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Sunday Open Thread || October 6, 2013

The place is yours. Please straighten up when you’re finished.

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        1. Watch it–DC is my adopted hometown.

          Being the seat of power does tend to mess with people’s heads a bit around here, though, I’ll give you that.

          1. This is the first Sunday in my whole adult life with no paper. No, no, I am fine. I also quit the digital AZ Republic–$11 a mo for frustration. I can get that free! A friend of mine who lives on a horse ranch in CA wrote me today that she also has no paper since her divorce and listens to NPR and why are Republicans so awful. Where do I start? Sigh. Better to make a mild remark and let it go.

          2. My mom bless her still loves the liberal KC Star I don’t have the heart to tell she can read it for free
            on my IPad and save $25 a month.

    1. The body count is DC is barely being covered in the press and that should be one of the more worrisome facts of late. I have no doubt, if one of the perpetrators had the last name of say…’Zimmerman’, the press would be all over this like white on rice.

        1. How serious are we about the abuse of children in their own mother’s wombs? Not at all. Not human or animal so they don’t matter at all.

          1. Thanks. How can we possibly think that people won’t be cruel to animals, when they agree with aborting babies? It all gets down to the utter disregard for life.

    1. Bless his heart – how incredibly sad to do this to something that cannot help himself. I agree with AFVET – total restraint for the rest of the owners life at a minimum. I hope the dog makes it. Looks like he’s headed in the right direction.

    2. OMG! Terrible story…
      I have a Dear friend who drove to the California mountains,4 years ago, to rescue a young male husky from an Animal Hoarder.(who thought he was saving the dogs). Cloud,had been chained to a tree for the first 3 years of his life. No shelter from the elements, other than the very tall pine tree.. ‘Cloud’ is gentle, good natured and knows he is the grateful ‘KING’ of my friends love and home. Heart!
      Loved by everyone who knows ‘Cloud’.

  1. What kind of fucking moron would not go for a field goal when Tennessee was tied with Georgia in OT?


    Big news for morons who think Peyton was the QB when Tennessee won the National Championship in 1998: he was graduated a year earlier.


    BTW, CBS sucks. There was no constant ticker.

  2. Here’s a sneak peak at the future of healthcare. I am reminded of a Monty Python quip: “It’s just a flesh wound.”

    The federal government wants to reduce the number of Americans diagnosed each year with cancer. But not by better preventive care or healthier living. Instead, the government wants to redefine the term “cancer” so that fewer conditions qualify as a true cancer.

    On July 29, 2013, a working group for the National Cancer Institute (the main government agency for cancer research) published a paper proposing that the term “cancer” be reserved for lesions with a reasonable likelihood of killing the patient if left untreated. Slower growing tumors would be called a different name such as “indolent lesions of epithelial origin” (IDLE).

    Note: No relationship to Eric Idle.

    1. I agree with the idea of being a bit more specific when presenting a cancer diagnosis, and the original intent of this was probably good, but it will be used to restrict treatments. Anything they can use to restrict treatments will have to be pulled out of their hats once the insurance companies start collapsing under the weight of all the rules and regulations.

    2. “The federal government wants to reduce the number of Americans diagnosed each year with cancer. But not by better preventive care or healthier living.”

      Breast-cancer detection is being down-graded.

  3. Wondering ? Any ideas? What is responsible for the high % of humans, successfully, self destructing for ’15’ minutes of infamous fame?
    1.self immolation
    2.Stalkers in pursuit of their obsessive goals
    3.Politicians…pick one.
    a. Biden
    d. Nancy
    e. add one

    1. e. Miley Cyrus.

      My best guess is that there is no sense of self-destruction only “self” with your list or any other names that can be added.
      It’s an ‘first person’ obsession and optics be damned.

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  5. Reports on all the MSM is that US special forces have captured (?) terrorists in Libya and conducted raids in Somalia; are we at war with Somalia now, and are we conducting military actions, boots on the ground, in Libya? Since when do we have troops in Libya, what the heck is going on here?
    The powers that be claim they can’t find the masterminds of the massacre in Benghazi, but they can find these guys. There’s no reports on what they’re going to do with these terrorists, if they’re going to kill them, or install them into a private cell at Gitmo.

    1. By the time we know, it will be over and any possible connections to the administration will be redacted if at all reported.
      Congress will conduct an investigation.
      No-one will remember anything.
      The people involved will change jobs and still be employed.
      Whistle blowers will be threatened along with their family members and will remain silent or move to Russia.
      Barrack Obama will play golf and beat the drum against the republicans and anybody else that has the audacity to stand in his way.

      It appears our military has many fronts to contend with, and a rudderless leader to guide it.

      1. Sadly, you might be right @AFVet. My first thoughts were “boots on the ground?” and then, why are they releasing this information. This is the kind of intel the military might want to keep secret in case there are other targets to be had, butt announcing the capture or raids could put the kibosh on finding other terrorists.

        1. The things I picked up when I heard this news report on the radio overnight were “New York Times reports….” and “Navy Seals….” and details about a shootout. And I was thinking, WHY for the love of God are we again giving the details to the NYT and not keeping the military safe…. Just Thing No. 2,253 that boggles my mind about this admin.

        2. I’m fascinated by the work of Bletchley Park in WW2 they even
          after the war kept their work secret. The women said they did
          ‘clerical work’ some to this day are keeping what they did secret when they could be showered with honors. We can’t keep a secret for a news cycle.

          1. Loved that PBS show. Brits rule on TV.

            It seems the only “secrets” our current government can keep are those that reveal mistakes, errors, misjudgements and total fails.

          2. I only watch British TV and DVD’s have for about
            30 years. Nobody does drama and mystery better.
            I think I’m a Brit at heart went there and my mom had shove me to get on the plane to come home I
            was 37:-(

    2. Eric the Red will never let them in Gitmo. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the terrorists claims “workplace violence” as a defense.

    3. Why isn’t BO beating his chest over this ? The mission seemed successful, so why not take ALL the credit as he did with OBL.

      Who leaked the name of the seal team again ? Do we really need to know ? The last time they did that, we lost many of those seals in “accidents”. Hmmmm?

  6. Can we even believe these latest special forces strikes against terrorists in Somalia or Libya? Is it not a coincidence with public opinion & polls reflecting Obama negatively in Shutdown that this is maybe another elaborate diversion by team Obama to divert attention? How do we even know if our forces did these actions and /or were done months ago by others just to now be released as Obama missions for PR?

    1. : – )) Agree. In addition to what you said, there is the humiliation Obama suffered at the hands of Assad and Putin. He feels a pressing need to appear strong on the world stage so this release of info on the Seals operation. I don’t believe it comes from the Seals themselves because they like to protect their anonymity. This humiliation is also responsible for the unbelievable bull that he is controlling Iran and making them play nice.

    1. There is a lot of fuzzy crossing of lines between private and public property in Obama’s Amerika. Which is a good thing for those who think that the government be in charge of you and yours, and a not so good thing for those who believe in private property and capitalism.

    2. Amendment V, United States Constitution

      No person shall be . . . deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

      It galls me each and every time this man exhibits such contempt for our Constitution.

  7. Is the word “redskin” really controversial in the US ? Has there ever been a controversy about the use of that word as the name of a sportsteam ?
    Anyhow, “nodramaObama” obviously thinks it ought to be so as he is out there talking about a name-change. I guess he is trying to create a new “crisis” as usual. I don´t think I , or any Swede, would feel insulted if a US team was called “Swedish whiteys” or something like that, on the contrary , I would feel very honoured as a member of that small population.
    Come to think of it, Obama might be hinting that the team should be renamed after him, perhaps Barrys Boys.

    1. Ironically, 90% of Native Americans polled said they were not offended by the name. Why can’t Obama just leave it at that? He just needs to stir up controversy to cover up the fact that he is an utter failure as a leader. Shiny objects – everywhere.

      Sports Illustrated just wimped out by announcing they will not use the Redskin name again. (If I was a subscriber, I would cancel my subscription)

      Who’s next? The Blackhawks, The Kansas City Chiefs, Central Michigan Chippewas, Florida Seminoles, or The Fighting Irish? Does Nabisco need to worry about their Oreo cookies trademark? Baskin-Robbins Black Walnut ice cream? Bring it on, Barry!

    2. If he was all concerned about offensive names for professional ball teams, he would be asking Cleveland to change their football team’s name from “Browns” to something less racist.
      PaulBrown was the first Coach of the Cleveland team, but team history claims it was named after boxer, Joe Louis, the “brown bomber”.
      Here in AZ, we’re not that crazy about our football team named after a red bird. “Cardinals” is not intimidating like “Cowboys or Raiders or Jets”.
      Football fans in AZ have other names for our team, none of which is fit to print on a Sunday.

      1. Well, this offensive-business is going too far. Maybe soon family names with a colour in it, Mr Brown or Mrs Black, will be banned.
        Europe is crazy here as well. Remember the “Tin-Tin in Africa” controversy ? And here our childrens book ” Pippi Longstocking” ( from the fifties ) needs to be rewritten because in the book her father claimed to be a “Chief of the Negroes.” Now he is called something else. What is happening with the great Huckleberry Finn books ? I can imagine that they “need” some rewriting too to be politically correct.
        So on the one hand all this rewriting of “offensive” words are going on in the over sensitive white world but at the same time the most offensive, foul , sexist texts are produced by these rap artists. Crazy !!!

        1. I suspect Obama jumped into the fray because he is getting bad publicity over the shutdowns. Ironically, I’d bet that many of the national parks and monuments utilize Native Americans in their operations: Little Big Horn, Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, and maybe tribes like the Seminole in the Florida Everglades.

          1. My high school were the Indians KC Chiefs the whole state
            of Kansas is a history of Native Americans like so many others. They were here first so it’s logical and not an insult but Barry was missing during history class or he’s decided
            to rewrite it to his advantage.

  8. 1. Re: Keith’s Rose Garden “expose” – look up the lyrics to the old Lynn Anderson version of the song “Rose Garden”… great description of that event contained in those lyrics.
    2. Just read where an eldery couple were forced to leave their home because it is on federal land in the Lake Meade area – more victims of the shutdown. The comments following this article are enlightening. I followed a Drudge link to this story – will post link next.

          1. There is one advantage: I never watch “reruns” of my fav TV shows. They all seem new to me. lol.

            Seriously; it’s like my brain is Googled. I may not recall something until it’s mentioned. Then, I remember.

  9. Good morning people. Well, I am glad I don’t live in NY. It looks like they have a good chance of getting full blown socialist and recently captured terrorists who will be tried in an American court with full rights.

    Good on the Seals for carrying out what looks to be yet again a wag the dog action by Mr. Pivoting Barrycades. And now I assume it is on to bringing the Benghazi terrorists to “justice”.

    And Fox News Sunday passes so far with nary a comment on Mr. Barrycades ‘ excessive targeting of national monuments and parks against marauding vets and charter fisherman and putting the shutdown squarely on the shoulders of Republicans, especially those tea party people.

    Good to be Obama on Fox in Amerika. Although there was a scary moment there when it looked like Chris Wallace was roughing up Jack Lew a bit too much.

    1. The Sunday talk shows aren’t live, and the West is @3 hours behind what you’ve already seen.
      If you don’t mind, what was C.Wallace on MrLew about?

      Regarding the shutdown of our national treasures, it seems the fault is starting to fall on the slavishly devoted menial workers who are too afraid to side with the citizen’s rights.
      If the federal employees had refused to block the elderly WWII veterans, MrObama or MrReid wouldn’t have dared ordered their dismissal.
      If the Park Rangers had refused to shut down the Grand Canyon, do we really think the Feds would send the National Guard in to do the job? Don’t think so.
      It seems the government employees are afraid of their superiors and will do anything they’re told to do, even subvert the law as in the IRS. Scary times.

        1. Funny how quickly they throw up those barrycades and how long it takes to build a fence. More people guarding the monuments than guarding the borders.

      1. Sorry about that srdem65.

        Wallace sort of went after Lew on the debt limit and the possibility of default as well as Obama’s unwillingness to negotiate. I thought Lew was a d*ck, but judge for yourself.

        I agree re. the fed workers, esp. NPS. I don’t expect them to put their jobs on the line, but a case of the “blue flu” would be acceptable.

        This shutdown really highlights the over reach of the government in our country and the passivity of the people.

          1. Thanks, I’ll be tuning in to listen in about 1/2 hour.

            re: the snafu-ed ACA
            Reading about it on-line; I kept hitting links in one blog until I found myself in some super-geek land where the language looked like it was English, but went right over my head.
            I did get the gist of what these super-geeks were saying; it would take many years to set up an on-line behemoth such as the ACA, and only if none of the regulations or protocols were changed.
            Some of the major problems they discussed was that the ACA, itself, linked in real time what a user was inputing to different credit agencies and to state databases for personal information on the applicant.

            In other words, the ACA was storming it’s own system. The super-geeks believe that the ACA will need another 5 years of fine-tuning to run properly, but only if nothing changes or is added. Which will happen.

          2. I’ve heard similar. And because we live in Obama’s Amerika I am reluctant to reveal my sources. Also because I am not a “journolist” and my first amendment rights might not be operable in Holder’s courts.

          3. srdem: I applaud your tenacity trying to get an answer. The last thing I’ve read regarding the ‘rollout and glitch-fest’ was that the feds have handed over the tech problem/s to a Canadian IT company.

        1. Lew is a you know what–and thanks for expurgating somewhat!–he was on Meet the Depressed, too. He knows not extending the debt limit won’t result in default, meaning not paying interest to bondholders. But I do think tinkering with it is the wrong fight–but that’s just me.

        1. Love it! Regular Americans performing a little civil disobedience. Shades of the Battle of Gonzales, the first battle of the Texas Revolution. Texians were ordered to turn in their cannon to Mexican troops, and they responded by flying a flag with the words “Come and Take It” above the a facsimile of their cannon. After the battle, the Mexicans retreated and the cannon was still in the possession of the Texians.

        2. Good for them.
          I think if there was vote today in every state, half of them would vote to form a New U.S. and leave the libbies have the rest.

          1. If it could only be done geographically. I’d like the eastern half of Oregon to secede from the western half. At least, I think the states should wrest the national parks, monuments and museums from the Feds.

        3. Great. I think we needed to start doing some civil disobedience. I think the Catholic priests and military need to protest the Obama administration telling them that the chaplains cannot say Mass for them.

          1. I went to mass this evening. There was general acknowledgement of tough times and a call for us to pray for Congress and the President and the country.

            I was thinking how truly sad it was that Obama cannot see the good that the strength and goodness of our country and its people. And how sad it is that he cannot bring himself to gather the family and go anywhere to give thanks.

            It is what it is.

          2. I went to a “singing” at my church tonight. A singing is exactly that – people sing lots of old and new hymns and give thanks to the Lord. I wondered if anyone in Washington has ever been to a singing. I wondered if anyone in Washington would recognize the folks at the singing for what they are – the salt of the earth. I wondered if anyone in Washington ever thanks God for all the blessings He has bestowed on our country. I pray we survive this time and that we will never again take our country and our freedoms and God’s blessings for granted.

  10. The brilliant progressive school district PC police in my home town of Wausau, WI have forced all public schools to cancel “holiday” concerts this year, because of a potential threat that a non-Christian might sue over the inclusion of songs that are offensive to him/her. Kudos to the West High instructor who chose to shut down the Master Singers (one of the finest high school choirs in the country) rather than bow down to the ridiculous set of criteria they were imposing on him and his students. Community is outraged, and recalls are almost certain…

    1. Oh, great. I get it, I think we all get it, we can’t just celebrate Christian holidays and think everyone will be happy. There is a solution; rather than shut down one religous celebration, let them all have their special days or concerts or whatevers.

      We’re not “offended” if a non-Christian religion wants to celebrate their holidays (as long as they’re not holding AK-47s instead of their Holy Book).

    2. Yes, kudos indeed to the instructor who refused this nonsense. How sad for those talented students and the community.

      Joy, talent, beauty, celebration — anathema to the progressives.

  11. Anybody see any discussion anywhere on the Sunday shows about the excessive barrycading of the monuments, the “takeover” of the Iwo Jima monumnent etc, the closing of the ocean or any of the private property issues ?

    1. On Fox News Sunday on Panel Plus Chris let George Will chose the topic and it was on these matters…Will was great, saying something along the line the National Park Service has been taken over by the Democratic Party to do all of these mean things to Americans. I do not usually care for Karl Rove but he jumped in with George Will. Kirsten Powers (who in my opinion does not have the stature to sit between Will and Krauthammer as on Bret last night) had this smirky look on her silly face, admitting the mean aspect but then defending the Democrats for refusing to negotiate.
      Democrats are a clear and present danger to America!

  12. Drudge is linking to a Politico story that claims Boehner is ready to stand and fight Preezy Revenge and the cryptkeeper over their ponzi scheme health insurance fraud. While I’m suspect of anything Politico reports, sure hope it’s true. I’ll apologize for ever calling Boehner a spineless coward if he holds the line on the liberty-stealing behemoth Obamacare.

      1. I am willing to give him a chance on this. Also it’s kind of interesting — maybe the conservatives are a more powerful and growing force in the Party — hence all the shrill screaming about civil war and disruption etc. So far Cruz, Lee and Sessions are taking the lead and the hits. But maybe they have more support than portrayed in the media and the party.

        I have a deep distrust of McCarthy, Cantor and increasingly Ryan which is kind of sad.

        1. It seems that the reports of a civil war in the Republican Party are greatly exaggerated, and I’ve never seen the liberal media and the Democrats so full of advice to the Republicans.

    1. Susan, I think the worm has turned. Boehner is still holding strong after nearly two weeks. This a.m. he told George Streptococcus that he didn’t have the votes to end the stand-off and he will wait and wait until Obama is willing to sit down at the table and negotiate. ‘He has my phone number”.

      I may be in the minority, but, IMO, the GOP holds all the cards now. Boehner knows he can’t defund or repeal Obamacare but he can demand that all waivers, exemptions, and exceptions be stricken. Obamacare for All – no exceptions. If it’s so great, why not?
      Obama is committing political suicide by refusing to sit down with the GOP. All the fear-mongering in the world isn’t going to save his royal posterior! The financial mkts are ignoring his ‘sky is falling’ default scenario…and so are we. He owns Obamacare – lock, stock and barrel!

  13. Here is something that is out there — good to have it out in the open. I found it on Twitchy and don’t use Twitter, but assume it will take on a twitter life of its own.

    Byron York @ByronYork

    Does the punishing way the Obama administration has run aspects of the shutdown reveal anything about how it will run national health care?
    8:06 AM – 6 Oct 2013

    1. I don’t think so, we’re kinda on the honor system here in MrK’s salon. If we all clean up after ourselves, maybe some of the big, strong patriots here will take out the trash.

      1. OK I don’t want to be punished probably have to serve time as Michele’s handmaiden. Spit shine I will I used to shine my ex’s
        boots while he was in the Army.

        1. Piece of cake, Lizzy. I’ve spit shined my share of combat boots and starched more than a few Army greens in this lifetime. The good people of WHD don’t make nearly the mess my husband used to make of his uniforms.

          1. Military creases–the cleaner’s could do them. My kid works at Wendy’s–and they have to starch their polo shirt sleeves with a crease down the side. There is more to Wendy’s work than meets the eye in the drive-thru.

          2. Once, long ago, my ex husband — a Virgo and a VMI graduate — asked me to iron a pair of pants. Two creases per leg later, we decided that ironing was not my strong point and best be left for others.

          1. Nope…my bad, srdem65! I am always a little slow to join in and last time – well, I had a sudden brilliant thought to add to the conversation after everyone had gone home!
            Just me and the dogs….traipsing in after everyone’s gone home.
            Just me and the dogs…if not for all of you we would be so all alone.

          2. Star, There is no reply under your comment. So here it is — yes OCD jokes are fun and you are funny. It’s me who was a sourpuss.

  14. Pretty amazing. I was at another blog and they said Skyline Drive was closed. I am gobsmacked. Where are the governors of these states? Beyond Scott Walker I see nothing. State by state Obama is causing a big loss of revenue.

    1. Grace, my cousin and his wife are coming from Nevada in a couple of weeks to see the leaves change in the Shenandoah Valley! Perfect timing if the govt is still shutdown, but at least there are some pretty state parks in VA. I love the joke about Obama closing everything but the border….that was perfect!

      1. Grace, I just went to the Skyline Drive website and yes, it is closed the entire length. I can see closing the parks, but closing the road is total mean-spiritedness. Making everyone as miserable as possible is Obama’s agenda.

        Would someone please tell me if the federal govt is shutdown, why are the ACA websites open for business?

          1. Star, today I believe I heard they were working on the website for fixes….but I meant if the govt was shutdown on 10/1, why was that site up and running?

        1. I really did think closing the highway was a jerk move among the many jerk moves that make up this shutdown. And if I was the Guv’ I’d be making a lot of noise and taking a lot of action.

          I am really beginning to have a problem with governors who are doing nothing about these disputable state/fed/private shutdowns.

          I thought the ACA websites were closed, but I don’t know and I am not going anywhere near them.

          1. I heard a report on the radio tonight that the McAfee boss said that the ACA websites are a hackers wet dream.
            Evidently they are horribly constructed as far as security issues are concerned.

          2. Plus there are tons of scams…one anti-scam site said the real ACA people would never ask for money–so that might solve our “pay premiums right away” question.

    2. VNV Nation said it best, and you’ll excuse me for quoting an entire song here, but every word is spot-on in a case like this.
      Everybody wants to live in a lie.
      But why should we delude ourselves?
      It’s not as if we can’t see something’s wrong.
      Where’s the duty to what’s right?
      Intentions end with empty words,
      And chaos replaces order.

      Those who shout loudest impose their will,
      Upholding laws that serve the few.
      Declaring peace while the sirens sing,
      In the name of progress, in the name of madness,
      Drum beats faster, crowd shouts louder,
      And chaos replaces order.

      I want justice for the voice that can’t be heard!
      Vindication for every suffering and hurt!
      Let retribution hold dominion over Earth!
      Because Judgement Day’s not coming–
      Judgement Day’s not coming, soon enough!

  15. Could the F word please be banned on here……sounds like very low info people….especially when discussing SEC football….because Georgia beat those Tennessee Vols and there is nothing more than you can say about it.

  16. Due to the Gov’t shutdown, NASA has announced that sunrise and sunset is hereby canceled, further, the Moon has been furloughed.
    The EPA is excepted to cut off oxygen.

  17. Well, to hear the liberal media tell it, the government has been shut down.
    Truth is only about 17% of the government has been suspended leaving 83% operating.
    The sky is not falling folks.

    1. Speaking of ‘shutdowns’, what’s the over/under on the Obamacare website up and running tomorrow?

      The MSM seems to have scrubbed any mention of Obamacare from their news sites, like it never even happened.
      The LIVs most likely think it’s all over now.

        1. Yes, it does.
          Someone suggested that there’s no need for anyone to enroll at the ACA site at all, because the NSA already knows everything about everyone. They could just send an invoice to the public without bothering any other agency.

          They also suggested that the NSA’s snooping makes the IRS irrelevant, because even the IRS doesn’t have immediate access to your bank account or credit cards. The NSA could teach the FBI and the DoJ a thing or three, too.
          We could save a lot of money if we let the NSA run everything.

  18. Now Drudge is saying that there have been setbacks for the Navy Seals in Somalia. Who is releasing this information? Not the Seals.

    1. What the heck is going on here, who’s telling the MSM or whatever about these operations?
      The story is that the Seals were looking for a mastermind responsible for the horrible mall massacre. While that is certainly a good reason, why are Americans the only ones involved in the hunt? Actually, why is it our concern at all?

      This doesn’t pass the smell test. It’s hard to believe that the Seals or any of our military is chatting so easily about their covert activities in a foreign nation.

      1. I agree.
        I think that Obama is trying to make us think he is actually accomplishing something.
        He is beginning to lose the battle on the domestic front, so the next shiny object is now Somalia.

    2. The information on the raid was first released by the despicable NY Times. They are in bed with this Marxist regime, so no doubt they’ve got someone in the DoD in their pocket or prez Valjar is spilling the beans. The release and publishing of this information should be considered treasonous.

      1. It’s really disturbing to see the SEALS jeopardized and used as a political tool by the Administration and the media and God knows who else is in on this.

      2. No doubt.
        They are either using diversionary tactics for the world press or they are putting our troops in more danger than necessary.
        Obama’s desire to malign the military in any way he can, be it religious freedoms or security, appears to know no bounds.
        He is purposely sticking his finger in the eye of America and daring US to stop him.
        I am tired of it.
        I am tired of the blatant ‘in your face’ attitude of this petulant child ruling over this Country while destroying any critics that would even think of opposing his socialistic policies.
        In 1776, we defeated a tyrant.
        We can do it again, and we will.

  19. The dirty rotten no-goodniks have shut down the federal “Amber Alert” website. They claim it’s because of a lack of funding.

    This is low, really despicable. It’s just too, too much, to bear.
    Pedophiles and kidnappers everywhere celebrate, the Feds have lowered the barriers.
    Bastards, all.

    1. OMG! There is something inherently evil about anyone who could even consider doing something so callous and vengeful -something that directly involves risking the safety of children.
      There is a special place in h*ll for this tyrant!

  20. Well Keith, it’s almost midnight here in EST.
    and the troops are still trooping.
    Fighters all of them, tenacious individuals who love this Country and all that She stands for.
    Thanks for the weekend open forums, they are obviously very popular.
    The light is still on.

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