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Quote of the Day || October 8, 2013

“The Grand Canyon is closed? That’s incredible. I mean, it seemed so wide.”

– Vice President Joe Biden

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

20 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || October 8, 2013”

    1. indeed Julie!

      Maybe after closing the ocean, the grand canyon, mt rushmore, every memorial ever built, can they try to close our southern border?
      no, mr. President.

      In my area, a man was sentenced yesterday to 6 years in prison for murdering 2 people. Oh, he is illegal, has already been deported, and he came back in. And he gets a measly 6 years.

  1. Keith, do you have any idea how much it hurts to spray diet coke out your nose? Jeepers. Some of these should come with a warning.

  2. Well, it proves he’s never been. It’s very deep, hence the name.

    OT: if anyone else has never been, it really is a grand thing to see. However, it is at least three hours from civilzation in every direction, you might suffer ‘altitude sickness’ from the height of the flat land, and once you look, that’s all there is.
    Organized activities such as white-water rafting, camping, or mule rides have waiting lists that are years long.
    There is a native American tribe, the Havasupai, that lives at the bottom of the canyon and claims it as a tiny reservation within federal owned lands.

    1. Ah, you prove my point from the other day. Native Americans are involved in national parks, monuments, and museums. What has Obama done, cut off the supplies to the Havasupai? Maybe we’ll have to airlift them food a la the Marshall Plan.

    2. The Grand Canyon is magnificent. Our family vacationed in campsites there a few times over the years. One year we hiked halfway down the Bright Angel Trail and thought we’d never make it back out. Suffice it to say it is much easier going down the trail than it is coming back up. Also bought some beautiful turquoise jewelry from a group of native American women who had set up shop on Indian blankets at one rest stop. Great memories.

  3. Knothead the Not Nabob

    Take your show on the road. Great comedy. Something this country needs considering the buffoons currently in power have depressed us so often, :)

    1. National Review has a cartoon of the Grand Canyon being ‘closed’. It’s a big zipper being pulled over the canyon. Another Christo-like idea, Star.

  4. I heard this morning that DC has allowed a permit to parade to illegals. How dare they after what they are doing to our esteemed veterans.Petty, miserable,little people running this country.

    Any one have information on this permit issue?

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