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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 8, 2013

11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
4:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Hagel

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:30 pm

29 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 8, 2013”

  1. I think I’m through with Fox. Megan Kelly went after Ted Cruz right out of the box in a smart ass tone as she did with Karl Rove the night of the election. It’s as if Fox along with everyone else who is jealous of Cruz is out to take him down. Sorry for interrupting, Keith, but I’m here anyway instead of watching Fox.

      1. Megyn Kelly was annoying at 2p and now at 7p she thinks she is a major player on FNC (aka: “too big for her britches”)

        I do not like this new FNC line-up.

        And what the H#ll is with that new 3p Shep “drama queen” Smith’s set? Too busy, too may useless screens… I got a headache watching it.

    1. Ditto. Didn’t like it one bit, but I never considered her a conservative. She’s just a prettier Nancy Grace. Same goes for Bill O’Reilly – except that he’s even an uglier Nancy Grace.

    2. I missed this, but everywhere on Fox now there appears to be Bash the Republicans and in particular bash Ted Cruz and the conservatives. I am as fed up as you are and was thinking along the same lines.

      I heard mealy mouthed stuff from Huckabee (no I cannot be more specific) the other night when I cruised by, I rarely watch him and even on Cavuto, where we get a fairer shake it is getting nasty with how screwed up the Republicans are and how badly they are handling this. My goodness I am even beginning to feel sympathetic to Boehner. Say what you will but had the conservatives and the Republicans not stood up, everyone would be drinking obamacare swill without so much as a clue, and the debt ceiling would be unlimited.

      And to end my rant (and thank you for indulging me or politely ignoring me) some time this evening Beckel was doing his thing and he tossed out the word “coward” and I am out of there too.

      So I guess that leaves Shep alone with what I hear is a very fancy Twitter “bar:”.

      Sorry Keith. Julie made me do it.

      1. And right when I shoot off my big mouth, Lou Dobbs takes on Obama’s campaign of pain on FBN. FBN is where I find myself more often than no t.

    3. Glad I deleted Fox from my daily viewing schedule. Attacks on Ted Cruz is par for the course with the channel nowadays. Never been much of a fan of Megan Kelly anyway, and my husband believes she’s a man-hater. Rush was so right about the soap opera quality of today’s cable news:

      “If you watch Fox, if you watch CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, you know what you’re watching? You’re watching a soap opera titled, “Inside the Beltway.” You are not watching what’s happening in America. You just think you are.”

      1. My pet peeve with ALL of the 24/7 news channels is the constant Breaking News… even if a story is 3 days old and they are just recapping, it is still Breaking News. And I use the 24/7 title generously. Ever try to actually find a breaking news story when it is happening on off hours? All you will find are reruns of cable “news” talk shows. There are no more news shows. Never thought I would miss CNN’s Headline News repeated every 30 minutes. Even the Weather Channel does not have weather 24/7 anymore.

    4. I turned her on and her loud cocky arrogant tone was so bad I
      turned her off I guess this is her prime time personality. O’Reilly
      is getting so bad at interrupting and talking over his guest you
      can’t even hear what anyone says Fox perhaps need a bit of humble pie.

      1. I am still an O’Reilly fan–after all these yrs. I spend more time with him than anyone but my daughter. We think alike. I like his reckless arrogance–amusing and irritating by turns. The one thing I don’t like is that he doesn’t always have the facts–does not put in the time. Megyn (with a y) was funny slapping him down, but in her other show, was getting kinda libbie–rephrasing people’s statements for them…I did not like it. I have not seen her new one, but will take your word for it. Cavuto the other day turned off all mics and sound if pols or guests were name calling–that as funny. We talked about Beckel the other day–he is blatting about how he got insurance with a bypass–yay yay. Isn’t he a Fox employee–pre-existings don’t lock you out on employee policies. That irks me.

  2. Back to Obama: he’s going to allow a massive demonstration for immigration on the Washington Mall which is closed to everyone else. He sure hates ‘whitey’.

    1. This has me outraged. The country is blocked off to American citizens and the mall is liberated for those who want amnesty and break our laws with will. There will be a large contingent of Dems there to — they can safely come out of hiding now to support their base and these new voters. The only thing missing is banners for the corporate sponsors who are supportive of this crap.

        1. I’ve worn out my typing fingers trying to make those who don’t understand that Mexicans are not those charming, articulate young students who only want to be charming, articulate Americans, they are the least of their country.
          The illegals are mostly illiterate, speak only Spanish, and bring their third-world attitudes with them. Some are criminals escaping their fates in Mexico to hide in the US.

          It’s not that we’re against legal immigration, or allowing those who are escaping certain death or tyranny to join us here, it’s that most Mexicans bring nothing with them and add nothing to our Nation.
          oh heck, I sound like a broken record on this issue.

          1. I understand you perfectly, srdem. We also import a lot of misery, criminality and third world attitudes and there is not much we can do about it. I still turn away in disgust when I see women walking around covered in black veils in the nearby city.

          2. Importing “misery, criminality and third world attitudes” along with undesirable immigrants from all the “underdeveloped” countries seems to be an epidemic in Western nations lately.

  3. Every time I see “Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing” I imagine Reggie singing the chorus of “You’re Still the One” to his royal PITA.

  4. Keith, do you realize what a special thing you have created here? No matter what your headline is, this has become a place where regular people (aka folks) are allowed to vent and discuss. You’re the man!

  5. “The first [President] Bush would get up at 4 a.m., go running, be in the office by 6 a.m. and stay up until 2 a.m. ‘He was a horror,’ said a former White House nurse who had to try to keep up with him. The second [President] Bush kept a similar schedule, going to the office by 6:45 a.m. and often holding meetings at this ripe hour, according to The NYT.”

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