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The Obama Morning News || October 7, 2013

Boehner: Democrats must talk . . . Wall Street Journal
ATF blocking Fast and Furious book . . . Washington Times
No end in sight as defualt deadline looms . . . Fox News
Lew: The sky will, in fact, fall . . . Fox News
The Rough Rider vs. the Smooth Rider . . . Joseph Curl
Big cases in the Court’s docket . . . New York Times
Kerry praises Assad for honoring deal . . . Fox News
DHS advisor linked to Hamas backer . . . Daily Caller
Harry Reid plots to hold onto power . . . Politico

14 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 7, 2013

  1. Today starts that awful new FNC line up… I want Hannity in his old time slot or at least 7pm. Megyn Kelly is unwatchable. Drama queen Shep Smith is back.
    Gretchen Carlson’s 2pm show just AWFUL. She was awful on Fox&Freinds but trying to watch her read serious news makes my hair hurt…
    At 2pm for news I now watch Al-Jazeera.

    • I have quit watching Fox, but for a different reason. I quit a week, or so, ago after I watched The Five. I submitted my resignation then:

      I have decided to leave The Five after many months of faithful attendance. Mr. Bechel brings little to the discussion, but his unprovoked attacks and street language referring to people, who do not have the opportunity to defend themselves, is,well, indefensible. Mr. Guido Barilla explained his position and Mr. Bechel’s scurrilous attack and closing line at the end of today’s The Five, unfortunately my final one, was unwarranted. I have never witnessed such behavior from the token conservatives who appear on similar programs on other networks. Apparently, only liberals are allowed to express their opinions as they pass judgement on those with whom they disagree.

      I have made it a point to tune one of the television sets at the local fitness center to Fox News the five days I am there weekly. I have noticed some of the regulars have since switched from MSNBC and CNN to Fox News. If any of them asks me why I am reading a book or magazine rather than watching Fox next Monday, I will explain.

      I worked in broadcast news more than forty years. I have more often than not had to defend Fox News from others in the trade. I learned very early that every mike is a live mike. That seems to be a small matter to Mr. Bechel. It is a very large matter to me.

      • Couldn’t agree more, rawheadrex. Bechel is a disgrace to the human race. There was a point in time last year when I believe the powers that be told him to tone it down – or else. He behaved himself fairly well until a few months ago. I stopped watching when he reverted to his old ways. Leopards can’t seem to change their spots.

      • Fox has always gone overboard in trying to appear ‘fair and balanced’. Bechel is a good example. I never watched The Five, but whenever he’d be on Hannity, I found him to be a great bore. The other cables make no attempt to be or even appear ‘fair and balanced’ so why should Fox? It would be nice if conservatives could have just one channel or cable completely on their side.

        • I did not see the Barilla thing–but I still watch THE FIVE, despite Beckel. My beef with him is he doesn’t do his homework, does not pay attention even while on the air, and is smarmy toward women. Also, Greg seems to have sort of checked out. the Banned Phrase thing is getting old. I like Bill Schulz on the Sat nite Red Eye–but you know, I love the funny. GHive him a show–instead of Shep, who is only funny accidentally.

    • I turned off Fox News last week and it was liberating. Don’t like the left turn they are taking. I still DVR Cavuto and Hannity, but delete them posthaste whenever RINO Rove, or some self-righteous leftist like Tamera Holder or that Jamu creature show up. After dealing with intolerant liberals all day long, who wants to punish themselves with more of the same at night.

    • Plus Gretchen looks different–she can’t shut her eyes–I guess she had work done. Weird. As for Megyn–I could take 15 mins of her at lunch–with her reframing the guests’ points to reflect the admin stance. An hour? No! I liked Hannity’s “real people” things–but he was my backup channel for commercials on other evening shows.

  2. Documents show that one of Mr. Dodson’s supervisors in Arizona, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Carlos Canino, rejected his request July 19 and was backed in the decision by the agent in charge of the office, Thomas G. Atteberry, four days later.

    Their rejection made no claims that the book would release sensitive or classified information or compromise ongoing law enforcement proceedings.

    Rather, the supervisors offered a different reason for their decision. “This would have a negative impact on morale in the Phoenix [Field Division] and would have a detrimental effect on our relationships with DEA and FBI.”


    Prior restraint because someone might get his widdle feewings hurt?!

  3. Lew also said the White House is willing to negotiate on fiscal issues, despite President Obama repeatedly saying he won’t have those talks as part of a debt-ceiling deal.

    “The president has been and continues to be open to negotiations,” he said.

    His remarks came five days after Obama said: “Let me repeat, I will not negotiate over Congress’ responsibility to pay bills it has racked up.”


    Lew must think Chirs Wallace has amnesia. Or, maybe Lew has it.