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Churchill Bust to Reappear . . . in the Capitol

In what would appear to be a direct rebuff to President Obama’s decision to remove a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, the House of Representatives will install a newly donated bust of the hallowed British statesman in the Capitol.

I shall return
I shall return

The bust, which will be donated by the U.S.-based Churchill Centre, will be located in Statuary Hall alongside great figures in American history.

According to Speaker John Boehner’s office, the bust is being donated as a result of a House Resolution that he authored. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are all expected to attend an unveiling ceremony October 30 that will amount to a slap in the face to the president.

On January 20, 2009, his first day on the job, Obama unceremoniously removed a bust of Churchill from the Oval Office and sent it up the street in Washington to the British embassy. The move is widely seen as symbolic of Obama’s desire to separate himself from Bush and what he sees as the martial character of Bush’s presidency.

Ironically, a Churchill bust will be placed in the Capitol just as Obama is being accused of engaging in some Chamberlainesqe weakness with respect to America’s enemies, particularly Iran. And for Boehner’s part, we may know on October 30 whether, in the current shutdown standoff, he displayed Churchillian backbone or caved to the president.

24 thoughts on “Churchill Bust to Reappear . . . in the Capitol”

  1. Yeah. Separate himself from Bush’s superior character so his own inferior character could try and claw its way to the top. Seems like he is slipping back down to his natural place at the bottom though.

  2. My state of PA has a huge legislature, and when I look at their daily schedule it’s filled up with nonsense resolutions like these. Drives me crazy!

    1. The Texas legislature meets once every two years, which may be a reason why we have more freedoms than most other states. Idle hands are the devil’s tools…

      1. God Bless Texas !
        Once every two years allows them to spend time in the real world.
        You’re lucky to live there Susan.
        Are the school systems being co-opted by common core ?

        1. We’re Texans by choice, AFVet. Wouldn’t live anywhere else. No Common Core – thanks to Governor Perry, who wouldn’t take the Dept. of Education bribe “Reach for the Cash”. Unfortunately, the left surreptitiously instituted CSCOPE, Common Core’s Frankenstein child. The Texas legislature was able to kill CSCOPE last session, but it rose from the dead again when they made the curriculum public domain so the schools can download it for free. Guess, it’s now up to the parents to know what their children are being taught.

  3. I thought Obama’s move showed his desire to be separated from European allies, not just the Bush furnishings. He was too cool to be friends with Britain, after all there all those new muslim gov’ts for him to charm.

  4. I thought Obama exiled Churchill because he was seen as a proponent of colonialism, and Obama wants to be known as the great anti-imperialist.

    1. I tend to agree with you Julie.
      He has always had the opinion that America was too powerful.
      But you notice that that doesn’t stop him from the dictatorial positions he’s taking against the people right now.
      Closing down highways, shutting down privately held monuments, attempting to restrict people from gazing on Mt. Rushmore.
      He is poking his finger in our eye and enjoying every minute of it.
      I say impeach him.

  5. Barry isn’t fit to lick the sole of Churchill’s boot. Good for Boehner. Any
    “slap in the face” to Barry is cause for celebration.

  6. When MrO instructed someone to return the Churchill bust back to England, he was exposing his anti-American mindset, rather than a anti-English bias. He doesn’t have the same affection for any country north and east of the Mediterrean that most of America carries in their genetic background. We speak the same language as everyone in England, and we have genetic roots in every European country.

    MrObama is an “other” in more ways than his racial makeup, he doesn’t understand or respect the million ways Americans live or view the world. Our holidays and traditions just puzzle him, and he shows that puzzlement when he pretends to celebrate or join his fellow citizens in traditional activities.

    The Churchill bust was more than an artist’s rendering of a famous man, but represented another country’s gratitude and friendship with America. He didn’t understand it back then, and he still doesn’t.

    1. He has no concept of history except what affected him or what he
      was told as I doubt he knows anything about history. When he quotes history or historical events you can tell he’s only reading
      what was written for him and with no emotion as he’s incapable
      unless it’s to insult and inflame the people who don’t worship him
      then he’s full of emotion and the most foul insults ever uttered by a President! Churchill bust a little bit of Karma ‘Never Give Up’!

        1. We’ll never know along with his annual physicals. I remember when they felt the need to report Laura Bush had a small cancerous spot removed from her leg now did the world need to know? But Obama is never required to release anything.

  7. Good on Boehner and let’s hope this does give him backbone.

    Perhaps someone should gift him a Churchill keychain to use as a rabbits foot?

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