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What Business are the Redskins of Obama’s?

Well, I guess if he’s running your healthcare, the president must have a right to name your football teams too.

As you may be aware, President Obama in an interview late last week gave the royal thumbs down to the continued use of the name “Redskins” for Washington’s football team.

Which leads me to ask, gently, sweetly,


Is Obama now the Nation’s Moral Arbiter? Look at this. From the interview with the Associated Press:

You know, Julie, obviously, people get pretty attached to team names, mascots. I don’t think there are any Redskins fans that mean offense. I’ve got to say that if I were the owner of the team and I knew that there was a name of my team — even if it had a storied history — that was offending a sizable group of people, I’d think about changing it.

But I don’t want to detract from the wonderful Redskins fans that are here. They love their team, and rightly so — even though they’ve been having a pretty tough time this year. But I think — all these mascots and team names related to Native Americans, Native Americans feel pretty strongly about it. And I don’t know whether our attachment to a particular name should override the real, legitimate concerns that people have about these things.

But I don’t have — I don’t have a stake in this in the sense that I’m not a part owner of any football team.

Thank you, thank you, Mr. President, for exculpating us Redskins fans on the charge of being offensive. We’re nice, but just not quite as enlightened as we should be. We’re stupid, not mean.

And how do you know, exactly, what we think? How can you be so wise? Maybe we all stand up at home each time the Skins score and holler, “This one’s for Custer!”

You’re right about one thing. You don’t have a stake. You’re the government. You’re not Solomon. Unless the Apache decide to go on the warpath, stay out of it.

And you’re dividing people by stirring this up. Unnecessarily. A 2002 poll by Sports Illustrated found 75 percent of American Indians have no objections. A 2004 poll by the Annenberg Public Policy Center put the total at 91 percent.

It’s your activist friends and not average Native Americans who care about this. Go back to ruining the economy.

74 thoughts on “What Business are the Redskins of Obama’s?”

  1. I’ve got to say that if I were the owner of the team . . .

    But you’re not the owner of the team, so shut up. To hell with you, and to hell with the Cowboys.

  2. This is the new normal. There is no aspect of American life where Big Government feels it does not belong. I wonder if the founders with all of their prescience could have envisioned this level of intrusion.

  3. If we change all the names that are based on Native Americans, what about those based on animals? Aren’t those demeaning to, and epxloitive of, animals? Good bye, Dolphins and Eagles! Beat it, Broncos! Toodle-loo, Lions and Jaguars! See ya’ later, Ravens! Bye-bye, Bengals and Bears! Farewell, Falcons and Panthers! Sayonora, Seahawks and Rams!

    But, wait! What about the non-animals? We gotta’ get rid of the Patriots ’cause their mascot is a dead, white guy who probably exploited someone. And, the Steelers are named after an industry that hurts Gaia. Those Titans think they’re better than others, and we can’t have that, can we!

    1. Glad you mentioned the Patriots. You’d think Obama and the ultra liberal anti-Constitutionalists would especially want to get rid of that one. Shades of the Tea Party.

      1. Let’s not stop with the NFL! Get rid of the 76ers because their mascots were a bunch of white men who might’ve owned slaves. And, the Nuggets represent an industry that’s also raped Gaia. The Padres are possibly mocking Hispanics.

    2. Years ago, when the ‘PC’ proponents began running amok (haven’t really slowed down, yet), my university changed the name of their sports teams. My alums and I rarely attend the ‘newer teams’ reunions/homecomings (unless we know someone from that Class) except for our organizations’ activities. We have our own parties!

      All of us wear our ‘original PC-incorrect’ shirts, jerseys, hats, jewelry, and proudly display our banners and photos. We consider ourselves ‘classics’ soon to become ‘antiques’, but we refuse to be forgotten as long as possible! jb

  4. Ah, but it is we unenlightened Pogos who don’t understand that we is the enemy. If we only spent more time studiously engaged in the roots of Obama’s racially oppressed bud Skip Gates, we’d understand that we is all racists, whether we know it or not. “Institutionalized racism” seems to be the name for it. And if we deny being a racist, well, then, we might just be a bigger racist. Just yesterday, one of the learned commenters on the Gates site wrote this: ” When a black person is attacked by a white person verbally or physically, it’s the entire white population of America participating. If I am attacked by a black person it’s just one person, not the entire black population of America. ” (Oh, yes, and this gem comes from a guy claiming to be white).

    A pertinent question here would be whether Obama thinks that ALL fans of the name “Redskins” are racist. (And perhaps whether he thinks the term “Blacks” is also somehow offensive).

      1. My friends prefer ‘Black American’ or just American! Most do not embrace African-American, and they are offended that the PC Police, over the years, have become the ‘name the races’ like it, or not! Become a victim, like it, or not! How about all of us becoming part of the ‘human race’?

        Sports Teams, such as, the Black Hawks, Red Skins, and ALL others should NOT bow to the idiotic schemes of those whose thinking is like bho – ‘to fundamentally change…..!’ NEVER!

        Besides, instead of talking about WHAT is really critical and important to the American citizens, bho changes the subject and WE get off the subject, too. I fell for it! I am guilty, but that is because Keith lets all of us ‘vent’ on his blogsite. Thanks! jb

        1. I’vd often wondered if black people really objected to the word Negro or if that was the PC Police who objected to the word. After all, black is translated as negro in Spanish.

          1. Susan, The Library of Congress site is a great resource! I hope that you are able to read my response since this reply is a day later.

            The ‘first hand’ stories of slaves compiled by the WPA for each state provide valuable historical insights into the lives of our fellow Americans. Their daily struggles, regardless of their circumstances, cause us to experience an array of emotions – from sadness, to tears, and to profound inspiration!

            Growing up in Texas, my friends were from a mix of backgrounds. My black friends called me ‘PWG’ for ‘poor white girl’ and their ‘nicknames’ were ‘PBB’ and ‘PBG” for ‘poor black buddy’ and ‘poor black girl’. My Mexican friends’ names were ‘PMO’ and ‘PMA’ for ‘poor muchacho (sp?)’ and ‘poor muchacha (sp?). I asked my Mother why were all ‘poor’ and she said, “We are all NOT poor, and someday we will all have some money, too!”

            You might like to read, if you haven’t already, some excellent books by Wm Federer and David Barton. One of Barton’s is ‘From Slavery to the Halls of Congress’ and one of Federer’s is about the life of George Washington Carver.

            In 2012, Deneen Borelli’s book ‘BLACKLASH’ was published and it is subtitled ‘How Obama and the Left Are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation!’

            It is a blistering attack on the ‘race baiters’ and progressive politics that are ‘bent’ on delegating the entire USA, regardless of race, into the ‘government-slave-dependency’ and CONTROL of all Americans’ lives! History MUST NOT be repeated! jb

  5. That was some righteous indignation, Keith. Well done. Breitbart would be proud. My guess is his foray into sports talk with a know nothing sycophant like Julie Pace is an attempt to distract from his disastrous shutdown strategy. This regime has graduated from Cass Sunstein’s “nudge” philosophy straight to the “shove” strategy, and the American people are finally pushing back. Thank God for patriots in new media like you, who are keeping this regime accountable for their actions.

  6. Second to the last paragraph the main point. 75 to 91% of Native Americans don’t care, but if there are a few people he can use to divide and stir up trouble, he’s happy to do so. Speaking as a whitey, it’s the strong character we perceive in Native Americans we want emulate when we use them as our team mascots.

  7. When did the Indians start having a problem with this team name? Oh, never?
    Then WTF is the problem now and why is Barry the one with the problem?
    I guess so he doesn’t have to answer questions about his miserable baby, ObamaCrap, Benghazi, the IRS, and a whole host of other disasters that he is the author of.

  8. It’s his business because he feels obligated to point out that White people are insensitve racists at every opportunity that events allow. A name, a violent act, an inconvienent law, or in most cases, opposition to anything he wants done to America are all proof that White people are racists.

    It’s his business for the same reason that MrsObama thinks it’s her business to determine what other people’s children eat for lunch, or what commercial businesses serve their customers, and lately, how much water adults consume.

    It is the business of all progressive liberals to determine what the public eats, drinks, breathes, sleeps, uses, lives, talks about, cares about, and of course, how much earned income they should be allowed to keep for themselves.
    They can’t help themselves, they are know-it-all bullies.

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  10. Speaking of misplaced priorities, Drudge says the Amber Alert website has been taken down but Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move website remains.

    1. Normal ‘folks’ would find that shocking and discusting but the WH
      finds it necessary. Better take care of a fat kid than try and find a poor lost child.

      1. Michelle’s a real example to Mothers everywhere isn’t she? Only
        cares about her pet ‘Let’s Move’ but not the misery of a child missing no matter what size they are yes Michelle is truly a
        narcissistic —– she must be the center of attention no matter what. Pathetic.

  11. He said if a sizable number of people object–they polled, it’s not sizable. Plus–put a sock in it. The “red” is the face paint anyway, not the skin pigment.

  12. Oh please, please don’t send him back to running the economy. If we can just keep him away from anything important for three years, we might get out alive.

    I was wondering how many other ways he can come up with to try to divide the people in our country.I, for one, don’t care what he thinks about anything.

  13. The people (and they are just people) in the Executive Branch of government have gotten too big for their britches…in my opinion. And, when you get too big for your britches, you bust out the seams and find yourself naked. Pretty embarrassing.

    1. OT on Redskins but comment on bureaucrats. Sally Jewell is now Secretary of Interior and NPS reports to her. Her name should be attached to every barrycade – closing – and abuse.

      Do not know her opinion on Washington Redskins but as SOI maybe she would consider Redwoods — California the Sanctuary State and stuffed to the gills with leftists and Eco maniacs would like that.

  14. Of course I agree here, it´s absolutely none of his business. When he interferes like this he only loses even more in popularity so therefor …… please go on on your high horses, Mr Dramaqueen. What about Brownies, those delicious chocolate cookies ? Maybe you can educate us here ?

  15. So I guess he better scrub the tomahawk missiles? and the blackhawk helicopter? Ban all University of Iowa teams? Shut down the town of Blackhawk, Colorado? Or Blackhawk desert boots worn in the military? How about the Florida State Seminoles? University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux. There are probably 1000 high schools in the USA shose teams are called the Indians.

    Obama adds his two cents to cover up all the mess he’s causing by closing national parks.

  16. What an ignorant jack$ss! Who would even make such a ridiculous argument especially when no objections have been made from the so-called injured party? He loves the sound of his own voice regardless of what come out. He must be ‘chooming’ every day now.

    1. Your comment clarifies what looked to be blatant hypocrisy.

      Tom Hanks, in the Obama video, said “He will not dwell in blame”.

      After five years of constant, relentless blame, this sounded idiotic. But after more thought, and considering Obama’s parsing of words, it actually makes sense. He does not dwell in blame. He does an occasional drive-by, and then moves on.

  17. He has to put his nose into everything and the press gives him the pass on all the ugliness he dictates. Stopping the Amber Alert and letting Michele’s website up and running so that fat kids can learn to exercise is appalling.

    I went on the ACA website, after about 15 min got through to a CSR. My first question was “why is this website open when the rest of the govt is essentially closed”. Her response was “that this is considered an essential part of the govt and it is fully funded”. Sure, she can sit there and work but I can’t watch the baby panda at the zoo!

  18. When I saw this story hit Drudge over the weekend, my immediate thought was the owner of the Redskins should take out a full page ad in the local DC newspapers, saying the following:

    Dear Mr. President,

    This may come as news to you, but this remains a free country and you have not been elected King Barack. The Washington Redskins organization is a privately owned business. As such, decisions over the football team name will be handled as a privately run business handles matters like this: internally, and without government interference.

    If and until the US becomes a communist country, or a monarchy with a “King”, please STFU about matters like this where you have neither the knowledge nor the standing to comment. As a reminder, you are an Elected Official, who serves the People of the USA. Not the reverse.


    Dan Snyder

  19. Six weeks ago:

    Peter King’s Sports Illustrated NFL site, The MMQB, will reportedly no longer publish the name “Redskins.” His thus becomes the first major sports site to ban the offending name of the Washington, D.C., football team.

    Sports Illustrated staff writer Robert Klemko told Chris Moore on CBS Sports Radio Thursday,

    I know that our site, we’ve talked about it, and we’re not going to use Redskins in our writing. We’re going to say “Washington football team.”And it’s not something we’re going to publicize or write about. We’re just not going to do it.


  20. As the Fuhrer Obama has orange Barrycaded off Prayer Services for our Military we should set aside an hour a day to pray for them can’t Barrycade our thoughts…yet.

  21. God I hate that insane, sociopathic, commie mass murdering koranimal. The hate burns white hot (raaaacist?) and grows by the minute.

  22. I guess no one watched the entire interview……….They asked if the the name Washington Redskins offended him and should the name be changed? He responded very quickly of course the name should be changed……it should be the Obama Redskins! I guess his first answer was edited out! LOL

  23. The sons of liberty (white revolutionists) dressed as native americans with red paint on their faces stormed the ships in protest of England’s tax on tea. The redskins are white and true patriots of this country. It is time to tell uniformed people to start to read instead of watching msnbc for their news

  24. oh yeah,
    Sorry I should have given a name if they do cave to all the losers. Here is my list:

    The Washington Welfare, They can have a food stamp on their helmets as a logo

    How about the : Washington Crackers, Ritz cracker on the helmet

    Lets go with the Washington Honkeys, in stead of hail to the redskins we could all bring old style bike horns to the game and honk them after a touchdown. no one is protesting the 70’s show the Jeffersons for saying honkeys every show.

    Lets all think what our team has produced:
    We have never drafted or held on to a player that has been convicted of murder ( Ravens ). All or most of our players have a history of community service. We have a legacy of having great players and couches and we don’t kill dogs. Joe Gibbs was a great coach and religious. The problem is we have class. If you have a problems with this start your own team and call them what you want. If you are a native American and have a problem with the name route for the cowboys and stop getting drunk with all of our tax dollars.

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