As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || October 4, 2013

Boehner seeking broad budget deal . . . Wall Street Journal
GOP elders see liability in shutdown . . . New York Times
Frustration rampant as Obamacare begins . . . Fox News
Obamacare could cause mass ID thefts . . . Daily Caller
Growing U.S.-Israel rift  on Iran . . . New York Times
Many conservatives targeted by IRS . . . Washington Times
DNC unable to get out of debt . . . Washington Times
Woman killed at Capitol identified . . . Washington Post
Biden thanks WWII monument ranger . . . Politico

61 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 4, 2013

    • Keith, can you run a post of all the things that have been closed that are either privately run or publically run but never closed.

      So far I heard of:
      Mount Vernon (private)
      City Tavern in Philly (private restaurant on public lands)
      WWII Memorial

      any one else?

      • Here’s a list of the naional parks closed in Arizona by the Feds:
        Canyon De Chelly National Monument
        Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
        Chiricahua National Monument
        Fort Bowie National Historic Site
        Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
        Grand Canyon National Park
        Hohokam Pima National Monument
        Hubbell Trading Post Nationa Historic Site
        Joshua Tree National Park
        Lake Mead National Recreation Area
        Montezuma Castle National Monument
        Navajo National Monument
        Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
        Petrified Forest National Park
        Saguaro National Park
        Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
        Tonto National Monument
        Tumacacori National Historical Park
        Tuzigoot National Monument
        Walnut Canyon National Monument
        Wupatki National Monument

        AZ Gov Brewer has offered state monies to keep the GrandCanyon park open to the public, butt was refused.

        • but these are national parks. No issue with closing them.

          I’m talking about Parks that are usually open 24/7 like the WWII memorial or the Vietnam War Wall.
          And i’m speaking about privately controlled and funded places like Mt Vernon that the Gov’t is trying to close.

  1. I’m so glad Carson had the guts to speak up about his IRS audit, and to realize the connection. You have to wonder how many others have been targeted but either don’t realize or won’t talk.

  2. GOP elders see liability in shutdown. They see their jobs endangered, that’s what. The conservatives will primary those available in 2014 and then again in 2016. BTW, is Kelly Ayotte up for reelection this year? You wouldn’t know to look at her, but she is an exact clone of John McCain. Aus mit der Kelly.

    • Kelly Ayotte isn’t up for re-election until 2016. Sarah Palin campaigned for her in 2010, and Ayotte got a lot of Tea Party support from that endorsement. I even donated to her campaign, but never again. She’s one of those stealth libs like Scott Brown. They pretend to be conservative in order to get Tea Party support and then snuggle up to the RINO corruptocrats led by McCain.

      • She’s been thoroughly co-opted by the Republican establishment. They led Rubio down the primrose path, but I think he’s got a better bead on where the future of the Republican Party lies than Ayotte and seems to be returning to the conservative fold.

  3. I notice the “shooting” of yesterday is below the fold or on an inside “page” now–she was isolated, had mental issues, and was not a Tea Party member that anyone knows of. Actually, there is not much more to be said–very sad, a personal drama…but except for that Sheila Jackson Lee person with the odd hair (yes, Mandy, a crown weave), it is receding.

    • The powers that be want this all to go away, now. There’s nothing honorable about kiling an unarmed mentally unsure Black woman for the offense of hitting a barricade.
      The uniformed security lost control of the event, and it was recorded for all the world to see. No one person or outfit was in charge, and it was painfully obvious that “shoot first….” was the only option anyone considered.

      Guaranteed, today, task forces will be formed to figure out how it all went so wrong, and guidelines for future breaches will be outlined and rehearsed.

  4. By the way, has anyone else noticed a flu outbreak anyplace? We are loaded around here–they said it was H1N1–swine flu…didn’t that used to be a bad one? I know it is still bad because I know three people with it and it lasts more than a month..fever chills, then weeks of terrible coughing until you cry with sore ribs, then such fatigue you can’t walk 10 feet without premeditation. The docs seem kind of out of their element –finally a stepped steroid dose can cut the end game symptoms. It’s pretty bad, though. I went to–but of course, the website informed me it was not updated due to the shutdown–I am sure this stuff has not mutated in a week…

  5. More stand down orders!

    >>Shawn Moran, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, spoke exclusively with Breitbart News and claimed that Border Patrol management has begun the practice of ordering Border Patrol Agents to stand down and cease pursuing drug smugglers, human smugglers and traffickers, and illegal aliens. He also warned it could lead to illegal aliens entering the country from nations associated with terrorism.<<

  6. The over the top shut down and restriction of access by ordinary Americans to their national parks and memorials shows the bitter vindictiveness of Obama’s imperial presidency. It started with the unnecessary shutting down of the White House during sequestration.

    The fact that the shut down is in part due to implementation of a forced purchase of insurance under threat of penalty highlights the turn of this Administration and the Democrat Party toward excessive control of the government in the lives of citizens.

    If the House refuses an increase in the debt limit — the prospect of what this President denied might do.

    And for me it is personally telling that I deleted further commentary.

    And yet elected officials can call citizen groups terrorists and opposition groups jihadists.

  7. The tactics of the Cloward and Piven policies and the Saul Alinsky policies are unfolding before our eyes.
    This is the transformation that Obama was talking about in 2008.
    I was devastated when he was re-elected, and the fools that put him back in office hopefully will feel the venom that runs through his veins for this Country.
    I hope that this conflict in the congress runs right up to the negotiations on the debt ceiling.

    • I do too. I’d like to see the House pass a single CR to fund the government specifically to avoid default. Let’s see if the Democrats will turn it down. I notice that Obama is against the piecemeal CRs except the ones he wants, e.g., back pay for furloughed workers once the shutdown is over.

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