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Video || Obama and Biden Grab Lunch

President Obama and Vice President Biden suddenly emerged from the White House and strolled over to a local sandwich shop that’s offering a ten percent discount to furloughed federal employees.

Obama made some of the usual points and then ordered turkey.

Earlier, Boehner drummed up some emotion, declaring, “this is not a game!” Wasn’t very convincing. Boehner is sentimental – all that crying – not emotional.

21 Responses to Video || Obama and Biden Grab Lunch

  1. Don’t go wobbly and start caving, Boehner. Of course it’s not a game, it’s a battle for the survival of America! If you don’t have the courage to lead your troops into battle, then please step aside and let a patriot like Louie Gohmert of Texas or Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma take over. For once in your life, put America before your political career, Boehner.

  2. “I’m gonna have water”, snort. He better order the water.

    Things are pretty bad at home when the Mrs won’t even throw together a couple sandwiches for the hubby and his friend.

    It’s good to know that he’s worried about all the federal employees who won’t be able to “pay their mortgage”, now all he needs do is delay the individual mandate of Obamacare so other non-government employees won’t keep losing their jobs, too.

  3. Why don’t BHO and JB become roommates. Cut household staffs by half, as well as Secret Service agents, utility bills, etc. Everybody has to bear a little of the burden to save some bucks.

  4. “Impromptu lunch”?

    Yeah, like the reporters just happened to be there in the sandwich shop with their cameras and big boom microphones! Give us a break.

    • It always worked so well when he was campaigning. What am I saying; he’s always campaigning. While his lap-dog media dutifully sits and begs for their glimpse of the chosen one as he flashes that cardboard smile.

      • My fav was MrsO’s “surprise” trip to Target to do some shopping. As it happened, someone was there with a camera to document the event.

  5. I certainly hope Obama and Biden weren’t given the10% discount as they aren’t furloughed. They are just the ones making others starve.

  6. Puhleeze – don’t tell me the White House chefs have been deemed “non-essential!” Who will prepare Mechelle’s lobster, tamales, fries, water? Who will feed Grandma? Do the handlers prepare meals for the dogs Bo and Sunny (or Foggy or Gloomy or Muddy – whatever dog #2 is called)? I’m either going to stay up all night worrying, or pull out the tea trolley forthwith. I vote for option two. hick……….

  7. On latest Gallup Obama down to 41% approval rating with a plus or minus 3 points margin of error. I’ll bet he’s in the thirties and I’ll bet Obamacare and his shutdown strategy are the cause.