chance to get rid of the ACA by voting Obama out of office but they didnt. On top of that the Sumpreme court ruled its Constitutional..I mean is this not how the system works?? What I’m saying has nothing to do with a “talking point” its common sense. Some of yall need to put your ideology aside and think for a minute. If you play a sport where time runs out and you have less points that means you lose, prepare for next cant tell ref to put more time on the clock so you can catch up..thats what the tea party is trying to do

        1. You need to expand your news sources and drop MSM. 70% dont want obamacare the mother of all slush funds for Govt. Jobs and hours will be cut, medical care will be rationed by cost and if you arent a millionaire you better not get sick.

          Obama wastes 634 Million dollars on a faulty broken website, imagine the waste on 1/6 of the US economy. You sure you want the corrupt wasteful Big Fed Govt in charge of that large slice of tax dollars?


    2. The House controls spending on all laws, bills excluding only Social Security. We the people gave the GOP control of the house to stop Obamacare. You cannot deny that.

      1. FB we the people?? The ONLY reason why the GOP has a majority in the house is due to the redistricting of county lines in the southern other words there will ALWAYS be a conservative elected to the house in those countys..and whats funny is if you look at where those counties are located, its RIGHT smack in the middle of the confederate south. And you think this solid bunch represents the people who elected Obama and elected a majority democrat senate? so when you say “we the people” thats actually misleading..the senate is a better reflection of “we the people” since they represent the actual state not just a specificcounty..Infact the whole title of this article is misleading…obama didnt cave Boehner did! And you guys like to throw around the word “out of touch” tell that to guy who wrote this article…oh wait he probably like Karl Rove thinks Romney wonthe election LOOOL

  13. Obama’s snotty closing of national parks, PX’s, war memorials etcetera was a attempt to show that the government rules supreme, not the people. Like his presidency, it will be a failure only if Boehner, Republicans and allied Democrats stand their ground.

  14. When everyone at the poker table can see through your bluff, it is not a bluff, but a tell.

    Obeyme made his usual maniac raise, flopped a 10 high, and he knows darn well that the GOP has thirty miles of bad road rolled up.

    The whole table can see your flop sweat, Barry. You ain’t foolin’ nobody with that continuation bet. Get out of this hand before you lose even bigger.

  15. Ick–the “prime time” thing is almost as tiresome as the chest bomb and head gun. Shows in prime time are not ready for prime time–can’t we find another expression. Like “not there yet” or “still in beta” (this is the beta, tho), “not working.”

  16. The question is what is he not saying? Short term increase in the debt limit and a brief extension in the funding of government? While this “offer” may seem reasonable on the surface, in reality no ground has been given.
    What will be gained by a short term increase in the debt limit, since the debt limit is primarily to pay for last years bills? So in essence, what you get is an increase for next years budget without cuts. A brief extension in funding the goernment, the house has sent numerous bills to the senate to do just that and have avoided the obamacare issue. They are piecemeal attempting to fund the agencies obama shut down. Again no ground gained.

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  18. All Obama needs is a few weeks to infect America with the Mother of all Entitlements. The road to single payer has been planned by LIBS and paved by RINOs.

    Obama spends 634 Million dollars on a faulty website, imagine the wasted tax dollars on 1/6 of the entire US economy.


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