As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Inside the White House || Rose Garden – October 1, 2013

President Obama took to the Rose Garden on Shutdown Day /Obamacare-Launch-Day to blast Republicans and assure the country that everything is fine with Obamacare, despite all appearances to the contrary.

Accompanying him were a group of people who stand to get health insurance now that the miracle of Obamacare has arrived. And . . .


What was that phrase from? I remember hearing that on TV somewhere.

Anyhoo . . . I took some pictures for you.


Waiting for the Oval Office door to open and POTUS to emerge . . .



Now we’re talking. Sullen Sebelius makes sure everyone’s listening.



Obama reads from his trusty teleprompter.



Here’s what teleprompter has to say.



Valerie Jarrett looks on with pride. She hates being photographed in the Rose Garden.



Reporters listen up, with Rose Garden, Colonnade, and Residence in the background.



Court photographer Pete Souza loads up for another propaganda shot.



Obama with the Obamacare beneficiaries. Obviously, for several, their first stop will be the cardiologist’s office.

Okay, I’m not exactly at my fighting weight either.



Obama flashes his, You can’t possibly disagree with me look.



Thank you Mr. President, for taking money from other people and giving it to me.



Okay, everybody back inside, show’s over.


56 Responses to Inside the White House || Rose Garden – October 1, 2013

  1. If President Pettypants keeps up his mean and tyrannical attempts to screw the American people during this Govt Slowdown you are going to have to change the title of your blog to ‘Spite House Dossier’, Keith!

  2. Did you take these photos, Keith ? Excellent pictures, funny comments. Interesting to see what that Teleprompter looks like from “the inside”. How did you manage to take that picture ? By the way, Valerie Jarett really looks like a little …well no, not kind to say that.

  3. This is the unhealthiest group of people I’ve seen in a long time. One of them, the speaker, is skinnier than a stick and the rest of them need to visit the victory garden and talk to Mooch about vegetables in the diet. NONE of them look happy including the speaker.

  4. Thanks for the insider’s peek into the event. Are those dark figures at the far corner of the ‘residence’ security?

    As I watched this event at home, the visual of middle-aged, some overweight, some downright unhealthy looking props behind the President, my first thought; these are the people who desperately need young, fit and healthy people to buy into Obamacare.

    Seeing it again, they resemble a flock of vultures waiting, silent and still.

  5. It did occur to me that this batch of human props (sorry, fellow humans) were people who could not get insurance bec of weight. The most common reason one cannot get individual insurance. Or could not–now, since weight is pre-existing–I guess they can just charge more. Also–the other day–somewhere on here–someone said a person had signed up and paid the premium, then found out it was $6K deductible. Do you pay when you sign up–months ahead of when you can use it?

    • Don’t know, FriendStar. All the information we’ve been served only seems to tout the good, better, and best parts of the Act.

      We all know how deductions and co-pays work in private insurance or Medicare, but on a massive scale that Obamacare will bring, it’s impossible to determine. How long will it take to amass the figures for meeting the deductible if a person visits or is treated by many doctors, health practicioners, or hospitals and each needs to send information to the government or insurer.
      With the high deductilbles and co-pays in this Act, most people will never see their insurance coverage pay for anything.

      • Good point on the cross checking and verifying etc. I don;t know anyone who signed up so I don’t know if they ask for money, or more likely, your banking info so they can suck out the money. You can’t “use” it until after Jan 1–so that would be a total rip if you start paying now. That seems pretty basic. Why don’t I know it–I read all those sidebars on All You Need to Know about Obamacare.

        • I did hear something about how they could suck out the money even if you didn’t provide the banking info. That would be a nasty surprise if you are having a bad month and have to prioritize the bills, tho they would know nothing about that, of course. Also–if you sign up, can you change your mind in three days or anything…what if a friend says, Oh, no–that is the worst, you should have gotten… With individual insurance (had it all my career from here and there), if you did not pay, you were not covered–they didn’t come and take the money away from you anyway.

  6. The last picture of Obama shoving the grateful, overweight folks into the Whitehouse for their admonishment session with MOOCHelle who has a rigorous exercise program set up for them and then a trip to her vegetable garden to gift them with some healthy foods they must take home and then report back to her about what taxpayer funded programs they have signed up for to take off that extra weight. (The white ones will be visited by IRS and DHHS agents to make certain they have followed her instructions.)

  7. These people look like they need of activity. Perhaps charter a boat and go fishing in ‘Florida bay’s. Oops can’t do that. Obama forbid us to use the ocean until government is open and we are being bled dry to pay the salaries of this bloated behemoth.

    Thanks for the pix — joyless and mean. Sucking all the vitality from the country.

  8. Great photos Keith – thanks!
    Don’t know how the fake human props can keep a straight face as they stand behind the fake POTUS and watch him read the big print off the ‘dummy’ prompter. Such a farce!

    Didn’t notice any brown-skinned Hispanic props in the group. Is the WH ‘color coordinator’ on a shutdown furlough? Or could it be that Obama doesn’t want to discuss H/C for 15-20M illegals? The last I heard is that they are not included in Obamacare. Are we ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room? Anyone?

  9. Saturday score: 407-0
    Furloughed federal employees: 407
    Everybody else: 0

    The major legislative item for the day is a bill on the House floor that would give furloughed federal workers back pay once the shutdown is over. The legislation Saturday morning, 407-0 – the White House endorsed the bill.

    They do take care of their own! National Parks, monuments, the Statue of Liberty, supporting businesses and any and all expenses related to Americans, who planned a vacation or trip – nada, zilch and zero. Federal employees shouldn’t have to suffer economically for the actions of their employer, but the optics of giving them a ‘paid vacation’ four days into the shutdown is just disgusting.

    • I asked my Rep if they couldn’t just re-open the parks and museums and pay those bills later too ? No repsonse yet.

      Paid vacations for 800k “non-essential” personnel seems pretty unfair for the people stuck as “essential” and doing double the work because of the furloughs.

      The optics just keep getting sillier.

        • Yes, they are. In a WSJ article it was either the Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore which only received 18% of its income from the Feds.

  10. Fun to see everything from a different prospective. Thanks, Keith.

    BTW, will the teleprompter be furloughed? Heaven forbid the man should have to read anything from notes.

  11. Great pictures, Keith. Great teleprompter moment you captured as well. “…every national park and monument must be closed.” Proof positive Preezy is the one who closed the National Parks, not Congress. As for the well-fed human props, playing the role of society’s victims seems to pay fairly well.

  12. For the WH suggestion box: How about letting the human props take part in the teleprompter readings? We have ‘ride-alongs’ and ‘sing-alongs’; how about ‘read-alongs’ with Obama every time he does a Rose Garden gig? It’s silly for them to just stand there like dodo heads – they need to participate. Even a ‘hallelujah’ here and there would step it up a notch.

  13. Speaking of human props–that little kid standing next to the president during the Obamacare bill signing–isn’t he about due to go to college? I am so sick of that stock shot!.

  14. Ha! Laughed out loud a few times.

    Wonder how you keep getting through the gate. Surprised they haven’t taken your press pass away.

  15. The odoriferous “Rose Garden” is merely an aromatherapy based distraction technique, designed to mask the foul stench of Obamacare.